Should I tell him?


I am not sure how many of those who responded to my post are still around in this forum but I just want to sincerely thank all for the advice and encouragement given. I am now happily married to a guy who accepted my past wholeheartedly and I am just so relieved that I am able to let go the burden of my past and start life anew.

I hope I don’t have to come back to this forum again to seek advice for my problem but I am forever grateful to this forum and the people here who accompanied me through the lowest point of my life.

I wish all the best of life and God bless.

I have been through this kind of relationship with very low self-esteem women. i quit it after 3 months.

she always using the emotional blackmail to reassure herself. if you respond in the wrong way, it will get worse. if you respond the right way, she will think you are lying.

my advise, stay away from will never be happy with her.

you will be like this want to be like this for the rest of your life ?