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7 Sept: we had a wedding in Shangri La Sentosa and it was a painful and problematic experience.

We booked Barnacles by the Sea event room on 28 Oct 2018 and was assigned a hotel coordinator.

Throughout the months leading to our wedding, we had only a handful of questions on the floor plan and menus. However, we had to follow up with Shangri La Sentosa >10 times over emails and phones. Our emails were very concise, color coded and with clear bullet points, however the hotel coordinator would miss out requests and attachments each time. (Eg, miss out attaching floor plans, food tasting entry letter, many errors in the BEO invoice, and more)

Few days before the wedding, I had communicated with Shangri La Sentosa on the timeline and arrangements in a clear excel sheet and color coded so it’s easier to identify which tasks are the hotel’s ownership. Alas, Shangri La Sentosa did not provide the basic requested items such as cushions for our tea ceremony or menus on all tables during our dinner banquet!

As part of the wedding, We also booked 9 hotel rooms for our overseas guests which Shangri La Sentosa offered to us a higher price than the online rate. It was fortunate that we had checked this on our own and sent a screenshot to get a better adjusted rate

The day after the wedding (Sep 8), we paid all remaining items as calculated and provided by the hotel staff during check out.

What we thought was over was not meant to be. 10 days after the wedding (Sep 17), Shangri La Sentosa sends us a WhatsApp message with devastating news that they are going to charge us an additional ~ $10k. Shangri La Sentosa had made a mistake in the final calculation and they had sent us a photo with post-its and scribbles indicating the difference. We had to ask for the reason on the extra charges and a decent invoice to understand the rational for this.

The purpose of us sharing this story is to warn you the risk if you book your weddings with Shangri La Sentosa.