Shelves for storeroom


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Hi there,

jus install storeroom racks on's done by a guy called mr wee...if interested , i can send the contacts to you..



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Hi Jenny,

Can you email me the contact too? Looking at organising space and shelves in storeroom would help! May I also know how much you spent? Please email to [email protected] Thanks, much appreciated... :eek:)


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Tot shelves of this kind is common in the market wherever you go. Talking about worksmanship, haha, so funny.

I would prefer anyone has any lobang on cheapest in town.


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hi all, try Their econ series look decent. I will be getting from them. My dimensions are 1.83m (L) x 1.83m (H) x 0.46m (W) and the cost is $275. Based on 4 racks. But there is a delivery and installation charge of $30.


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get from yee sin. had mine installed in white. Standard measurement. $185 nett.

according to the folks, each piece of wood can withstand 100kg.


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i got mine at sim win liang, free installation & delivery. theirs is boltless type and each panel can hold up to 200 kg. got mine 78"(H)x 24" (D) 36" (W) for $151. contact 62966692


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you can buy it at walmart or target is better for such items than ebay. Atleast they have stores nearer and will ship it immediately and more reliable return policy than ebay... Sorry... not trying to discourage ebay users, just my experience that furniture is better on local stores, where u can easily return or replace in case of wear and tear...


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Hi there, i recently shifted into my new house and here is a good shelving company to recommend.

They are able to do the L-shape shelving for my storeroom without the centre-obstrucution pole. Very sturdy and good quality. 62441512

will not recommend on those shelving that we can get from neighbourhood hardware shop, tried early, its difficult to assemble and the metal rust easily. Plywood warp too...

Hope this helps new homeowners like me...