Single Mum entittlement?

Hi, can anybody advise is there any entittlement for single mum for maternity leave?
as i read in MOM website it state that single mum is entittled to 2 months maternity leave? however i tried to browse around but cant find anymore info.

also would like to check whether there's any help for single mum? ive broken off with my bf and realise that im pregnant but dun wish to abort the child as it's not the child's fault.

pls kindly advise as i need to prepare for my future also.


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I understand how you feel. The child's is not at fault.

My company also have this ruling that you must be legally married for entitlement of paid maternity leave..............
i didnt let my company nor paretns know, hence, didnt seek advise.
previously i went to MOM website. they stated clearly that single mum is entittled to 8 weeks paid maternity leave. went to the website that 33 had given as above, and prove that yes, im entittled to 8 weeks paid maternity leave and 4 weeks unpaid maternity leave.
i do know of some small and private company who just swallow everiting and does not even acknowledge that we are entittld to 8 weeks paid maternity leave.
and for baby bonus, ive never even thought of it before as i know ive to be married. im jus asking abt the single mum paid maternity leave.
I dun think so. In my company, i know a female colleague of mine, actually not married to her daughter's daddy but still together up to now, also took no pay leave to give birth to her daughter. the company dun give her maternity leave(8 weeks) as what u asked cos she is NOT MARRIED. still single mum. so am i clear on this entitlement of paid maternity leave for single mum.

If u really want paid maternity leave, then do produce a ROM certificate lor. this will save u so much trouble.
but MOM do state so in the webbie. so if they dun give, im sure that we can prove to them via the MOM website?

i dun wish to get married to a jerk jus bcos of a child. no point in spending the money for divorce in the future.
copied from the website 33 had given:

I am a single/unmarried mother of a Singaporean child. Apart from this, I meet all the other eligibility criteria for maternity leave. Am I eligible for the extended Government-Paid Maternity Leave?

No, you will not be eligible for government-paid maternity leave. However, if you marry the child’s father within 12 months from the birth of the child, you will be eligible for any remaining extended maternity leave in that year.

As a basic employment benefit, a single mother who has never been married and covered under the Employment Act is still entitled to take 12 weeks of maternity leave. The first eight weeks for her first two confinements will be paid for by the employer and the last four weeks unpaid.
copied from MOM webbie:

The Children Development Co-Savings Act cover all parents of Singapore Citizens, including managerial, executive or confidential staff.

Under the Children Development Co-Savings Act, an employee is entitled to maternity leave benefits if:

i) The child is a Singapore Citizen;

ii) The child's parents are lawfully married; and

iii) The employee has worked for the employer for at least 90 days before the child's birth.


The mother is self-employed and have been engaged in a particular business / trade / profession for a continuous duration of at least 90 calendar days before the birth of her child; and have lost income as a result of not engaging in her trade, business, profession or vocation during the maternity leave period.

If the employee/mother does not meet criterion (i) and/or (ii) at the time of confinement, but meets them within 12 months of the child's birth, she will be eligible for the remaining maternity leave from the date she meets all the criteria. The remaining maternity leave entitlement must be taken before the child turns 12 months old. She will not be eligible for the maternity leave that has lapsed. This applies only to children born on or after 31 October 2008.

For employee/ mother who does not meet criterion (i) or (ii) but is covered under the Employment Act, will be entitled to 12 weeks of maternity leave so long as she fulfils critierion (iii). The last 4 weeks can be taken flexibly with the consent of the employer, and has to be completed within 12 months of the birth of the child.


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I see. Seem like you have already decided to keep the bb. I admire your courage
this is really strange. hmm then i pity my colleague lor cos at that time of the birth, she had to take no pay leave for the first 10 weeks. after that, she had to request for part time work scheme.. din take her paid maternity leave as the company rejected her request last year.


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while i admire you for your courage in deciding to keep your child, i hope you have taken the time to consider that it won't be an easy journey for you to take .. government benefits aren't really designed for the single mother in mind, and on top of that, it's not easy to care for a child all on your own. sometime soon, you will have to inform your family and your company about your pregnancy - will you be able to do so? yes, even though you're covered under the employment act, we've all heard the stories about pregnant women being asked to go on 'extended leave' (ie nicely told to resign). so i really hope that you have considered all these factors before coming to your decision.
im actualli abit worried. my friend also told me that her colleague, even thou married, was asked to go on unpaid leave also. that is the problem with the small company and empolyee who is unsure of the entittlemnt they are given for.
for me, as mine is a half government, so i dun tink they will wan to push everiting awae? tink dey cant run? moreover, if they decide to sack me, i also can go MOM. jus hope evriting is well.

ive yet to decide when i will tell my empolyer or my family. maybe when my tummy shwos. as i know they will most likely ask me to go for an abortion, which my family did, in my previous child. and i realli regretted and am so fearful that i wun b able to haf another child again. for now, i jus dun wan to have another regret and later really suay to not be able to conceive again. just take it as a present from god.
No use worrying lah. it will be best if u go and check with your HR. i also in a stat board. so what does my colleague's case say abt this enhanced M.L (first 8 weeks). My coll did tried to fight for her rights before but it was made clear already so she had no choice but to take NPL.

SInce u r in a stat board, i believe everything will be fine for u n take it with a pinch of salt. no worries, u wont be sacked for keeping your baby.
And relax n enjoy your pregnancy journey..... Babies are vey cute n adorable and u will feel the strong need to protect your little one n experience the joy from your baby in time to come.
blur, sad to hear about your colleague case. jus cross my fingers and hope that i will be able to get my rights.

am trying to enjoy my pregnancy. LOL. but guess, being a single mum not onli prove to be tough, but there's also alot of stuff that u need to worriew.


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yes, you can go to MOM but will you be able to see it through, especially if it drags on and you'll get to your advance stage of pregnancy?

as your office is semi-government, i think it's only right for you to tell them asap as they will need to source for a temp for you when you go on maternity leave. plus if you're like me, and having severe morning sickness in the first trimester (i've heard that some ladies have this for full 9 months, whereas others don't get it at all), it's kind of hard to get as much work done as when you're not pregnant. all of this will eventually go to your temp so it's better if you can let them know asap. as for your family, only you will know how best to deal with them - it's something that you won't be able to avoid for much longer though, eventually you will have to tell them.
blackposionousbutterfly, yup but my colleague did learnt something abt this m.l. so now she is waiting for her boyfriend to finalise his divorce first before they can proceed to ROM. what a pity that their daughter just turned a year old so she loses her right to ask for full maternity leave. (the boyrfriend's wife is too shrewd not to let them get married, so purposely dragged on for more than 1.5 yrs.)

still be happy n yes u ought to inform your employer abt your preg n see what they hv to say abt it. Good luck.
i will tell them around 4th or 5th month i guess. nw is too earli and i dun wan them to give me that look or even suggest that i abort, as it is too much for me to take. definitely to them, they think abortion is the best way out for me. but it is only a short term relief. nobody knows what will happen in the future and the complication involve.

so far, i dun have serious morning sickness. shouldnt be a problem. maybe just let me thru the first few months first and once everiting is settled then informed them.


Hi blackpoisonousbutterfly,

You can also join a Yahoo group set up for single mums (email me at yuene83 AT gmail DOT com, since you don't accept PMs), and check out Flyin' Solo's website @ The ladies have stopped updating it, but there are some resources on there that you can use. You can also find emotional support there.