Simple location for solemnization (4-6 pax)


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We are looking for a very simple location for our solemnization, as we will have our wedding party overseas.
Preferably outside with (affordable) food.
Any reccomendations? And can anyone also give a short description of what a solemnization is like? How long does it take and does the solemnizer stay for the whole ceremony or does this person say a few words and then leaves? I have absolutely no idea what to expect or how such things work.:rolleyes:


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Hi! We had our solemnization at Botanico. They have a small outdoor area that we reserved for ourselves and only a couple of guests.

For the solemnization you'll need to get a solemnizer who is already registered (you can Google this). Ceremony lasts maybe 30 mins tops. Our solemnizer also gave us the "script" in advance so we know what to expect. We were still able to do our own vows :) After the ceremony we had some photos taken and our solemnizer left, and we had a meal with our guests :)

Hope this helps!