Shortest way to lose weight


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I am a food lover and seeking to lose 5 kg within month
any recommendation to lose weight fast..
- exercise -- i already visiting gym 2x a week
- diet -- i'm not a salad eater.. but have ban fried food.

5kg loss in 1 month is not recommended by doctors because speedy loss will strain your health. Doctors always recommend gradual 0.5kg loss per week, it's about 2.5kg per month. So I think you should give yourself 2 months to achieve it.


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this is going to be very long.. but i hope it helps... keke.. sent to me from a colleague who extracted it from HWZ forum.


Q. Is it true that I only want to lose 2 pounds a week?

A. Absolutely, anything more than that is unhealthy. The only time this rule does not apply is when you are very over weight (280+lbs), in which case, losing 1% of your total bodyweight per week is completely acceptable.

Q) What's the best way to lose fat and get an ideal physique?
A) The best way to accomplish this is through a proper nutrition and training plan. Nutrition won't be covered in this thread(maybe in another thread), but training would include the following:
- Weight lifting compound free weights with short rest intervals
- High intensity interval training(HIIT)
Both these methods will be elaborated on later.

Q) But what about jogging for cardio? Isn't that the best way of losing weight?
A) No. In fact, it can be counter productive. You see, jogging is a form of steady state cardio exercise. What this means is that you keep a rather low speed that you're able to sustain for long periods of time. The premise of this exercise for weight loss is that you are able to run longer, hence burning more calories. However, there are problems with this.
- The more you run, the more efficient you become at running. As you get more efficient, your body will burn less calories. Imagine a car driving on a highway at 60km/h. It will achieve its highest fuel efficiency, meaning it will burn less fuel. The body acts the same way. This is great if your mission is to run a marathon, but bad if your mission is to burn calories and fat!
- The more you run, the more you waste your muscles. Muscle mass cannot be built or even maintained by running. In fact, running for long durations will actually bring your body into a catabolic state, meaning your muscles will start burning away. If your goal is to reduce your body fat percentage, then it would be in your best interest to keep as much muscle mass as you can, or even increase it. Running, or any other steady state aerobic exercise doesn't achieve this.

Q) OK, so if I don't run, what do I do for cardio?
A) High intensity interval training(HIIT), mentioned above. HIIT is a method of cardio work where you work at full intensity for a short burst, followed by resting for a slightly longer period of time. An example would be sprinting full speed for 30s on the track, then resting for 60s. Typically HIIT sessions are completed within 10mins. In unconditioned beginners, 1-2min might be all they can sustain.

Q) 10 mins? But I heard that you only start burning fat after 20mins
A) That is a myth that has been spread for years, and one that needs to be eliminated. At best, it is a half truth. You see, your body initially uses your glycogen stores to fuel the activity, and gradually shifts towards using fat stores as fuel. The ratio shifts more towards fats as you run more than 20mins. It doesn't mean that you're burning no fat before 20mins and all fat after. In any case, this ratio is not as important as people would like you to believe, because the overall calories and fat loss due to HIIT is more than what you would get if you just jogged more than 20min. Do you know when your body is burning the highest percentage of fats? When you're sleeping! That's right, but you don't expect anyone to tell you to sleep to lose fat anytime soon. Also, steady state cardio burns calories mostly during the activity itself. However, HIIT burns calories during the activity itself, as well as hours after the activity. Simply put, after an intense HIIT bout, you'd be burning more calories even while you're sleeping!

Q) Huh? HIIT burns calories after the session? How is this possible?
A) It is possible due to 2 factors - EPOC and hormonal response
EPOC - stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, aka the oxygen debt, or afterburn. What this means is that because of the added stress and trauma you've put your body through in an intense HIIT session, your body needs fuel to repair cells, decrease your body temperature, etc. All this takes energy...a lot of energy if your training was intensive.
Hormonal response - An intensive training session, including HIIT, triggers the release of many anabolic(muscle building) hormones, as well as others involved in fat loss. The hormonal response is perhaps the biggest contributor to fat loss.

Q) So HIIT is better than jogging/swimming/other steady state aerobic exercise?
A) For fat loss and conditioning, yes. Contrary to popular belief, the human species was never made to run long distances. Our early ancestors didn't chase their prey over long distances to catch them for food...they sprinted short distances and killed them with tools. A recent study actually found excessive aerobic exercise to be detrimental to cardiovascular health, effects of which include the downsizing of the heart. This could be the reason why we've seen so many triathletes and runners pass away before their time recently. In addition to cardiovascular health concerns, jogging is also notorious for being bad for the joints. I'm sure you've read or heard that every step you take while jogging puts many times your weight on the joints of your legs. Besides this, joggers are also known to have severe muscular imbalances due to the repetitive and concentrated nature of the activity. What this means is that some of their muscles are much weaker, or much less flexible than others. This can lead to compensation in movement patterns, leading to injury. Another point more pertaining to women - women in general are less suitable for jogging than their male counterparts, because of something called the "Q-angle". Simply put, the Q-angle is the angle of the thigh bone from the hip. Because women have wider hips and narrow knees, they also have larger Q-angles, making you more prone to knee and other joint injuries. In fact if you look at the elite runners, they all pretty much look like men as far as their Q-angle is concerned - they have narrow hips and smaller breasts. They are better suited for running. Most women aren't.

Q) Wow! That sounds like scary stuff! I guess I shouldn't jog at all!
A) Not necessarily. There's no need to avoid jogging/swimming/steady state aerobic exercise if you truly enjoy it. However, don't make it the core of your exercise regime. As long as you also train your body with HIIT, you can counter the negative cardiovascular effects that steady state exercise brings.

Q) OK, so how exactly do I perform this "HIIT"?
A) There are several protocols. You can do it sprinting on a track, on a stationary bike, sprinting up stairs or up a slope, with bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squats, lunges, etc. However, stay away from the treadmill and elliptical because the former can cause joint problems and the latter's arc is unnatural and awkward. For beginners, you generally want to start with a 1:4 work:rest ratio. What this means is that if you sprint for 30s, you rest for 2min. Depending on the difficulty of the activity(sprinting up stairs is harder than sprinting on a track for example), you should be working for about 15-40s, and then resting for 4x that. Experiment with the timings to suit your own physical fitness levels. Generally you want to time it such that you are feeling ok for 1-2 sets, even when you are doing it the fastest and hardest you can. The numbers of sets you do this again depends on your physical fitness level. A general guide is to do as many sets as you can before puking.
If this idea makes you cringe, another idea would be to perform as many sets as you can before performance drops considerably. For example if you managed to do about 15 burpees for each workset, stop the exercise once your performance drops to considerably to 10 burpees. This is just a rough have to work these figures out by experimenting.


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Q) How often should I do HIIT?
A) Depends on what else you are doing, your sleep, your nutrition, and a host of other factors. If HIIT is all you are doing for exercise, you can do it everyday assuming you have good nutrition and rest. You see, HIIT is metabolically and neurally intensive. You need to provide your body with the necessary rest and nutrition in order for it to repair itself in time for the next bout. If not, you will feel lethargic, depressed, tired and generally unmotivated. For a beginner I would keep it to about 3X max a week, and less if you're involved in other physical activity.

Q) How long do I have to do HIIT before I lose xxx kg?
A) I can't tell you that because I don't know how much you weight, what's your body fat percentage, and what your goals are. I can however say this much - if you keep working at it, coupled with proper nutrition and rest, the fat will come melting off, and this will keep you motivated. Ideally you should be doing this for the rest of your life! It is not something you do for a few weeks, lose the kilos, then is a lifestyle change.

Q) I must keep doing it? But I have no time...
A) HIIT takes just 10minutes of your time AT MOST. It can take as short as 4-5mins if you adjust the parameters right. If you have time to read through this post, you have time to do HIIT. No excuses.

Q) I've been doing HIIT for 2min each time for a couple of weeks and I've lose a few inches here and there, and now HIIT seems easy. Is this normal?
A) Yes, because you're getting fitter! You need some form of progression. For HIIT there are many parameters you can tweak to progress
- increase number of sets: if you're doing 2 sets, increase this to 3.
- increase work:rest ratio: 1:4 is for beginners. You can keep working your way up until one day you might be fit enough to do 2:1 for several sets! One of the HIIT methods using this ratio is called the "Tabata method" that calls for work sets of 20s with a 10s rest, done 8X over 4minutes. Japanese researchers who discovered this method found it to improve both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, which is a very rare occurence. You can be assured that it's great for fat loss too!
- change the difficulty of the exercise: if you were sprinting on a track, try sprinting up a slope. If you were doing a normal burpee, try doing a burpee with a pushup and then a jump at the end. There are many ways to make the exercise more difficult. Use your imagination.
As you can see, there are several ways to progress, but none of these ways involve increasing the amount of time HIITing more than 10min. This saves time while giving superior results!

Q) When should I perform HIIT?
A) If you're doing only HIIT, any time. However, if you're also doing weight lifting(described later on), preferably at the end of the lifting session, because of 2 reasons
- Doing HIIT at the beginning would decrease your strength training's performance
- Doing HIIT at the end brings about a stronger hormonal response.
If you're doing HIIT at the end, make sure to keep the entire session(lifting included) within about 50min though. This will be explained later in the strength training section.

Q) What if I experience pain when doing HIIT?
A) If it's a joint pain, STOP immediately and identify where the pain is coming from, and is it an old injury, etc. This FAQ assumes you are a healthy individual with no injuries, so if you have an existing condition, please seek medical advice.
If it's a muscular pain, then no problem. Stretching will help. Be careful not to get cramps though as they are painful.


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Control ur diet.. Don eat rice, fried things, meat, eat fish, and white meat, vege and fruits.... don drink diary products, substitute with fruits tibits...
1.5K for each arm spot. 3-5K for stomach depending on how many spots.

What's your weight and height? It's not healthy to go underweight.

My appetite is huge. I live to eat! I know all the health facts but I don't have good self-discipline and will power to follow LOL.


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cheery your height and weight ok mah..

me standing at only 1.5 and weigh 52.4kg lei...
haha.. but i am still eating and displaying my gym membercard in wallet without using for 2mths alrdy.. i am so lazy these days la... -_-"


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Run. Go jogging/brisk walking for AT LEAST half hour everyday if you can help it.

Watch your diet. Cut down on carbo (eat less if you cannot cut out totally) and all the usuals (fried stuff, sweet stuff, snacks, etc).

Get enough rest - sleep enough. Drink water.

HOWEVER, if you are lazy to exercise, then erm, there is no easy way out.

The combination will definitely yield results.


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Your height/weight ratio seems alrite...You don't need to lose 5kgs; especially in such a short time span...It's just not healthy

What's the reason behind the drastic weight loss idea?


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Why do people think that its somehow sinful to eat rice. Come on! you will faint for the energy drain.

The main thing is to have a healthy but wholesome diet. u need sufficient but not excess carbo to last the day.

And this is another one... "don drink diary products, substitute with fruits juice"
How can fruit juice substitute diary products?? Rather, drink low fat milk. Fruit juice isn't necessary low sugar. Sugar is sugar... be it the process sugar or natural from sugar cane, grapes or any other fruits. It all depends on the kind of juice.

Anyway, u r better of drinking low fat or soya milk and eating the fruits. The fibre is all gone from juice.


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exactly... too much = excessive.
I'm actually referring to Kessie's post.

"Control ur diet.. Don eat rice, ..."

Don't eat rice = ZERO intake = no carbo.
Unless replaced with other carbo. But then... what's the point. The carbo intake is still there.

We need a balance diet. Same with the Fruit juice as substitute for milk. When we speak of a substitution, it is something that provide us similar nutritional with less of the harmful stuffs.

Its the wrong balance. Instead of a high fat diet, this is a starving one. Both are bad for the body.


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I read from the newspapers recently that got new lipo method that doesn't destroy the structure of your skin and next day recovery. The clinic is in Paragon.

One lady in my office lost 11.5 kg in three months. She is suffering from hair loss problem, her face is rather wrinkled, plus dropped cup size. But body looks superb.

It's too much weight loss too soon.
She probably lacks some minerals and healthy fats. Lack of those can cause hair loss. Health supplements don't work as well as real food. Yest I read that omega 3 oil and nuts can prevent wrinkles.


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Green, I like peanut butter, does this explain my "youthful looks"? Lol

I want to tell this lady about healthy fats but I could only hint strongly as she is my boss and has a strong opinion on certain things. There is a saying that goes, "Your boss can treat you as his/her best friend, but never treat him/her as your best friend".

She looked great at 55kg, standing at 1.68m. She's now 50kg. Her BMI is 17.7 and she is underweight. For me, I'd rather gain 5kg back and have some of my hair and boobs back.
I'm a fan of peanut butter too. So we should be glad about our oil on our oily face lah? Hahaha

Some ladies are obsessed and always on a weight loss regiment. My friend's friend and my SIL are still dieting although they are 40kg and 42kg respectively.

Hair loss problem cannot play play. It can seriously affect a person's appearance.


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Green, she is deeply obssessed. She eats little and runs at least 5km every evening! She got tell some of the bigger ladies in the team to lose weight leh. Fortunately, she only said that it'd be good if I could lose some of my chubbiness on the face. But then, L like to think that it's the chubbiness that makes me look younger haha.


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"Hair loss problem cannot play play. It can seriously affect a person's appearance."

She sometimes styles her hair to hide the thinning patch on the head.


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One of my friends had to wear a wig for a good whole year after the hair loss, resulted from the weight loss. It's scary. *shudders*
Exercise increases metabolism, so appetite increases too.

You can try out meal replacement drinks. Just replace 1 meal with such drink daily to see weight loss.


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Cherry, you can replace your snacks with something healthier, for example, low calorie museli bar, fruits, health biscuits, etc.


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Hi Cherry, i also gain weight or at most maintain my weight when i exercise more regularly.

In fact, the most effective way for me is to cut down my intake during dinner. So i start off my day with huge - moderate portion of carbo food for breakfast and lunch. Then it will be fruits or oats for dinner. I manage to lose about 2 kg over a month.


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some people who are already fine are still fretting over losing weight and how "fat" they are. I am sorry but i just can't help it.

I am 1.65/68kg and has been crazily stuck at this for years. I am a quintessential example of healthy exercise regime, healthy food intake though i am not obsessive with health food (i mean eating in moderation) and yet, i am still at this freaking weight n cannot lose.

I get on the bus and people think tt i am pregnant n offer me seats. My skirts never go above my knee because when i do just by a very very little margin, i get some freaking girls calling me "fat thighs" in school. (the harsh reality of being in uni). I haven't worn pants for a really long time. my parents always call me fat and load me with diet pills and expression before n it all failed. I get very obviously overlooked by everyone whenever i am with my brother and sister who are the gorgeous skinny sexy hot ones. i am worried my boyfriend of 4 yrs will leave me and for a 20 year old, this, everything, sucks.

so. there. i've said it all and it feels damn good to rant.

i am tired of trying to lose it already. so freaking tired. saving up for lipo secretly but wonder how much longer i can continue going like tt.



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y must be women always e one trying to lose fats and look good?so that to be more desirable and chased by men..

y didnt i see men doing that too

y women always have to suffer...


JMHO here.

1st) Look at your daily intake of food and your daily activities
E.g. if you are already taking 2 meals a day (no bf), look at what you are eating. Also look at how much "exercise" you do a day.

2nd) Work thru it to see what can be change. Changing a little sometimes means alot

3rd) My belief is never to eat after 8pm. Even if you do, please take just bread or something light or soupy

Each person's body works differently. Dieting might work for some, doesn't work for others. Same with exercise. Everything is SUBJECTIVE.
Also there are people who have heavy bones while there are some who have light bones.

E.g. I have light bones. So to some people, when they hear how much I weight, they say that I am totally underweight BUT then when they see me in person (for those who never seen me in person before lah), they say I look just nice. So it makes a difference.


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yes,it did. I lost about 10kg in 8 weeks. but it also depends on each body n how persevere u r cuz there is diet plan to follow.


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if u really have to diet, eat less oily food.

Abstain from:
carbo,fried food,seasonal fruits,meat or cream based soup,tidbits,pastries

Watch how ur food is bring prepared.Boil,grilled or stir fried will be good. But boil is still the best!

No no to eat 4hrs b4 sleep. if u haf to, take fruits!! dun take carbo!! including biscuits n bread...

Rmb!! exercise is still needed but dun do vigorous exercise if by fats will convert to muscles...


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i've lost about 12kg over a period of 3mths..
first mth i think i lost about 3-4kg..

for my case, i was on a low or no carbs diet..

try to stay away from carbs like rice, noodles, pastries, breads...etc..

replace them with meat and other proteins..see if it works for you this way..

anyway i got the help of medication from a doctor as well..

used to be at 61kg, 31 inch waist and now, 48kg 26 inch