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Anyone have the address for BS D'sire? Am thinking of going to take a look


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smallbee - I am just a little shorter than my fiance, but he doesn't seem to mind if I get something higher. ;)

Is D+C too casual for you? The shoes are pretty comfortable.


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Hi anyone can recommend me where can buy the wedding shoes? normally what's the price for all BTB willing to spend it?? i saw my fren which she bought was about S$500 above!! but really nice and blink...


Hi all, have bought Anna Nucci shoes but it's kinda ex. For those bling bling ones, it will cost more tha $100.
Maybe u gals can wait until there's sales then i think more worthwhile to buy.


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I just bought from Annua Nucci. $179 after discount. and the worksmanship is not exactly good. those who have more time, can try buying online (my sis used her gold heels which she bought long ago). but ultimately comfort is more impt!


My wedding is over and I have 2 pairs up for sale. Lace pair from Loe & Behold is imported and bling bling pair is from Anna Nucci. Fits regular size 36. PM if keen.


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Hi there~

I've a new pair of heels from Midas. Super bling with two tone swarovski crystals. Very smooth surface. There are loads of crystals at the back of the heels too!

Brand new.
Size 4 (35)

bought at $235
letting go at $200

if interested, email me at [email protected]



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hi gals...i'm a BTB. Is Anna Nucci shoes the best?

Hi Sophia, I have tried a couple of shoes from various shoe brands (yes I'm a hoarder!) and I do think Anna Nucci is the best in terms of shoe designs and comfort. They have new collections every now and then, and I find that they have the best designs for bridal heels, whether it is an elegant pair to match with an evening gown, or a toned-down version for the lunch reception. Also, if you're not very comfortable with tall heel heights, they have a variety of mid to low heels that are equally gorgeous as well. I own about 5 pairs of heels from them and I still wear them every now and then :). If you're not sure about the designs, you can check them out at their website at or head down to their latest retail outlet at Wisma Atria. Hope this helps!