Sharing finances?


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Hi May Ong,

This is a case that...

If I walk under the sun one day when the world is looking bright, I go back to sleep, then the sun comes crushing down onto Earth and I have no preparation and the sun now kills me.

I think in your assumption, for instance, if the son wants to take into account of his parents' wealth for a condo, he'd have discussed and confirmed with his parents that they will be helping him.

To be frank... this is a family, and nothing monstrous. Of course, if the son only wants a basic flat and needs help, why not? If the other son needs seed money for business to feed his family, it's ok to aid as well.

So I suppose you are maybe too sentimental on what extremes would presumeably happen.


There is no such thing as your money or your parents' money... because there is hardly instance one can plan on joint expenditure without consultation. And if it is a family, inheritance will have to be taken into accounts.

Many rich people started out with inheritance then through careful investments become billionaires. While many who scorn those who take parents' money into consideration, reality is... when (say) your business need cashflow, you suddenly find their grandson (your son) needs costly operations, or you are retrenched and you need to get a bigger home for the twins to come...

Parents are yours. So are you to your parents. So it's not yours and theirs... LOL~ Good parents will consider their children's needs if they can afford to. Good children would also plan with their good parents to take them higher and faster.

Watch those animal shows? Those whose wings are not ready, even if they are great eagles to be, push those chicks off the cliff when they have some feathers... chances are some will learn to fly...

More will be killed. LOL~

It's just the reality of life.


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scope, that was a real life story.

and similar stories like that are playing out everyday, children lusting after their parents' money. it is evil and it is wrong.

planning with parents' money is ok on only one condition - the parents themselves initiate the discussion and take the lead to talk about it. otherwise, children have no right to insinuate themselves into their parents' monetary affairs.

im curious ...

how well are your parents doing in terms of their finance. do you talk to them about their money?


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May Ong,
I have very difficult (to the point of ridiculous somehow...) pair of parents... and hardly comforting pair of siblings.

I don't really talk about their money, and they always expect me to sacrifice for the business... so no problem, and they expected me last time to even help out without taking pay... LOL~

Shit... I have to makan on empty air... when I was taking girls for movies and such.

Anyway, let me be frank with you... Money is money. Family is family. You can't assume this much... because whose belong to whose? Is that outsiders' decision to make? Would you hence be less evil? Nope.

For me... I'm going to take over the family business... which I readily expect gross intervention if there is a profit and grossly no help. And I don't exactly know how bad or how risky things have become, but I am going to take it, and bear with it.

You can say, my parents could end up as one of the biggest business issue. And I'm already sort of readying myself for being blamed for any failures.

I just want you to know, in this world, who is monster or who is angel... cannot be judged in such a manner? Remember Little B? Just because her husband did everything socially right and was very presentable as a relationship manager doesn't mean he was an angel.

Family matters, when it comes to especially money... just let them be. How can outsiders just point a finger when they are after all... outsiders? LOL~

If I survive the first year well, allow me to open a small restaurant to let you guys and gals have discounted meals and you can discuss happily during meals on my treat for all you want. At least, drinks will be free.

This is life. Be good, but don't expect much...

Just as my continued search for true love... I am a good guy, some will still say I am this I am that and you know... I fvck care.

What needs to be done should be done. If the children needs to plan with their parents' money... this is their internal issue. After all, are you going to be responsible for their losses? No, right? Nor will they thank you for their gains...

May, this is the real world lah... Just because you feel so right doesn't mean it's that right. Fine. I am a super bo-chap... but very mature guy. So we just share thots here. No offence huh~


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i know about the nonsense that go on in family business from personal experience, so family finances is a topic that i feel quite passionate about. of course, im glad to have fellow forummers to exchange views with.

in family business, many people show their worst sides. lazy bums who get salary but never show up for work. certain children who do work but not getting paid for 2 mths, because the parent wants to pay the sibling who likes to complain (but does not work) first. sibling rivalry and jealousy - A thinks that he is better than B, B thinks that he is more hardworking than A. idiotic relatives who emerge from their rat-holes wanting to stick their fingers into the pie.

in my case, the centre of all these nonsense is probably some soft-hearted fool in charge who wants to please everybody and ends up mixing up maudlin concept of family ties with money, and as a result shrinks the pie for all.

yah, scope, i understand the challenges in managing family business. you must be tough because there are many people who want to free-load off you. take care.


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well scope,

your argument to me is severely flawed at the point on Intent. so it'll create unnecessary rebuttals of duck n chicken talk... so better to end it where it is.

if u feel it's totally ok to have designs and plans with your parents' money when they are still alive, kicking n have not signalled any intention that u'll be getting it.. then it's your prerogative.


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If you assume that you as an outsider is fit to gauge and that's not a flaw, any arguement is going to be flawed at the point of intent.

May Ong,

Frankly put... It's going to be tough for many reasons. But life is as such, you just can't order destiny. We can only choose as best as we could... and hack care what other people say...

Because the only people who'd say things which matter to us are friends who will help us to overcome issues... and the rest... they are just clowns hoping to laugh at a show. That's all.

Which is hence, probably because of my exposures in life... I tend to be able to see things from an eagle's eyeview. I gave a quiz, rephased something so easy-looking into something exactly the same nature that gets life and death.

Many things in this world is like this... Whether it is right or wrong, in this case we are really not in the position to assume. Like I said, if the chicks fall to the death, are we going to be responsible? If the monster happens to grow into a beautiful swan and aid society or mankind subsequently, we'd become sinner condemning him or her.

All we can do is to aid; if we cannot aid and his family is contributing, I rather not assume. Besides, it's their parents' money, not ours. We have no role in deciding who is right and who gets what.

It's the same as love-life. Any women who said I am wrong... I simply look at them and say "Fvck off...".

I have designs... but those designs are definitely not for them. LOL~

May, be good ourselves, do what we could... and where possible, don't be our own gods.

Good day. I just watched 'Killers'. Go watch it. I am making a picture of myself with that theme for my blog. LOL~


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not really dude, just that i was referring to planning with parents' money... when it's still very much parents' money. much like planning what to do with your Wife's bonus when it's not even yours nor was there any indication that it's gonna be shared with u.

if u dun see the sense in that, and u're thinking towards scenarios whereby they have signalled their intention to share that money with u... or u assume upon their deaths that u will be getting a large sum of it... then u probably dun possess the moral nor ethical mindset to hold any decent arguments with me in the first place.

i dun assume that i have the right to gauge, but i definitely have any opinion on the portion of the issue i commented on. Pls Do Not take the cowardly stance by using those phrases which are not gonna help like "u're not in my shoes u won't understand" in order to put me at a lower rung. i understand some pple better than they understand themself.

the reason why i didn't want to comment further was the fundamentals of your thoughts - "There is no such thing as your money or your parents' money... because there is hardly instance one can plan on joint expenditure without consultation. And if it is a family, inheritance will have to be taken into accounts."

1stly i was discussing in the Obvious context of planning Without an consults. 2ndly i was not in favour of the planning, in the first place. and even more obviously - i was referring to the act of planning WITH, instead of with one's own devices when parents are still young.

if now, at let's say 27... u are planning to buy a BMW with dad to help u in the downpayment (without consult), if u plan to buy a condo in orchard with unquestioned expectations that they would definitely be helping u pay 20%... then tat's a fcuked up mindset whether or not u give me the "There is no such thing as your money or your parents' money" talk.

being born into your family is a priviledge... dun turn it into a fcuking entitlement along with all the finances and businesses that may come along.


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i think marriage and trust become separate issue here.

kind of funny, i love you but i don't trust you, so you wanna marry me ?



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i would like to add that, there is nothing wrong planning with parents money. NOT all kid behave of what May ong thought. so you think all rich family and kid become a lazy bump? BUMP ? hmm.. where did i heard it somewhere in this forum, but i nearly forgot. even the poor and very educated man can be bump too.

so poor people may understand more what life is far better than the rich ? more hardworking, more responsible, understanding, wise.

no pain no gain thing ?

any envy inssue happend around here ? or someone watch too much drama movie, portrait how rich life is all about ?

i have met a very rich family but lead to a very simple life. a father ride a motorcycle go to work.

don't blame an entire forest just because you have seen couple bad trees, my friend.

Maybe some of you to see, rich is happiness, more fun, more money, can get anything they want.


do you have any idea, what sacrifies that family have to make just to be like this level ? do you think their generation will lead to easy life ?

do you have any idea how many responsible and burdens that rich kid have after their parents DEAD ? do you think have A TON of Asset will be EASY TO MANAGE ?

food for thought.


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quite crap arguments you have.

Yes, there is nothing wrong being rich. And we are not saying poor are more hard working, more responsible or understand or wise..

There are many great rich people just as there are many bad poor people.

The question we are discussing is whether someone's children has a right to plan with parents money?

It may not be wrong in your view but that is simplistic. The parents may not want to leave the money to th children. And you ended up with resentment and disappoint.. on why parents don't give all their wealth to you. Is there anything that is positive to plan on something not yours and not within your control?

What right has a son or daughter to their parents money? None at all.

Bill gates is a very good example. He said he will leave USD 10M each for his children - enough for them to live modestly. The rest of the 50 odd billions will be in his charity funds.


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do you have any idea how many responsible and burdens that rich kid have after their parents DEAD ? do you think have A TON of Asset will be EASY TO MANAGE ?

If you have a ton of asset to give me.. I will be happy to manage for you.


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You are going too personal. There is nothing cowardly when I am as blunt as readily to offend the entire world, to fvck care the entire population of local women.

It's nothing about moral or cowardice. Basic common sense, people do not judge God before they are themselves Gods. Many people yelled to heaven why the fvck heaven has no eyes... when (eg) Wendy Chong chose to be quietly fvcking Jack Neo for 2 years...

Your assessment on such things as money and OTHER people's family matters is actually immoral and inappropriate. No offence, because who are you to judge other people's children and other people money to other people's children?

If the children do need or go the way of the brats to plan with their parents' money which we won't exactly know, that's the consequence of their family situation or their parents' bringing up of their children.

Trying to assume when you are not in the children's shoes or you don't really know the roots of such family matters only make one God/Goddess to himself or herself, which is totally ridiculous.

Can you tell me, do you think it is fair for me to judge you... that you don't even give enough to your parents as... compared to others? Now why should some children bought houses for their parents to appreciate their efforts and you don't do it? Should they hence mock you as losers, or unappreciative or what? It's the same thing.

If you can impose your own judgement on others like that of which are matters so private to that family, something is definitely wrong.


Yup... Many women are like this... Precisely they don't trust you, they want to have legitimate sexual relationship with you... hoping to 'own' you. As if this is really a game of command and conquer.

Fvcking contradictory...

Women. LOL~

And when the marriage goes haywire, those women and their friends will curse men as pigs... But have they ever thought of their own problems?


What right? When the parents brought their children to this world of... mortal junks, it's their choice to give those children the best and the most they could.

What right had the children to refused being delivered?

Women married hoping to have children... You don't bring them into this nosensical world hoping they struggle on their own if you can do more for them.

A parent rather pay the cash to buy cigarettes and the child was starved to death... Now what rights have the child to the parent's money?


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now this has become a right to judge? Kind of ironic and QUOTE Fvcking contradictory UNQUOTE

Linking such extreme actions of parents starving their kids for cigarettes... what a lame justification and terribly flawed arguement?? Are we talking about starving children here? No, we are talking about grown ups fully abled and capable to survive. What right do they have to demand anything from their parents? Its never a right.


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allow me to side-track.

scope's point above about children not having the choice to be given birth to ... ...

so many people in the "Matters of the Heart" forum write about wanting to fight for children's custody. but have these same people ever wondered whether they are even fit to be parents in the first place.

you need to go to driving school to get a licence to drive. but you only need an accident to conceive a child.

why do people put in more thought and planning into getting a degree, buying car, buying insurance, home decoration, wedding dinner, career, or office politics, than in the area of children and child-raising?


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May, because all those you listed are only things and achievement revolving around them.

Where else children and spouse are a separate living entity with their own emotions and thoughts. Significant difference when dealing with a life and human. They will not just sit quietly and nicely according to our will.

Often, the fight for custody has become more childish fights and a way to get back at their partners.


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my point is, Milo, i suspect that most people put in more thought and effort in things and achievements, than they do in terms of conceiving children and raising them, their flesh and blood.


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May, yes. I get your point.

Most people do put in the effort in their marriage and family initially too. But because unlike things that we can hold on to dearly, the family isn't like this. And things don't disappoint us as children and family could. For things, we can just dispose of and move on to something else that we can achieve and get satisfaction from. We look at the eventual outcome and comes to the conclusion, oh.... they didn't put in the effort.

Is that really always the case?


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Scope, tat's the reason why i said i didn't wanna take it further ahead with u... cos u dun understand where i'm coming from. i dun think i have mocked anyone thus far other than thru your perception.

i'm just talking abt the act of planning with parents money before u know it's yours... i think this is as simple as it can get. i dun see how any of your arguments even make sense to what i said... your examples totally dun fit the argument watsoever...

and it's obvious that u've reached the highest potentials of your ability to rebutt when u keep telling me who i am to judge...

this is obviously so talk-cock when u've been the biggest judge around for wat? 2-3wks? so u suddenly turn this on me... shows alot abt yourself doesn't it?

it was never personal... YOU made it personal... read how this whole thing started.


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That act of planning with parents' money before anyone knows is theirs... is still other people's family business, lest they even would consult you. See?

This is their AGM, not ours.

Whose money is that? Whose parents are they? Whose family is that?

At the very least, it's not yours... nor May's as well.

My examples ain't unfit, just think it through.

A parent reportedly prefered investing his money into smoking and depriving his baby enough nutrients and... the baby died.

Sad. It's real. But if the baby does have a choice, should he not plan for what he wants with his parents' money? LOL~

The nature is the same. Condo or milk powder...

Like May said... Many parents have sex, produced children and... their duty is to make sure they grow up and at 18 or 21, they are left on their own... and some even expect their children to feed them. Most parents are individualistic, and children are like God's gifts of burdens... LOL~

Similarly, why are parents planning their lives on their children's money? Monsters? Who are we to judge? Social norms? It's not as if the children can refuse to become babies when their parents fvcked... LOL~

Just because some parents don't live off their children doesn't mean it is wrong or right for the government to even have laws that children must do so for all parents.

You are thinking from a very narrow one-sided way of what most would label as moral. But moral must make sense. You can't just assume it is a must for children's money to be part of the plan for the parents when the parents' money ain't part of the plan for the children.

It's a family, that's their issue. Who are you to judge? See?


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"The nature is the same. Condo or milk powder."

Talking to bird and talking to him is the same. Both talking cock. Man.... I didn't know if parents don't buy condo for their babies they will starve death one.

btw, others marriage, family and finances. Its their issue but this idiot is so ready to "offend the entire world, to fvck care the entire population of local women."
QUOTE The nature is the same UNQUOTE. LOL.

Man.... How much of his brain is utilized to come up with this kind of crap? LOL.

See, bro. I already told you 2 weeks back, when crossed swords with him, u will realize the extend he goes to try to discredit what others has said.


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it is common practice for parents (who are in their 50s) of Gen Y adults to expect their children to support them financially.

many people who grew up in the post-war decades, when our country was still underdeveloped and poor, missed out on education and economic opportunities. this generation of baby boomers struggled to bring up children who are in their 20s and 30s now. so many of them feel a sense of entitlement to their children's money, insisting that now their children have to feed and clothe them.

that this generation of baby boomers has to demand and expect and insist on staking a claim on their children's money, is borne out of difficult circumstance. these parents should be sympathised with and their children should do their best to help.

but i hope as our society grows more affluent, the next generation of parents will plan for their own retirement and stop looking to their children for their every material need. just as i believe that children should not stake a claim on their parents' money, i think it is not right of parents to stake a claim on their children's money. because the children did not ask to be born in the first place!

Gen X and Y adults are the sandwiched class in Singapore, who have to support their elderly parents as well as their children. it is really hard. it must be quite stressful for the average singaporean to live like this.


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May Ong,

It's still a family. So... In a proper healthy family, resources are shared. Most Singaporeans have lost the understanding... But in China, say, in the 90s, a neighborhood of families share even keys to respective homes, and within families, resources are shared among siblings and between parents and children in both directions.

I can understand where Milo and Powder come from. Their world is still about tiny Singapore. Narrow. But... if you really check with the grandfathers' who might still remember how their parents deal with resources of a family from China...

Family is a family. And we are outsiders. Resources have by right no names within a family.

That was, of course, too liberal. But in the modern scene... Parents left children to die, children left parents to die... and we are all talking of moral, but this Moral is more like crooked social norms. LOL~

Too extreme onto another end.

I have some entertainment coming... So have a nice day.


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to cut the long story short, my message is:

pls do not have children if you demand them to supplement your retirement needs. parental love should be unconditional. if you foresee that you cannot be financially independent in your old age and that you want your children to give you 'rebates' for raising them, then you are NOT financially ready to be a parent. pls do not perpetuate your financial burden!


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May Ong,

Then let's have children when most women would be safely said... secured in basic finance by 40years old, when they have enough savings after facials and able to afford a condo for their children, and able to afford toys and education...

You... get what I mean? LOL~

I am not trying to be funny. It's just funny. And who knows if the billionaire father could end up bankrupt the next day? Such things happen all the time...

So... when is the best time to have children?


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scope, i dun know why u start an argument and now come up with the "everything done is everyone's business and nobody has the right to say anything" stance.

so to sum up our conversation in a short way...

Powder: we should not plan with our parents' money when it's not ours.

Scope: who are u to judge if they should or should not plan with their money.

that's basically the summary. u can't take as good as u try to give.


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scope, i do not propose buying a condo for the child. to me, that is extravagance. furthermore, the child should pay for his own family home when he marries. why should a parent be obliged to subsidise his adult son, if the adult son is in normal health?

my personal idea of a financially ready parent is one who can afford to pay for a child's BASIC subsistence and education needs for the next 18 years, with enough to pay for his own retirement needs.

by being financially ready now, it does not mean that he is a millionaire at this present moment in time. it means that he has a healthy savings and insurance now and very importantly, developed practical work or business skills that he is confident can help him make a living in this society for the rest of his economically active years.

of course all of us knows not everything can stay the same forever. i understand what you are saying about millionaire can go bankrupt. but when we make plans and evaluate our current status, it is always with a buffer of probability that things may not eventually work out our way. in other words, after evaluating all relevant factors, if you rate the likelihood that you are financially ready strongly higher than the likelihood that you are not financially ready, then you are eligible to have a child. just because we cannot control everything doesn't mean that we are in no position to plan and determine the course of action to take.

whatever it is, regularly evaluating ourselves and planning is better than not evaluating and planning at all. but not a lot of people believe and practice planning. that is why poor parents often have the highest no. of children and perpetuate their poverty in a vicious cycle.


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Just let the children and parents to their own. Don't say it's wrong, because it ain't right to say it's right either. LOL~

Alright, I have been interacting with many cultures from Middle east to Russian to Chinese and the exotic tribes... plus Singapore. Perhaps that's why I am too outlandish when the point I see things come actually from a whole mix of my exposures in life.

I knew for years before news report of tribes where beautiful women's breasts should be squeezed by us men when we meet them to be polite... like saying 'Hi'. Some other tribes' women are like having their breasts available for squeezing during certain festivals.


Let's just say that I am not going to judge. In that family, money or breast... If I have to squeeze a woman's breast so that I'd appear friendly, who's to judge me?

So what in Singapore if I even touch somebody's breast, I'd certainly got reported for molest. LOL~ See? Every situation is unique, just don't be our own God. It's not the exact issue, it's about our attitude and mentality exercised in such nature of issues.

Humans... human behavior... I am not going to say he is monster, he takes parent's money... But people may not see that he also contributes in other ways for free to worth the money. See?

Some parents bo-chap their children's upbringing and make them strong, and ends up telling society their children grow up not filial to them and won't feed them.


I really got to go. See ya.


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Hi May Ong,

Frankly speaking... The poverty cycle won't be removed or increased in propensity with more or less children. Who knows, if more babies mean more chances of you being the parents of the next Lee Kuan Yew...

The reality is, poverty cycle is very much due to the society and the government's handling of the population. I don't understand why in a proper and healthy society that if you have ten babies and others would just walk by and refuse to aid you.

But of course, in reality... This society is crap. You can see how huge effort I am trying to make issues clear to our Milo and Powder.

I can only say... if you love somebody, you have great sex, and both lovingly have many babies, and with love they bring up the beautiful children... they share resources among themselves selflessly...

When is the best time? The above scenario is the best scenario. But as both would be, there is no such thing as really best family, best timing...

My Dad had us 3 when he was poor... Then he has everything. And me... I may be taking over, but when I need help... I'd have no children to stand in when I am sick, to be there when I have to be away...

See, May?

What we can do is to be as good as possible, and aid as much as possible. As for the best of the OTHERs... We ain't Gods and Goddess. Just don't aid demons... and any time any place will be a good time and good place for a new baby to arrive in this world.

Otherwise... LOL~

We man will just make a hell here. I am sooooo late. Ciao.


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changing the flavour with the above examples doesn't really work for me... just to let u know. being well-travelled is supposed to expose u to other cultures, not justify your ideas in the local context... and u mentioned middle east, and tribes... i think it doesn't make for good foundation in a city like spore.

i've travelled abit as well, not the Tour types... i would think that despite tat exposure, we have to be relevant in the local context on what works, what doesn't, and what it should be.

else what different are u from those who lament that in spore, cars are too expensive, houses are too expensive etc? what different would u be from those who talk wonders of scandinavian welfare/benefits but leave out the part on the high taxes they pay which is more than double of ours, to achieve that?

so seriously... though well-travelled, your arguments are not focal nor practical to the context of the country which u're arguing about.

so thank u very much, but u dun hold water this time round.


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is that how u do it? constantly throwing things into grey with the rhetorics?

be responsible, put in a full argument.

Powder: we should not talk abt car prices as compared with other countries cos it's not gonna change the prices here, we have a different setup altogether. and we have decent transport with minimal walking required...

Scope: being in spore does not mean we cannot talk abt other country's car prices. it does not mean spore is right either.

your idea of talking is not only idle, but achieves nothing. u will not rally for change, u will not put your foot down for change... u're not even willing to change yourself, so i think u dun need to keep talking abt change and revolutions.


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Just got back.

Look. The one who's going to stick to local's is you, not me.

Besides, if you travel you should have made a... concious upgrades to your thinking. Don't be like another narrow-minded Singaporean who has been mostly stuck within this tiny island or be another tourist hiding in hotels or condo... I find local's mentality and attitude pretty appalling myself. Fine, I stayed in private areas overseas as well.

I am here to share a basis of how I see things; as I travelled and met strangers, we placed on the table our views, shared and that was it. IF even he went back to middle east and continued to rape is not my problem.

What I am saying is very simple. Don't try to be impose your own judgement upon that someone's private life since he or she doesn't really need your 'help' in labelling, especially on how he or she plans the money.

And this world is just about greyish. All I know is I stick to my path, be good where possible, and fvck care the rest. LOL~

Perhaps one day you'd understand what I am driving at.


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"What I am saying is very simple. Don't try to be impose your own judgement upon that someone's private life since he or she doesn't really need your 'help' in labelling, especially on how he or she plans the money."

1) erm... whose life am i imposing on? why isit that i have targetted someone, whilst for u - u are merely sharing?

2) the last part where u said "on how he or she plans the money." - Precisely! u use "the", all i'm saying is that we should be using our own money, not "the money", not "parents' money".

i wonder how u can meet strangers and share views with so much faith n trust that their view represents the overall perception of their respective cultures... even within a country, different states or provinces can have very different mindset. a redneck or hillbilly does not represent the mindset of a new yorker nor vice versa.

end of the day u're discussing in local context, if the best u can do is to keep tapping on your overseas encounter, particularly the middle east (which again isn't 1 country)... to back your views and make it sound worldly, then u're better off just being yourself.

telling me the world is greyish, DOES NOT address u throwing things into grey. it is TWO different things... i have no idea who u trying to kid here, perhaps u've been dealing with interlectually inapt pple to think u can get away with turning a statement into grey, by talking abt the world being grey...

it's funny how u can place views on the table with strangers from middle east, and over here u can start making accusations when i merely state that we should not plan with money that is not ours. how abt just addressing this bit above, instead of going round in circles with your travelling? if u've realised that u've barked up the wrong tree, then just say a simple sorry n end it there...

the travelling portion u share works on girls and the less-travelled, but dun assume everyone is ill-exposed. i was walking down the streets of la salina, and joining in mardi gras in bourbon street at 17... i dun even think that qualifies me to talk venezuela and their culture, nor americans. it's just about taking in Life in new perspectives. i have yet to visit any country where pple SHOULD logically/justifiably plan with their parents' money when it's not even theirs. is that something they do in the middle east? cos i would believe it's common ethics to Ask for money from pple who own it other than yourself, than just to help yourself to it as children...


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You still don't get it.

Fine. I don't expect Singaporeans to think that much either. ^.^

Perhaps you'd understand what I am driving at later on in life.


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tat's a pretty childish way to mask your inadequacies, by referring me to pick up some knowledge in some near future which u're implying that u possess and i dun.

what i dun get, is how u think u can actually get away being condescending, when u're acting like the 5yr-old kid who just declared to the world that u just met Spiderman and he's real.

dun engage me if u do not possess the mental capability to follow thru on your thinly-veiled wisdom. i already told u it won't work on me.

unfortunately, u're very unlikely to understand wat i'm driving at later on in life, becos i never needed to drive at anything - i was straightforward and didn't need to hint hint n drive at things... and Pretend that i know something u dun know. it's either u know or u dun... no need to put on a show to mislead others into thinking u know. btw, i speak to locals in the middle-east n china everyday...

so tell me, after all the mingling on your travels... which country/culture do u specifically know, recognises living parents' money - as Your rightful money to spend n plan with in early adulthood? there's around 195 countries in the world, just give me 3 countries will do, tks. (erm, obviously u must have travelled to those countries or spoken to them extensively)

afterall, u implied that your travels seem to have backed u up in your arguments, when u decided to engage me. i'm just trying to prove that it's from your cross-culture mingling and not in fact your own views. which u blatantly backed-up with - by citing your cross-culture travels.


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that was the answer i expected from u... it's the only option that pple who have nothing to rebutt would take to try to preserve some form of dignity.

anyway u dun have to retreat by stating the obvious, u never had any grounds in the first place, but just trying your luck to bite more than u can chew. won't say i'm mature, but u're definitely childish to be going round in circles when your shallow weak arguments have been exposed to be nothing more than hot air in an attempt to flatter yourself, and deceive pple into giving u more regard than u are worth.

i certainly hope u're not gonna start wiki-ing info to answer me later and pretend Again that u actually know wat u're talking abt, and just chose to 'give in' to me when u had no ammunition watsoever in the first place.

the LOL doesn't cover your embarassment other than some self-assurance u're giving yourself. u're too far up your own inconsequential victories to realise u've done nothing more than walked 5 steps and thought u've walked for 5yrs... all u've actually done is walk amongst the weak to look deceivingly strong.


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Look, I have already made the case proper, and you have insisted to be your own God. Just read, and it's not hard to understand.

Why do I need to go on and on with nosense with you? See?

You are just becoming so personal, and yet you accused me of being personal. LOL~

So I might as well let you go on saying that I am embarassed and such... You think I even care?

Powder, admit it... You are just childish. Who has been talking about winning arguments or victory? Read it. You are the one who tried painting things as 'cowardice' and went on and accused me of being this being that...

To me, it's all too childish, and I have already put it again and again. If you insist you are right, go ahead. But in my view, only sissies can't take it... Just because you have thinking-incapability doesn't mean you are right.

I have to repeat again. It doesn't matter whose money the children in OTHER people's family is planning, don't play God on them as your have played God declaring your own victory here... when I don't even want to bother to argue with you.

See? Who is embarassing who??? LOL~

I don't need to give myself self-assurance. For fvck? I am sharing my views, I am doing exactly what I am sharing here. I don't even bother to offend those crazy local women, you think I even care about re-assurance of myself just because of you???

Powder, get real. You're nobody to me.

Grow up. So what you 'win'? So what I 'win'?

Do you get what I am trying to say? If not, I have to ignore you and let you go round and round and round defaming me for all I care.


Of course I know what I am talking about. The problem is, you failed to know what I am talking about, and you are really pretending to know what I am talking about, and you are pushing your luck trying to conclude about what I am talking about... assuming 'you are Me'...

And you are not me. And you don't know what I am talking about. And you think you 'win'. LOL~

Well... No matter how ridiculous it may be... Go on and embarass yourself. It's like telling the Spanish teacher his Spanish lesson is wrong when you don't even understand Spanish. See?


So, can you at least understand this part of what I am saying? If not... that's your problem. LOL~ You asked for it. You got it.


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nice try... u just reflected your whole motivation and purpose with that last post.. everything u're saying abt me is precisely what u're doing n have done. this post is just a desperate attempt... u answered nothing, rebutted nothing, but just trying to make it sound like u did. so which 3 country? 3 out of 195 which u can't even summon when u dare call upon n deceive pple with your worldly views using just some crap middle-eastern exposure. oh pls...

dun try to subconsciously input one's mind by comparing yourself with a spanish teacher when u're not even close. your antics dun work all the time.

pls ignore me instead of giving me the little kid "or else i dun fren u" ultimatums. u're just bouncing off my rebuttals instead of having your own creativity in answering... skirting the issue in such a lame manner yet thinking u've done well.

"I have to repeat again. It doesn't matter whose money the children in OTHER people's family is planning, don't play God on them as your have played God declaring your own victory here... when I don't even want to bother to argue with you."
- Bullocks, absolute bullocks... ludicrous and totally foolish statement. pls Find n quote from my posts in this thread to show that i have indeed played God.

as for the victory, it reflects how u think as u post... u seem to think there's some prize here. my only motivation is to expose how shallow u are after u try to engage me with your silly accusations... u better read the posts again to know where u went making the wrong assumptions.

typical young kid who is wet behind the ears and thinks he knows alot... u've only ever been a son. u've not even crossed over to the role of husband nor father, so pls stop bullshittin thru your teeth.

your LOLs make u look even dumber, pretending to know things u do not have the depth to grasp.


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LOL~ I think I have to ignore you.

I have been reading about your views across the topics... Hmmm... I don't think you'd change. So I'd have to ignore you alongside with Milo, just as you wish.

If you can't prove yourself worthy for my attention, so be it. BTW, my LOLs represents the time when I was laughing.

Look, if you want to go on behaving like a childish, you can go on. Don't come tell me you travelled this much and this is the best you can show me.

Yeah yeah yeah, this is what you expect I'd reply bla bla bla bla... Go ahead and be God for all you want. Your stance and your 'judgements' with no basis and what you wrote... can't you just read? I have made my stance clear here for everyone, not just you. If you insist on being so silly, that's your choice. LOL~

You are just being combative all for nothing. And till this far, you have no proper solid explanation to justify the puny moral or your one-line sentiment of this topic. Is this how you... engaged other cultures?

Did that make you feel good?

Anyway, in real, I can make you eat your own words. But frankly speaking, just to remind you, Powder... You are just an avatar to me.

The one who should think there is a prize here is you. You are the one who was talking about victor and such, calling me view cowardly and so on, and tell me you were not personal.

Hey, Powder... Are you crazy?

You had your chance. So be it, you shalt be ignored as you so wish.


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somehow or rather the discussions on this topic seem to have deviated from its original intent.

powder, milo your breath.


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tat's so lame... u directed the whole movie n u pushed it in my direction and make all the blatant accusations.

actually all u need to do is...

1) quote me... copy n paste the statements u are saying i have made.

2) give me 3 coutries which u have travelled to and mingled, which gives opposing views.

since u're unable to, why are u barking?

for someone who keeps talking abt the real world and how we're all just avatars, u seem very determined to cover your ass n lies in a forum.

u should go back to the middle-east, chase women with stories of your exotic travels. this thread has gone beyond your league.


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appreciate it tommy, won't need to save my breath on this one... easily exposed, u just enjoy getting entertained whilst this fella attempts to bluff his way out... this is the typical fella who made his way thru life being a cow amongst sheeps and actually thinks he's a tiger. u will notice him moo-ing away and insisting that he is roaring...

he is now trying to convince sheeps after someone pointed at his udder. tat's why he is mooing and insisting that he is roaring.

if we are all avatars, why is he mooing so hard?


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hi scope,

it's not so much about judging and such, nor it is sufficiently in-depth and elaborative when citing different cultures or squeezing women's breasts. i would think it's not the main crux here as we are leaning towards the kind of mentality that one possesses - towards building own finances.

it doesn't speak well for an individual's character and mindset if he/she just sits around and do nothing - but to wait for an inheritance from the presumably healthy parents (at late 40s, early 50s).

again for me, it doesn't bode well for the potential returns of the inheritance - if this individual has this mentality from the get-go.

i would like to add that it is not as simple as "the family's money", so to speak, but is a matter of one's attitude towards wealth creation - it feels sort of like Bumming whilst waiting solely for parents' money and planning in advance with it - regardless of consultation or not.