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Hi gals,

I have a whitening source pancake case for sale, its in very good condition.The retail price is $92 and im selling it at $70. Selling it becos i switched to their air touch foundation. You jus have to purchase the refill and start using it! Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested



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Anyone noe wat is the contact no. for SKII beauty salon in Singapore? Heard from a fren that there is one in SG, I am an overseas bride, planning all my wedding details from overseas n am going back to SG mid Nov for my wedding. Am thinking going for a 1 time rejuvenating jus before the wedding and wanting to try SKII beauty salon. ANyone has any ideas??


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Anyone interested in buying over my sk-ll products? Facial treatment essence big bottle-3/4 left, selling at $40. Whitening source skin brightener(75g)-used only a teaspoonful, selling at $90.


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Hi ladies! I've been using SK2 products for more than 5 years... think its the only brand that suits my skin. Think I know almost all the products by hard!!! Anyway, I fly ard pretty often and everytime I'll get it from the airport. Its cheaper. Moreover, I know the sales girl inside after all these years of buying thus can get slightly more discount than the duty free price.
By the way, there's alot of sk2 products out there that are selling much cheaper and I personally do not trust these products as they might be fake.

If anyone wans, I can check out the price for you and get it for you. Just PM me!!


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Hihi.. Has anyone tried SK2 facials at their boutique? Any comments to share please?
Any idea if they will hardsell you to sign on packages? Thank you!


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Hi all ladies,

Me and my friends is organsing a bulk-order on SK-II products..
Anyone interested?? Order will be closing on 15 April 09.

We will require a 50% deposit to confirm order for security purpose..
All products is original from SK-II shop.
Will need a total min order of $1500 inorder to get this special price. Will need you gals help in order to get this good price together
If min order is not hit, will refund deposit by 15 April 09.

Below is the few item available for order only:
1) Aqua Physics Gel (50g) $73
2) Aqua Physics Serum (40ml) $72
3) Facial Treatment Cleanser (120g) $45
4) Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (215ml) $65
5) Facial Treatment Essence $61(75ml) / $95(150ml) / $127(215ml)
6) Facial Treatment Mask (Box of 10pcs) $135
7) Facial Treatment Repair C (30ml) $95
8) Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask (Box of 6pcs) $78
9) Signs Eye Mask (14 pcs) $70
10) Signs Eye Cream (15g) $80
11) Advanced Eye Treatment Film (15g) $58

Please email me at [email protected] for enquires or order.

** I might not read this thread often so pls do email me for any enquires or orders.. Thank you very much


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selling SK II pitera gift set for $110
Items includes:
1. Facial Treatment Essence - 75ml
2. Facial Treatment Cleanser - 120g
3. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion - 40ml
4. Aqua Physics Moisturizer Gel - 15g

all brand new with packaging, if interested email me at [email protected]


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selling SK II products. Reason, change to other beauty products.

1. Plastic Bottle Essence (215mL) (2 units) $180 each
2. Clear Lotion (215mL) $90
3. Clear Lotion (150mL) (2 units) $100 each

If you buy everything from me, I sell at bulk price which will be $600.

if interested, please call/sms me at 97934741.


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Hi ladies,

I've got these SKII pdt to let go. All bought from Changi Duty Free. Going to sell at 10% off DFS price. My friend bought a lot of SKII pdt and realised she's not suitable. All in original packing. Untouched and no gimmicks. I myself bought all the facial tx masks from her

1. Signs up lifter - $112.50
2. Aqua Physics - To be determined cos receipt is lying somewhere around
3. Facial tx essence (limited 250ml) - $169.20

Contact me at [email protected],sg if interested.


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Hi babes..

I have frens wrking and will b able to help gals get discount 15% on SkII treatment essence.
interested just email me @ [email protected]

but will have to wait for me to accumulate orders and send to her 1 shot.. just email me interested item n i help u check with her the best price..


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Hey babes

I have been using SKII products for 5 years and find that some of the products really worked for me. Makes my skin cleansed and glowy! I guess everyone will just have to try out all products out there to find one that suits you. (That's what I did! =D) Reason is simply because each product works differently for each unique us! FYI I have combination skin and hates oily skincare.

My personal favorites are SKII Whitening Source Clear Lotion, Signs Eye Cream and Trt Essence (Miracle water). Cant live without them! Have tried the Whitening Source Derm-Brightner, Eye Trt Film and Facial Trt Clear Lotion but think it is so so only. :p The Facial Treatment Cleanser is pretty good as well if you are looking for a good cleanser.

So excitedly Me just got the Cellumination Essence and Deep Surge! Will try out and share with you gals the reviews!
Hopefullly soon! hehehe. And I managed to get it at a super deal coz they having a Promo Set Deal! super HAPPY! =D

My friend working actually got me the products at a good price. And coz the SKII pdt price is like increasing and the discount they offer seemed to fluctuate often, I am planning to stock up my SKII products soon again. If you are interested in getting any of the below which I am planning to stock up, you can email me at [email protected].
I can get my friend to help us get but will have to collect 50% deposit to confirm order.

1) Facial Treatment Cleanser $45
2) Facial Treatment Essence (250ml) $185
3) Signs Eye Cream (15g) $95
4) Facial Whitening Source Clear Lotion (150ml) $70
5) Skin Signature (15g) $175
6) Cellumination Essence (50ml) $210
7) Cellumination Deep Surge (50g) $150
8) Cellumination Promotion Set includes Cellumination Essence and (50ml) Deep Surge (50g) $280



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Hi, wanna let go SKII Skin Signature 50g.

Bought recently at Isetan for $141 (price tag still on box). Used less than 5 times. Everything intact, box and spatula etc.

Interested, pls email me at [email protected] thanks.


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Brand New in Box: sk-II advanced eye treatment film 15g

Retail: $86. Now only $66. Postage Included. I got 2 boxes available for sale. Bought for my sis but she already got stock of 2 sticks.

Product Details:
This Pitera®-rich oil-free eye serum provides long-lasting hydration to the delicate area around the eye. By increasing suppleness, reducing dullness, and helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines, the texture around the eye area is visibly improved and takes on a more youthful appearance.

Use day and night. Apply a small amount onto finger and gently massage in a circular movement. Do not pull or rub.

Pls pm or email [email protected]


hi all

I hav the following SKII products for sale:

Whitening spots specialist - used few times only
Facial treatment essence - 50% remaining
Facial treatment mask - brand new

Pls email me at [email protected] for more info, thanks!