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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by sunnyday, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. sunnyday

    sunnyday New Member

    Hi, I heard tat the food of this Restaurant is very good. Anyone has held their weddings there? Care to share your experience? Thanks a lot.

    We intend to book with them and we are not sure wat other things we need to find out? [​IMG]

  2. yole

    yole New Member

    Hi sunnyday,

    I've attended a wedding there earlier this year.
    Their food is good, but ambience wise is not very good.

    Before the banquet starts, there is a "shifu" that will perform tea pouring with a long-spout teapot at the VIP table. Interesting, but boring for us, because it took about 10 mins, and we can't see anything from our seats.

    The service is ok, but the distribution of carpark tickets was during the banquet itself, which I found very disruptive and funny.

    The restaurant is quite small and tables placed quite close to each other. The bride was wearing quite a big gown, which was rather inconvenient. You may like to take note of this..[​IMG]

    The dishes are nice, but I think most of us were expecting some si chuan dishes, but they serve the normal banquet dishes ...[​IMG]

    Overall I think it's value-for-money, but dun expect too much from the place.
  3. laughing

    laughing New Member

    Hi, any Si Chuan Tou Hua brides out there to share experience, esp on the food quality, services, etc?
  4. pausini

    pausini New Member

    La La,

    as the bride of the day, i didnt have much chance to taste the food. We didnt go for the food tasting. We only tried the buffet dinner, cos my MIL believe if they cant serve good buffet dinner than no point thinking how good they can get on the wedding food.

    I only a seafood soup, is a mixture of different seafood and the spinach soup. the soup is green colour and it shocked all my guests but we find it very unique.

    After the guests have tasted it they all like the soup, say is something different from the normal shark fin. However, i find their shark fin soup not nice..

    i wonder is Yole Chong is one of my wedding guest.

    The hall is really small, i only have 17 tables.
    The stage is very near the VIP table and the walk way is very very short so dun expect those u have in the hotel.

    The service is not bad. they dun serve si chuan dishes and they are normal chinese bandquet food.
  5. laughing

    laughing New Member

    Hi Pausini,

    Ya, tried the green soup today - think it' called the 8 treasure soup or something like that. My FH didnt like the green color but I thot it was unique and the taste was great.

    so the shark's fin not nice? I'll take note of that. Thanks.
  6. pausini

    pausini New Member

    La La,
    Oh they manager actually made a bowl to let u try? Same thing lor....

    The feed back from my mum is the food was good, the soup shocked the guests but is a pleasant one. At least that left all my guests something abt our dishes.. something unique.

    We tried the Shark fin during the buffet. Not nice.. i am a person who love shark fin soup and they truely not up to my standard.

    remember to ask the mgr to cook u some food after the dinner to bring it to the room for ur supper. I guess u wldnt have time to eat.
  7. tessy

    tessy New Member

    just to provide some feed back on the restuarant. I jsut held my ROM there last sunday. the manager was very nice and accomodating, she coronded off the drinks area for us and we had a private area with our dining tables.

    I would recommend taking the ala carte menu instead of the set. Manager helped us portion the food. Some dishes were Large some were medium. We had a great time and best of all had discount with credit card heh.very worth it the $$ spent!
  8. summer_frez

    summer_frez New Member

    hi tessy,

    just wondering how much is your ROM package at Sichuan Dou Hua Rest?

    Care to share?
  9. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi, any Si Chuan Tou Hua brides out there to share experience, esp on the food quality, services?[​IMG]
  10. mapleleaves

    mapleleaves New Member

    anyone held their banquet at UOB's branch? How was the table setup? Care to share your experiences there?
  11. fengniu

    fengniu New Member

    hi i m also a potential customer to this restaurant.. haha.. in fact my FH & i are dong some shortlisting on banquet venues and we are thking to book with them as well. but before we sign on that dotted line...we intend to get some comments first... so anyone can share their experiences with us pls... thks [​IMG]
  12. huggiez

    huggiez New Member

    though i haven book our banquet there, the coordinator there(linda) was extremely helpful and very accomodating. she is able to give a few useful pointers abt the layout of the place and she is open to negotiation.
  13. pinkrose

    pinkrose New Member

    Those who had their wedding dinner here, any photos to share? I can't visualise how the layout is like on the actual day. my parents feel that the guests will be alienated and the feeling will be just like having a normal dinner in a restaurant. [​IMG]
  14. loveluis

    loveluis New Member


    I had my wedding dinner there in June tis year...

    Dun worry about the guests feeling alienated from the wedding...the tea pouring by the shifu is very entertaining....and the food is to cover up for all the block views....hehehehe

    There's a $1 rebate for cars parking at UOB Plaza...what i did was... reimbuse the full $3.00 to my guests... once they came & sign the guest helpers will ask if they are parking at the building...if it helper would need to tear out a portion of the car park ticket...pass them the angpow of $3.00...
    It's a better way then having the staff going around the tables to ask who is parking @ UOB PLAZA & handing them the $1.00 [​IMG]

    At the end of the nite... i would pass all the portions to Linda...and she would reimbuse me $1.00 for every portion.. [​IMG]

    Hope my feedback helps [​IMG]
  15. pinkrose

    pinkrose New Member

    hi loveluis,

    thanks for sharing. actually, i've booked my wedding with si chuan dou hua already. i think the reimbursing of guests for parking using angpow is a great idea! just wondering, did you have any champagne pouring or cake-cutting? which party favour did you choose? any decorations in the restaurant?
  16. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi Netty...

    Glad to hear that u have chosen Si Chua Dou Hua.... btw when's ur AD ?

    I had Champange pouring only at the mini stage... Btw if u need sound system, it's an additional of $70 - $100...i find that quite surprising coz i thot that it should be included [​IMG]

    As for the wedding favors, i had the mini fruit cakes from Si Chua Dou Hua...basically mine wedding banquet is mostly for relatives & only 2 tables of close friends...[​IMG]

    I think I chosen red roses for the tables decorations and the chairs i used are normal Si Chua Dou Hua Chairs...

    Hmm... are u having ur red tables in the VIP room for 20 pax?

    I actually had mine red tables (nearer to the window) facing the mini my parents find it more approriate for the guests to be seated in the VIP room of 20 pax...

    I've also changed the soup to BaBaoTang (8 Treasures Soup) and the dessert to Mango Pudding...the feedback was good [​IMG]
  17. racherlle

    racherlle New Member

    hi gals!

    i've juz attended a wedding on Saturday!
    I muz say the food is GD!! [​IMG]
    and the ambience is nice too..
    not like a typical chinese restaurant..

    and yup the mango pudding was delicious!!
  18. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi Racherlle,

    Glad to hear that the food is great and the mango pudding is delicious..

    i only managed to try the 1st 2 dishes during my AD... [​IMG]
  19. racherlle

    racherlle New Member

    hi love!

    wahh u r more fortunate than my friend!
    hehehe she didn't even get a bite of it! :p
  20. e1201

    e1201 New Member

    hi all
    I just booked tentatively with this restaurant . But I still think the arrangement of the table will be very odd as I will have 10 tables.
    I won't use the VIP room (that can cater 20 seats) and I will use the podium to have a long table for the VIP.
    I'm not gonna use the table in mini podium as well.. will think something else to make it looks nice...

    so... i'm still confuse where the stage will be in that case. *sigh

    The manager is really helpful and she gave me to try one type of appetizer and mango puding today. I love the mango puding.

    The green soup looks horrible.. but didn't know that it taste that good.

    I can't think of any other indoor venue for 10 tables with this budget and have a good ambience.. So, I think I'm going to confirm with this restaurant next week if i can't get other good venue.
  21. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi Esther,

    Glad to hear that u booked Si Chuan Dou Hua... [​IMG]

    Hmm, personally I feel that it's quite weird to use the podium for ur VIP table....maybe you might like to reconsider...

    The mini podium can be use as ur small stage for the champange pouring or cake cutting.

    Yep, Linda is a great help...

    I didnt get to try the mango pudding.... so sad...

    The green soup looks weird but tastes really good...something different [​IMG]

    Yep, me too couldnt think of other venue with good food, good ambience & price jus rite... [​IMG]
  22. hong

    hong New Member

    Talking abt the green soup.
    I have tat for my wedding too.

    We want sometime different from the usual shark fins. Most of the guests enjoy the unusual dish.

    Infact, i dun like their usual shark fin. dun find it nice..

    Do they have mango pudding? may be they didnt introduce that during my time.
  23. e1201

    e1201 New Member

    Well, i had my lunch yesterday with my sister... and after seeing the place for the second time.. and ordered the green soup.. I just couldn't resist to put deposit of $1000 [​IMG]

    I ordered toufu and dried scallop on top with brocolli. yummy.. solid!
    So, I change one of the menu (mushroom and brocolli) with this toufu.
    After the lunch, Linda gave me free mango puding for my sister and tau hua for me. so nice of her.

    And also, she gave me 1 big box of 8 treasures tea after confirmation.

    As for the VIP table.. i will use long table on the podium... and have a stage near the window, opposite the podium. so even the table in small podium can see us during the cake cutting. But i may need a wireless as Linda said she don't have wireless mic currently.
  24. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi e.k

    Tat's great....

    I'm looking forward to trying their buffet dinner when I'm back in singapore... [​IMG]

    Btw, when's ur AD?
  25. e1201

    e1201 New Member

    Hi loveluis,

    My AD will be 1st Oct 05...
    Btw, when will b the best time to have food testing?

    Where are you now? when are u coming back to singapore?
  26. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi e.k

    Tat's nice.... still got plenty of time for your AD preparations...
    Hmm... i didnt have food tasting.... maybe 1 mth before AD will be a good time :p

    I'm currently in USA with my hubby will be coming back in 2 weeks time for a short holiday [​IMG]
  27. jonny

    jonny New Member


    Just went to Si Chuan Dou Hua recently? About to book the place for wedding.
    Just to know when we Yum Seng and cut cake at the mini stage,does all the guest sitting at the back move forward and gather infront?Place look quite special.Any comments or tips?
  28. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi Jonny,

    Hmm...i think most of the guests would be too busy enjoying the food...[​IMG]

    Only afew of mine friends gathered around the mini stage when i was having my Champange Pouring *hahahah*
  29. pinkrose

    pinkrose New Member

    Hi loveluis

    Did it feel funny that just a few friends gathered around the mini stage? it's like the rest of the world bo chup u guys lei. :p also, how was your walk-in since there are '2 sides' of the restaurant?
  30. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Hi Netty,

    Haha...not really leh...infact its better...I will get very nervous if everybody give me their attention...hahahah
    I have only 14 tables so i used only 1 side of the restaurant.. [​IMG]
  31. maah~

    maah~ New Member

    Hi! Jonny,

    am abt to book Si Chuan Dou Hua soon too! did you manage to discuss with Linda over the details of the package? seems like they are pretty busy this month and they have suggested that Jan would be a better time for us to meet up!? anyway, just wondering if you will be considering to exchange any of their perks for sthg else. eg, we were thinking of giving up the deluxe room at plaza parkroyal for more glasses of beer.. anyone care to share with all what extra perks you managed to negotiate/exchange in the package?
  32. jonny

    jonny New Member

    Hi maah,

    No problem with that. Linda is very flexible with the package.But she mention wedding package price may increase next yr so u may hav 2 act fast.

    30 glasses beer for confirm 10 tables,but if 20 tables,they will give u 60 glasses and etc.

    I also manage to get 100% invitation card for all my guests.

    U may exchange the set dinner voucher and /or one month fitness club membership for free beer but subject to approve.

    But if you r looking for less than 17 tables,then u may want to try their new branch near city hall(Grand Plaza Parkroyal 2nd level.Opening on 22nd Dec 2004.

    Btw i hav not decide which venues yet.When is your date?
    Hope all these info can help you abit.

  33. maah~

    maah~ New Member

    Hi Jonny!

    thx for the info! i'm glad to hear that we get 60 glasses of beer for 20 tables cos we have abt 22 tables! did you manage to negotiate for printing as well since it's not included in the package.. did you ask abt the deluxe room too? the distance of it fr the restaurant is an issue...

    our AD will be some time in dec 2005. we've been to see quite a few venues, sichuan is still our favourite. what sort of venues are you looking at?

    btw, was it a weekday that you spoke to Linda? twice i went there, twice she could not speak to us as she was either busy with tour groups or wedding banquet. sighz.. we hope to be able to have a more detailed discussion with Linda soon cos if this place fall thru, we will need to source for other venues fast!
  34. jonny

    jonny New Member

    hI mAAH,

    Card print...??you hav to print yrself(extra costs mah).They don pay for U.

    Yes, a short distance from Restaurant to hotel.But on your AD,they will provide a Rm for U at the Restaurant for yr make up and changing.btw you r talking about the one at UOB Plaza 60th level?

    Mine also in Dec 2005.When is your date?
    I looking for 19 to 22 tables only.Try to cut down on no. of ppl.I'm lookin at a few venues but most important is the $$ per table.

    I meet up with her twice on weekend.Why don't U fix a date with her to drop by.Try to make it on the day that they r having wedding banquet.

    And yes, U have to act fast...some of the venues I enquires hav been taken.Some of them up to 2006 Oct.

  35. unique

    unique New Member

    Hi Gals,
    May i noe the charges per table?there is no price indication on the website leh...
    thanz thanz.
  36. jonny

    jonny New Member

    $538+++,$568+++ & $608+++
    Three types of choose from.
  37. maah~

    maah~ New Member

    Hi! Jonny,

    yeah, am referring to the UOB Plaza SichuanDouhua too! have got a tentative booking with them for end of Dec 2005!

    actually, have called them up today to fix appt, but was 'asked' to meet in Jan'05 (again). they don seem quite keen to have my biz huh?

    anyhow, decided to pop by their new restaurant @ Grand Plaza Parkroyal today and thought we might as well talk to their hotel banquet manager. guess what? the hotel's package is quite irresistable! albeit price is steeper.. still i must say we're won over by their prompt response (the asst came down to meet us within 5mins when we called them up at the hotel)

    in fact, we might well forego the uob plaza to hold our wedding @ GPP ballroom instead... oh well, sometimes appts can't wait too long... ;)
  38. jonny

    jonny New Member

    HI maah,

    Maybe Sichuan is too busy at this period.

    Well...all depend of wha deco-layout you want.I believe the two venues are totally diff.One is a standard ballroom while another is a restaurant with it unqiue design.

    anyway...don mind may i noe the charges per tables @ GPP. And how many ballroom they have?Min & Max tables?

    Thanks alot...
  39. maah~

    maah~ New Member

    Hi! Jonny,

    their weekend packages are 728, 798, 828 nett. ballroom on weekend has min 25 tables, max 35 tables.

    agreed. ambience wise, sichuan uob is in a class of its own... ballroom wise, gpp isn't bad either.. boast of a pillarless room & high ceilings!
  40. jonny

    jonny New Member

    Hi maah,

    Well ok..ic.abit expensive.I only look 4 those 700nett and below.

    I would make a decision this weekend.Will confirm package from 3 shortlist...sign the contact and concentrate on other things.

    Look like U hav decided which venue for your BIG DAY [​IMG]
  41. maah~

    maah~ New Member

    Hi! Jonny,

    so did you sign up with sichuan? agree.. quickly settle the reception venue and look at other stuff like bridal shops!? btw, twist of events... we signed up at sichuan! so glad the discussion went smoothly and both parties were able to come to a fair deal. =D
  42. jonny

    jonny New Member

    Hi maah,

    Congratulation...U sign up at UOB Plaza?How many tables?

    Too bad..[​IMG]i hav to let go Sichuan.Choose Rendevzous Hotel Ballrm instead.Both parents don like the layout...and anyway they prefer the standard ballrm with long march in.

    So now you can look for your bridal shop and other stuffs.I already settle on bridal shop and photograher. Now looking for lobang wine,cake and march in songs [​IMG]
  43. maah~

    maah~ New Member

    Hi! Jonny,

    yeap, signed up 22 tables.

    how much is the banquet at Hotel Rendevous? I think it's quite a nice cosy hotel!

    have barely begun my bridal shop hunting! much less photography. now looking thru many mags to see if there's any gowns that are nice.. then go pop by the shops to take a look loh.. your wedding in december right?? but seems like you have settled many things already! well organised huh? =D
  44. jonny

    jonny New Member

    Hi maah,

    Mine 668nett with free flow beer,no corkage charge,2 nites stay and LCD projector n etc....

    I like the ballroom...very cosy,neat and classic.

    I suggest that maybe u can come out with yr own design of gowns lah!Maybe something you dream of! I found it no point going down to the shops stated in the mags,maybe look look only BUT U may end up signing their package.

    U know why they r in the mags?
    Because 90% of them r upmarket n very expensive.They r so call designers boutique types with their latest deisgns.NO POINT taking their package where u can find similar designs at neighbourhood shops then those at Tanjong Pagar,Orchard and etc...

    I book with GOH at Tampines neighbourhood which I find quite gd and cheap after i compare GOH with Milan. U can also bargain this and that with them.

    Hope this may help u..

    Best Regards.
  45. eiggam

    eiggam New Member


    I'm interested in having my dinner at Sichuan Dou Hua. May I know how to contact the banquet in charge? And also, does anyone have the wedding package and menu can send to me?

    My email is

    Thanks so much!
  46. berniebilly

    berniebilly New Member

    Hi everyone. My wife and I had our wedding dinner at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant @ Plaza Hotel along the Beach Road a year ago. We were there tonight for our complimentary first year dinner. It brought back good memories of the place, and I thought I should do justice to the hotel by putting in a few cents of our worth about the restaurant.

    Admittedly, it's not the same class as the 5-star hotel, but the service and food size were very commendable, and good value for money. All our guests had good reviews about the quality and quantity. The managers (Danny and Jenny Mak) were very accomodating too, and they made sure that it was a fuss-free wedding for us. The lay-out of the restaurant is however somewhat lacking, but nothing is perfect in this world. You pay for what you get. In addition, it is a pretty small restaurant, just enough for 20-24 at most. For us, the wedding dinner was mainly geared towards our relatives, and as we all know, the quality of food is of utmost concern of all relatives.

    We had complimentary spa vounchers from their Spa (Is it Aspara?) and the complimentary 1st year dinner for both of us. It was a nice gesture on their part. Another example of their good service was that their manager had provided us with complementary fish & chips as dinner for us after the banquet, as they mistakenly gave our portion of dinner to our parents as takeaways. I am not sure about the rest of you, but the defintion of good service to me is how they rectify the situation if they err in the process. You can see whether the staff is really sincere in providing good service.
  47. celine82

    celine82 New Member

    hi, what is the max capacity of UOB branch ar?
    Anyone noe the packages prices for 2005? thanks...
  48. 2005

    2005 New Member

    buffet for GPP one better or UOB Plaza better...?
    kindly help me for my coming ROM lunch..
    Thank you
    Or i better take up their ala carte lunch ??

    Thanks again !
  49. jonny

    jonny New Member

    Hi 2005,

    Get the one at UOB Plaza.Great view and deco.And look for Linda,very helpful...(she the manager)
  50. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    Celine >> UOB branch maximum should be 20 tables (whole restaurant), 15 tables (half a restaurant). It would be good if you can meet up with Linda (the manager).

    2005>> The buffet is quite good.... btw how many guests are you inviting?
    Merchant Court is having a ROM package... if you have 20 2 pax... i think...quite a good deal [​IMG]

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