Sg Bridal Hse VS Fables Bridal Couture


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Hi Valerie,

I¡¯m a satisfied customer of SG Bridal House. My AD is over and has received a lot of good comments from my relatives and friends on my album and gowns. SG Bridal has provided excellent service and their photographers are very professional. Thumbs up for their services and photos. You may view my photos @


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Hi Gladys,
YOur album really good.Never regret to sign up with SG.In fact,I had signed up SG also.Do you mind to share with me ur package and any additional surcharge for the album?

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o gosh glagys.. ur photos are awesome! can share the package details and price? wanna sign up with em too.. also their makeup artist can come over to sg on actual day? my email is [email protected]
me too me too!! Can share with me your package details and pricing? [email protected] Do you have any idea whether how much are they charging for AD photo and videography if need to come to Singapore? Thanks~


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Hi Esthee, Angie, Ching Ching & yulei,

Thanks for your compliments!
You're got mail!


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Hi Gladys, like your photos and you look beautiful ;)
Do you mind sharing your package with me? [email protected]
Im going to JB on 22nd Feb to have a look and see which BS I want to use for my PS
Thanks and have a nice day


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hi gladys,
saw ur pics is beautiful.. partly becos u photogenic.. erything fit nicely i guess. hehehe! Can you share the details with me. im pondering which BS to go. Malaysia or Sg.... Thanks!
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I am really impressed by your makeup & pics. I am considering taking up a package from JB & would appreciate if you could send me your package prices. Btw, was you mua from sg bridal?
Hello Gladys,

I am really impressed by the photos. Can you please forward your package to me? BTW, how much do they charge for engaging their MUA to Singapore? Lastly, how much top up fees would they request for MTM WG & EG? Thanks in advance for your help!