Simmons mattress - any advise?


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well let me give u all some advices i have done research for the 3 Ss(simmons ,sealy,serta).

For simmons they r renowned for the support for their original pocketed coil technolgy .Simmons is the first that bring in individual pocketed coil decades ago it is the orginal only orginal pocketed coil are pre-compressed. I know u all dont understand. For example when we pre-compresses a coil from a 7 inches(Simmons have the highest coil height in the market) to a stardard height simmons set, the coil actually will be insisting on getting up so we slp on the mattress we can feel the support.Imported from USA,Japn,Korea,Canada,OEM malaysia,OEM China n OEM Thailand

Sealy entered Singapore market not very long Sealy are renowned for their Posturepedic coil we call it open coil all the coils are fully connected with wire.Posturepedic coil have sensory arm n triple off set it is said to be able to adjust to the correct alignment for our body.Sealy mattresses are mostly very comfortable.Sealy is the world's best selling mattress. Total Sales figures (world no. 1) Sealy + its two other sub companies.Sealy also have very wide price range(cheap to very expensive)as compared to Serta n Simmons.Most range Asemble in Thailand.Only some Unicase(expensive) from USA

Serta is the youngest in Singapore mattress industry compare with the other 2.Serta is renowned for its mira coil technology is also name open coil fully connected with wire among the coil, n their comfort level for mattress.If serta says it is no.2 no one dare to compete with it for comfort level.But Serta these recent years did come out with their pocketed coil series for their mattresses.Serta did also won the title (We make the world's best mattress).Most range asembled in indonesia. practise OEM(original equipment manuafacturing).Some from USA.

Well If u wanted support higher can go for Simmons,if u wanted Comfort level higher go for Sealy or Serta open coil(motion transfer high) are used to make soft n comfortable mattresses.If you want support n no motion transfer between u n ur partner can go for Individual pocketed coil.If u only more concern about enjoying of comfort level 3 minutes before u slp u can go for open-coil Sealy or Serta.Only Simmons USA range can be compatible to Sealy n Serta for the comfort level.If u r more concern about the 8 hrs of sleep u will need good support u can go for Simmons.Choose a mattress according to what your needs.Hope it will help u to choose a mattress wisely


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I went dwn to ackeman ytd for the christmas sales i tried the platinum n charleston the platinum coil is from japan la the sales person told me praticing OEM ma Simmons.Ya correct only Backcare is from Japan.Simmons beautyrest got over 30 models lehz how to put all in the website n probably new product have put lehz buying a simmons product what is there to b afraid of?


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hello! Need some advice on the Backcare range. I really like the Backcare Advance range but have 2 questions: Is the S3000 really worth the extra cost for the pillow top? and Is it true that this range is only available at the Simmons Gallery? Thanks for the help!


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Well yes backcare advance is a range that is exclusive for simmons gallery so bo pian u have to get it there.pillow top are mostly more in the percentage of comfort but lower in support .Depend on your needs ba.if u are more concern about having a "heavenly" mattress than go ahead if not u can try their beautyrest range($1199Q-over 5k) also good but in mid gauge ba for comfort and support .I think is a better choice.simmons usa range can fully support the statement of having equal in support n comfort tis is my personal feel .I have came across a shop that do have the usa range the feel is almost same as backcare advance no harm going dwn n take a 7 kaki bukit rd 1 The Sleep Centre.Warehouse kind of building opp a whole rows of car showroom automobile.having attractive prices for simmons mattress but I went there to purchase serta mattress for my guest room only already bought my own mattress.u can look for sales person Eileen good service i lost the name card if nt u could enquire from the shop too bad..


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hi hi,

juz bot a simmons glendale mattress. this mattress is really a good compromise for couples whereby 1 likes firm mattress and the other likes not so firm type.


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Hi Whitehooves,
can I know how much you bought the Glendale for? We saw it at Simmons gallery today and it was going for $4000 less 20% = approc $3200 for the queen-sized one. Thanks.


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Hi mahjong,
thanks for your reply. How about Charleston? Queen-sized too. Did you happen to have a recent quote on it? I was quoted $2800 at Expo roadshow.


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I haven got the chance to try out charleston yet. THe comment that i got from my friends is that its heavenly. Wat you think of charleston. i may go down to expo tis few days. hope to get a better bargain..


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Thanks all for the replies. I will prob get Charleston . Since I dun need it yet and its price guaranteed, should there be drop in price I will still be ok.
Mahjong, if you go to the shop, it is cheaper than the quoted $2800 at Expo, should be able to get at slightly less.


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we got it at Simmons Gallery... The BeautyRest Tribute... @ 1869.. Not sure if this is a good buy? Was told that they r using 2006 lowest price to sell... Not sure though...

Cos our budget is around there.. cannot go for more than that...


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Can i check, what brand of mattress is good for Simmons? Was told by the SA that we can get the normal kind...

But wanted to find out from u all!



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Hi ah blur,

I've got the BeautyRest Tribute at $1900+ (at 5% disc) early this year. Then 2 weeks later, they have promotion 10% disc, so I went down to the shop and they refunded me the difference.

You have to look out in the newspaper for any promotion and if the price goes down, you can ask for the refund in difference. Think this is 1 good thing about Simmons


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Just for anyone's info, Ackerman is having a promo again @ Expo.

Has anyone bought a charleston plush (king size) recently? Anyone has an estimated price?

Salesman quoted us $2999 for the Charleston Plush King Size + 2 Simmons pillows + 1 mattress protector

Is the deal okie?


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I just bought the BeautyRest Tribute (King size) at Simmon Gallery today. They claimed that its their 25th anniversary, got promo. Cost around 2.2K + two deepsleep pillows + mattress protector.


Dfish, which shop did you get it from ? I bought a backcare 4.. not sure of the pricing now.. Anyone knows?


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hi pinkiez, may i know which salesman quoted u that? my friend just tell me that she was quoted $2897 for a Queen Size + Divan + 2 pillow + matress protector.

i must check out the price with you girls before buying man...


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hi girl,

mine was about $2900 for the mattress only.

wads a "divan"?

I bought it on the 1st day of the fair so I got the S$200 off. Not sure if everyone get the S$200 off ...

Erm so is $2900 a okie deal for a king size charleston plush + 2 simmons pillow + 1 mattress protector ?

I can't remember his name ... but he was quite a skinny guy ... think he's on the tall side.


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i think the guy is Jim, should be a resonable deal lah.

Divan is the base for the mattress, if doing without the bedframe etc...


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we just got ourselves a simmons backcare 4 was told it comes with negative ions.

anyone bought the same mattress as us?


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I've got a Simmons Custom Royal 'Original' King-size bed (182x190 cm) to sell, together with a King-size boxspring. Original price is close to $5K. My new apartment is smaller, and thus, it wouldn't fit into my new masterbed room.


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hi all,
i went to the expo with my hubby in may to compare simmons n sealy we do like respective models frm the 2 brands.nv bought anything from there sales staff were pushy.last weekend we went down to the respective shops to recall the feel of what we tried, b4 making any decision .at ackerman we were served by a staff unique name best lee.settled with simmons platinum plush partly due to the service provided real patient nt pushy we are comfortable with him.anyone bought this model any comment? cheer^^


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Hi guys,

I just ordered for a backcare 4 King at $3250 & Backcare 3 Queen at $2450, from ackerman. No freebies. No delivery done yet.

If anyone interested to take over this transaction let me know, coz i'm looking at S1000 or S3000 now. But too bad Ackerman does not carry these series. Bought the above in an impulse, since price is much better than elsewhere.

Just sms me which model you interested in.

Mobile: 81127052


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Hi all!

I would like to share my mattress testing experience in the past 3 weeks. I have been trying out Simmons Backcare Advance S1000 and S3000. These 2 models are only available in the Simmons Boutique.

S1000 model cost $3974 (Current promo has got another $200 off) Comparing other Simmons Model of the same league (ie. around $3k-$4k) I still find S1000 most suitable for me.

This model wraps my body up and I feel that it gives more support esp on my back. As a light-weight person, I find S1000 most suitable for me as this is the only model from Simmons that really give me the best support ( I have tried in most of the boutiques in Sg). For once, I feel that the coils are more responsive to my body weight and shape. On the other hand, the S3000 is just too 'plush' for me. S3000 cost about $5000. The main differece between S1000 and S5000 is the 'plush' feeling or u may describe it as 'floating on clouds'. Thus I find S3000 too soft to my liking. My FH who has been shopping for mattresses with me also liked the S1000 as he also felt the same support from the coils in the mattress.

My FH also had tried to lift the Simmons mattress and it is alot heavier than other brands like Serta and Sealy. Therefore we assume that the make of the mattress is also better. Also, my FH said that the technology to make the coils in Simmons are more complicated and expensive compared to other brands (technical stuffs that men usually notice).

I have also tried the top of the range model by Serta (cannot remember the model, but it's about $3.4k). The feeling it gave me was also too plush and not enough support esp on the spine. The internal coils are also not responsive to my body shape. Like Sealy, when my FH tosses around the bed, I could feel the 'vibrations' ,'bouncing' ,'ripples' effect. This effect is the worst in Sealy. When ur partner moves in bed when sleeping, 70% of the time, u will also follow. Most Simmons mattresses do not have this problem.

Overall,if u look close enough the make and quality of Simmons and Sealy mattresses are comparatively better than Serta. In fact, Sealy's mattress quality is the best. Of cos this is just the external cosmetic part.

In summary, I think the most important things to note are:

1) Always try the mattress by LYING down (Don't be shy, don't just sit!! LIE DOWN!)

2) Always go lie on the mattress with your partner

3) Try buy the mattress that has the same feel as your current mattress but STILL gives u the best support esp on ur back.

4) On the above, come to a compromise with ur partner on which mattress to buy.

5) Do not 'give in' to the 'plush' feeling (i.e the additional pillow top of the mattress- thicker=more plush) - This creates a 'comfortable feeling' giving a false perception of back support.
6) Stay focused on the support and responsiveness of the coils not the 'plush' feeling

7) Toss around as much as possible with ur partner on the mattress.

8) Lie on your side and back. Feel the support.

9) Lift up ur legs up and down in the air when lying down and place ur hands at the back to feel the support from the coils/springs (Lousy mattresses will not comform to the shape and position)

10) DO not be shy to lie longer or even return to the same model u prefer to try again

Have fun!

Just my 2 cents worth of thoughts!



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Just bought a Simmons Beauty Rest Classic at Ackerman in Kaki Bukit, any comments on this range? Looks like this model is seldom mentioned here.


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Just bought Simmons Backcare 400 at taka (GSS) Did anyone got the same model?

Also does glendale have different versions? Thanks


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I had a hard time deciding between the glendale and the backcare advanced s1000. But eventually I chose the backcare coz' it feels more comfortable.


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Hi all,

I bought a Simons Platinum at $3099 (exclude GST) for king size bed with bed frame.

What do u al think about the price?


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the brand is well known for its quality. I feel that we should not save on buying a good matress coz we need ample of quality rest after a hard day work. As such a good bed is very important.


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2009btb..i just feel that i can't bring myself to spend $3K on a bed..but since you have already bought it, hope you and your hubby will enjoy the comfortness of this bed


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My Beautyrest Mirage non-flip Plush (King size) just delivered. Price $2999 (inc GST) from Bedding Saloon (BS) inclusive their "designer" bedframe which BS ordered from Tek Furniture Contractor from Kranji. I do like the bed frame, I chose one with very thick sofa like plush cushion padding so can sit up & rest back comfortably and watch TV.

Actually I prefer the mattress models in Simmons Gallery, but Simmons gallery bed frames are so damn ex. I should have bought mattress from Simmons gallery and bedframe from somewhere else, should be cheaper than $2999.


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I also bought a mirage from BS, king size and with storage bedframe.. Damage done is $3,900 (inc GST).. I think mine is over-priced..


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Hi i currently looking at the Grandale model. will Simmons Backcare Advanced S3000 R5 Queen mattress be almost the same feel?