Should I continue if my fiancé refuse to say anything about her past?


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Hi all,

Am going along wedding route in next 6 months. Need advise on the following:
1) She refuses to tell me anything about her past. She hinted she had a few BFs with sexual relationship. Some could be her current colleagues or FB friends.
2) My mistake. I move in to cohabitate with her. Her teen children from previous marriage and family knew me. I love the children v much. I am emotionally stuck with them.
3) Since we are all divorcees, I am fine that she had her ons and past sexual affair. What I am uncomfortable is that she is not truthful about her past. The people she work with or male friends she is working with could be her past affair or ex BFs. I don’t need her past intimacy detail but I don’t want to be the kept in the dark like an idiot with her past BFs knowing who I am and I don’t know who they are. We argued and she threatened to end the relationship over this as she feared she will be judge no matter how I assured her.
4) Should I continue the relationship with her? Do you think I should just enjoy my time and continue to wedding. I am very fearful of posting anything in Social media as I feel that I will be judge by her ex BFs. She knew my past well and I am a very simple person.

I think a couple needs to be honest with each other, especially when marriage is on the cards.

She is probably fearful that you cannot take the brutal truth or to lose you.

But if you can love her at her worst then you'd know this marriage has a high probability to last. This you need to assure her if she were to come clean about her past.

She has to know that sh!t eventually comes back to bite us in our a$$ when we least expect it. Singapore is a small place. There are six-degrees of separation between her past and people you know