Shanghai & Beijing shopping


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Anyone has good tips for shopping in shanghai and beijing? First time there and limited time becos this is a short biz trip...


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Hi Keann

For Shanghai, u can visit Xin Tian Di (pubbing and coffee time area). There's this restaurant serving Shanghainese food, nice but cant rmbr the name offhand.

Qi Pu Lu is another dest tat u shldnt miss! Wholesale centre for clothing, shoes, bags n accessories. Nanjing Lu is the sg Orchard Rd alike. Major shopping centres are found there. Ren Ming Guan Chang, Jing An Shi, Huai Hai Lu are oso shopping areas.

If u are into faked branded gds, can take the metro line to Shanghai Keji Guan station. Shld be within walking distance according to wat my Shanghai frenz told me when I was there.

Hope the info is useful to u.


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it is within the 上海科技馆station.

the other one u can consider is æ·˜å®åŸŽalong å—京西路and西è—å—è·¯


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Both 上海科技馆station and æ·˜å®åŸŽ sell the same stuff. They're mostly the vendors fr the previous xiangyang mkt.

For 7pu, try to get someone familiar w the ground to bring u ard, otherwise always remember to bargain. Else chances of being ketok v high.

You may like to try é™å®‰å°äº­, it's rite behind ä¹…å…‰ at jingan temple there. It's a smaller version n less messy version of 7pu.


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twinkle stars

smurfying is right ... 上海科技馆station and æ·˜å®åŸŽ are from previous xiangyang. You can slash abt 2/3 or slight more of their first offer price.

As for 7pu, it's a wholesale retail, actually their local dun even go, majority are retailers and shop owners take stock from there.

I was there for 2 weeks over the june ... one thing for sure, bargain with them in english ... dun ever use chinese... bc we tried and realise english garner more discount... hahahaha


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is Nov or Dec a better time to visit Shanghai? how's the weather like? wet n cold?
is it better/ cheaper to F&E or join tour to visit Shanghai? any websites to recommend to get more info on SH?


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Ur are rite! 7pu needs alot of bargaining power. Price differs alot between the local n tourist.


Not vy sure abt Nov but Dec and Jan is definitely cold. I was there in Jan. Freezing cold especially at nite.

Actually its not difficult to explore Shanghai if u hv a map and guide book with u. So if u prefer more flexibility, I guess F&E will be a better choice but more ex since the cheapest air ticket is alr ard 600+ after tax.


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HOnestly there's nothing much to tour abt in SHA. And if u've done sufficient research and those who chiong shopping, u dun need any guided tour. F&E u've more flexibility and u can avoid those touting tours which bring u to those touristy places n such.

Nov is great weather to come (peeps start to wear trench). Oct is the time when weather is turning cool... Avoid Dec n Jan unless u dun mind those bone piercing kind of coldness...

Back to 7pu, u can find lotsa bargains there...loads of female clothings and accessories, bags etc. I recently brought a gf there, she went back to sg happily with 10 bags, more than 10 necklaces, and countless earrings (ard 10rmb each)...


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A note for you gals who intend to shop end of the year, it's mostly winter stuff. Hardly any summer stuff they're selling. Think about whether they'll be useful for Singapore weather, eh?

The Host of the Event: I am not too sure if speaking english will garner more discount. It depends from store to store. I guess the key here is to be ruthless. If you can't get the price you want, walk on, I'm sure they'll rpeat somewhere along later. My friend and I tried Hokkien once and they thought we were from Fujian Province (own people). So they gave us very good rate. However, don't try cantonese, they may just think you're from HK.


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is 5 days enough to cover shanghai?what are the places to visit and shop?what are the must buy in shanghai?


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The no. 1 shopping district in Beijing is Wangfujing which is something similar to the "Orchard Road" in Singapore.
Besides the usual well known international and local brands to shop for, Wangfujing also has a great night market with cheap and delicious local street snacks.

As for Shanghai, the top shopping areas will be Nanjing Road and Lujiazui district which are just beside the famous Shanghai Bund.
In Nanjing Road, you can find the longest pedestrian shopping street in the world (5.5km) where most of the top local and international brands set up flagship shops.
And for Lujiazui, you can find the renowned Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the popular shopping mall Super Brand Mall (frequented by many locals and tourists).


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CS Travel Shanghai Tour abt S$600 for 8D7N. Departing 19-26Sept
Trying to get 2 more pax for the firm tour


Hey sarah, what shipping company are you using? I'm using vpost,is super expensive,so even though the items in taobao is very cheap o can't buy Much.Mine.intro your shipping company?