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Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by limpeipei, May 13, 2017.

  1. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    Hi... I've been going to SHOU, however have never tried their coffee before. I tried a single pack. It tasted good, like regular coffee with a hint of hazelnut. I usually get hungry at about 11am, but it managed to suppress my appetite until lunch. Even during lunch I wasn't so hungry that I wanted to eat everything. I'm still considering if I should get it though! Anyone here has tried it before?

  2. viviangoh

    viviangoh Member

    You totally should get it! It helps to increase metabolism and I think it's also healthier alternative compared to our 3-in-1 or local coffee? Less sugar for sure and more nutritional value hahaha
    I tried a box and I'm totlaly sold - I have been drinking that since Dec last year - it really helps to curb my appetite. So i dont over eat during lunch!
  3. Aj.tan

    Aj.tan Member

    Hi hi must you be a Shou customer to buy the coffee? Thinking of getting for a friend but neither of us are customers there.
  4. viviangoh

    viviangoh Member

    Oh they sell it online too!
  5. limpeipei

    limpeipei Member

    hey Aj! you should most definitely try it! no regrets! i fell in love after one cup! it's a little pricey, but definitely worth the money!
  6. viviangoh

    viviangoh Member

    yes, while it cost more than the normal 3in1 coffee packs you can find in supermarkets, it's definitely worth the investment! anything for the body!

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