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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by sps, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. sps

    sps New Member

    Hi hi

    Just wondering if anyone had a small wedding of 8-12 tables and what is the flow of programme like?

    I was thinking of:
    1) pre-wedding ceremony photobooth as entertainment;
    2) march-in with my groom (with my sis singing the march-in song),
    3) followed by solemnisation (set up on stage),
    4) pop the champagne (say a few words then simple toast),
    5) start of lunch reception (walk around, entertain guests, take photos etc)
    6) thank the guests, cut the cake (real), serve as dessert
    7) goodbye
    8) continue wedding party in suite for those who would like to stay and drink with the couple (us, of course)

    hahah is it too simple and will it look weird? i really just want a simple, no hassle wedding reception.=P

    should i have maybe a band to sing during the lunch reception?

    thanks for any advice and comments!

  2. tosamtan

    tosamtan New Member

    Hi sps, you should just go ahead with whatever you and your HB are comfortable with. No need to stick with routines. My wedding in March is much more simpler than yours [​IMG] Congrats!

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