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urmz, ladies out there?
which slimming method have you tried that works?

i need to lose 9kg urgently. sigh. =\


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Hi hours..i didnt manage to lose so much..but i lost around 5 kg in like 3 weeks.
First, i went for this massage and special diet plan. Got to follow it for like two weeks. Seems quite effective. If u wan i can email u my beautician contacts.


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Have u gals tried Body Beaus Slimming Pills??
It worked magic for me and a friend!!
Its quite expensive but worth to try if u really wanna slim. Most importantly, there is no rebound after losing weight~ Good Luck!


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I am currently using this home spa device SG2000 and I find it effective. I wish I have it when I was preparing for my wedding 2years ago.


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Hi all, for those who are interested in slimming. 1 of the product will be feature in tonight(26Dec) at 8pm on Channel U - Closet Affair 2 IN女皇2, host by Fann Wong. For those who are not able to watch it, there is a repeat telecast at 12midnight later as well. The top selling product in Korean & Japan - Super Aboba.

For those who are interested can email me [email protected] for more info.


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hey girls, just to share...

super abobais a slimming product that is tailored to individuals blood typing. they have four different types: A, B, AB, and O. so based on the type of blood group you have, you choose the product accordingly. eg: blood B you choose ABOBA "B". Therefore explains the name of the product: AB-O-B-A.

Since people with different blood types have different constitution, having diet that is suitable for your blood type can improve your digestion-system and advance your metabolism, which depletes unnecessary calories. According to different blood types, 4 formulas of SUPER ABOBA are developed and each formula is made by the food ingredients that are suitable for each blood type. Taking the formula that is suitable for your blood type can help you achieve desirable slimming result without changing your original diet habit.

because of the special formulae of the pills, there is not change of daily diet at all. one can still maintain/eat the normal food that one is still consuming (of course that does not mean you can eat tonnes of junk food and still expect yourself to lose weight la)

its is around $105 per box but becuase it is not distributed in singapore yet, can only be bought from distributors. I am one of the distributors so if you are really interested i can help you get their distributor price at $95 instead.

Currently i'm trying them myself too... just bought it myself today... however i'm going to do detoxing first cos this is wat my comapny health consultant is encouraging. detox first... remove all unwanted things from body so that body cells and take up the slimming prodt up better and to reach the maximum effect. am using B&H detox prdt... maybe starting the aboba in weeks time... will update on my progress too... hee

Do contact me directly if you are interested. 93828958 Calista



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I lost 17kg in 4.5mths. I ate health supplements and was guided by a trainer so that I can slim down in a healthy way.

If anyone interested, email [email protected] or contact 96178983 for a faster reply.


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Hi SamAngel,

Tink the most economic way of losing weight is by a simple calculation of input<output.

By means of getting less calories than ur daily required calories, u will definitely lose weight. Ps: NOT w a crashed diet

If ure interested to know ur daily required calories, I can bring u for an In-Body check, very very cheap. Then from there, u take note of ur diet.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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Anyone gets the info about the massage and special diet plan from Grace? Can share with me, I would like to know too, thanks!!


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Anyone tried Senzation Double Detox?

Bought extra box on impulse @ $88. Anyone wanna take over? Free local post $79. Expiry 2010.


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Weight loss? My story.

Herbalife not only offer meal replacement - plant protein in the form of soya, they also got multi vitamins tablets etc to build a heatlhy lifestyle

I lost weight 'nicely' + took 1 to 2 normal meals (I even go buffet once in a while, ate a lot of meat!!) + tablets/supplements BUT no exercise or any drastic change like simply drink meal replacement. I believe we need to adapt to changes but not DRASTIC/sudden.

From a user, I became a user cum distributor. Not trying to SELL but to share that I believe long term results (healthy diet) is better then short term ... didnt do any exercises (my full time job is desk bound) nor had any flabby after 2 sizes down.

If you have any illness, DONT believe any seller telling u their stuff could cure. Herbalife dont say CURE but promote a healthier living - giving u nutrients to change your body, make u take less calories/fats.

As a user, the results gave me confidence. I like to share my 'findings' but that doesnt mean I want to force ppl to accept. Some ppl took years to accept even though their close partners/family r taking or working for Herbalife! When u decide to accept something, you'll be like me, NO TURNING BACK!


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You can take the Japan brand Nikken's Go Signal to detox and trim down the tummy area. Afterwhich take W supplements and use Nikken's Body mud masque to firm up the area. Once you lose weight, the area might sag thus you need to ensure the area remains firm.

Go Signal will not make you feel weak even after you have plush out all the impurities. Helps with those who have serious constipation problem too. Japan product always maintain their high standard and quality at all times.

If interested, can email me [email protected]


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Just to share...

I went for my free 1st trial slimming at London Weight Management at Bugis, amazingly it worked after 2 hrs of treatment. Of course after the trial, it depends on whether u want to sign up for any package or not. My consultant did not "force" me to sign up any packages. She is a very friendly and patient lady.

Anyone interested to go for the free 1st trial can contact her at 63631234 (Ms Sandy). No obligation.