Sister's Ex Husband Refuses to Sell Condo


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My sister went through a bitter divorce with her ex husband recently. He basically did everything he could to make the process as painful as he could for my sister.

But glad to say, the divorce was completed but what remains is a condo which is in both their names. My sister wants to sell it but he refuses to do so.

My questions are:

1. Is there anything she can do to make him sell it?

2. Will the proceeds of the sale go back to CPF?



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1) get a court order to sell it, as normally it's states in the divorce papers, within specific timing to sell the unit.

2) all CPF monies will go back CPF account


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Tell Kong Hee to psycho him, then he sells the condor to donate to build God a better home, then your sis can tell God to give you the money...


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thanks Mikki, i had a look at the divorce papers and yes, there was a specific date to sell but its is already over.

It was also mentioned that if the sale had not been completed by this date, my sister can then sell it on the open market without informing her ex husband.

If this is the case, what kind of lawyer e.g. domestic, conveyencing, etc should she engage for this situation?

Also, can she fight for a bigger share than what was agreed upon previously?


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ok, then ask your sister to bring the letter to her lawyer representing her for divorce to enforce the court order.

she is only entittled to what is stated in the divorce paper.