simplywinnethepooh's stuff for sale

hi brides-to-be

have various colors of new, unused flower petals for sale -
- red
- light pink
- hot pink
- purple
- light purple
- blue
- ivory
- white
- silver
- gold

you can use them for scattering, decorating wedding venue, making a heart shape on your wedding bed

posting pics of the actual petals here as well. please note that the actual color may be slightly different, depending on the monitor setting.

Light blue and sky blue
- almost the same color
- the sky blue petals have a darker blue shade at the edge
- very nice when you mix the 2 colors

please note that the white, red and pink petals are slightly thicker than the other colors cos they were bought from a different place.

if you want a mix of colors, would be better if you get petals of the same thickness