Silhoutte Versus The Wedding Present- Any comments? Help!!!


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I am looking at the wedding packages from slhoutte and TWP and I need help deciding which one is better....can someone help me to evaluate which BS is better to commit? or any other BS to reccommend?


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Hi Beeli,

I had been to the two but choose jawn happy ever after instead.
They are really wonderful people and make really gorgeous gowns but price slightly lower than the above two so you can use the differences to top up for more lavish details on the gowns if you need. Just my opinion

But to choose between the two. Wedding Present for sure.


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Hi luvluvlux,

I'm also in a fix.
Unable to decide between slhoutte and TWP.

May I know why you would chose Wedding Present over slhoutte?

pls PM me.


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i cant decide between both either but i am leaning towards TWP.

TWP gives much much better service. gives more technical advise on which necklines, which cutting, etc will suit you better. didnt receive that from silhouette.. felt very rushed at silhouette too..

pricing-wise, TWP's more competitive coz they offer more items.

makeup artist wise - both are good.

but silhouette tulle gowns looks alot nicer..


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I was with TWP years ago and I had a very happy experience with them; so have been recommending friends to them. Recently, I visited them with another galfriend who is getting hitched next year.

Can only comment on TWP since did not use Silhouette service before. TWP staff are all very helpful and they are very upfront about their costs etc - so I do not think you need to worry about hidden costs. And I like it that they are super dedicated to their confirmed brides and are generous with their suggestions - most gowns with a lot of hand sewn embellishments are included in their package.

From their recent portfolios, I think TWP is still very versatile when it comes to their gown designs - they do not just do 1 type of design all the time.

But Silhouette should be very good also since there are so many great comments on them in their thread.


are there any other BTB stucked between SIL and TWP?

i went to both studios and is in deep dilemma. i love the fact the SIL doesnt charge for additional crystals(which im intending to add alot on), but they do not provide stuffs like veils.

TWP package is more comprehensive, but the adding of crystals and lace might cost me 1k which adds up to a hefty sum.

i must say both services are good but i haven meet patrick from TWP yet as he was outstation when i dropped by.


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Hi all,

Im also stuck between SIL and TWP.
Both designers there are equally nice and friendly..The only problem is SIL doesn't have nice kua. So i have to find my own kua. However TWP has nicer kua.Im looking for MTM satin gown with long train.. Any comments?


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think can ask to rent the veil foc at sil, i think but not too sure.

tulle gowns at sil are much nicer and softer than that at twp. went to sil first n din think much about the quality of tulle other than the princessy feel. went to check out others eg twp and lower end bridal shop n u will know that the tulle gowns at sil cannot be compared with. im not taking up tulle gowns at sil, just my two cents' worth


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Sil was the 1st bridal shop we visited on the recommendation of a friend. We weren't quite impressed by their designs, except only for the long train of the tulle gown. However, we were shocked when we were going thru the package that the tulle gown requires an add'l $1k top-up on the already expensive and inadequate package.

Subsequently, we came across a picture from a photographer's photo album and saw a really nice gown which we found out is from TWP.

We ended up signing with TWP and not Sil.
Hi all, I am also stuck between the two. I love Sil's dreamy tulle gowns but they are exp, and i feel kinda ripped off when they quoted me a higher price despite them knowing that i was recomended by 3 frens who were ex-Sil brides. She was just happily topping up this and that to the package.

So i went to TWP, their cutting suits me better, but Sil's look is still prettier n of better quality. Basically i am still undecided. My friend told me that there are only these 2 shops that specialise in tulle ball gowns in spore, so my options are limited. Does anyone know of any shops that does nice tulle gown?


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Hi all, i went to Sil to find tulle gowns too, must say Sil's gowns are really nice. Quoted me $3500 for a MTM ballgown cos the OTR one was tooo small.

I also went to Olive Suite, their gowns are also very pretty. and about the same price range. VEry torn. Gonna go Dang bridal next to compare.


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Hi all,

I am contemplating between Silhouette and TWP as well. As I am keen in only the OTR package, could you share which shop have nicer OTR wedding and evening gowns?