Sending of Wedding cards on 'Hungry Ghost Month'?


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My wedding is on 2nd week of Sep 03.
However, my wife insists that we can only distribute card after 'Hungry Ghost Month' is over? She said nobody send invitation card this month.

My opinion is it will be too rush to send at end of August 03. This is becos we still need RVSP from guest.

Always quarrel with her when bring up this topic. Find that she is too stubborn and superstitious (although she claims that it is good for us).

Has anyone face the same delimna as me? How do you convince your partner?

Plse advice.



sep 2


i hv a couple of frenz whose weddin in the 8th mth ( lunar calendar )n they had sent out their invitation b4 the 7th mth commences...
perhaps u can call up ur guests 2 rsvp durin this mth n sent out the cards once the 8th mth commences...
tat will save u some time from hvin 2 rsvp when ur guests receive ur cards...
juz my thots...


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hi, my wedding is oso on 2nd wk of sep. myself is not superstitious so do my fh.

but his mother is. so quickly we rush for the hotel cards to be ready so tt she can send out.

my mother oso sent half of the cards already. left only those whom she think will not mind receiving in the 7th mth or after 7th mth cos she has already informed them the date way beforehand.

we're going to send our own designed cards for printing next week. but last week, i've already sent out a "save the date" email to all pple i want to invite.


Hi desperate,

My wedding was in Sept too and hubby & i actually make plans to send the cards out after the 7th month.

It is always better not to do any wedding related stuff in the 7th month. Its always better to listen to elders than to blame on someone should any bad things happens later.

Now that the 7th month has started, still feel that it would be better to send after the 7th month.

Like what Sep 2 mentioned, you can call them up to ask them and confirm their attendance. After that, try to distribute the cards personally (for friends and colleagues and relatives) so that they would be able to receive the cards faster. Then call them two days later and reconfirm with them on the attendance.


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HI gals
my wedding's end aug, n i did distribute most of my cards b4 the 7th mth... but due 2 miscalculation, i underestimated the no of guests.... hence i had 2 reorder some cards....
hence my close frds ( who aren't pan tang ) will get the invites during the 7th mth...


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Hi ladies,

Im also having this problem but mine is ROM solemnisation, my invites card are already done and is printing now. My FH told me that not so good to distribute card during the 7th month but my ROM is first week of sept, if we give out after the 7th month, its too late liao, we did not oversee this problem because we neglect the 7th month lor.. sigh.. what should i do now..

My FH suggest that we give out after the 15th, hope that my friends they dun mind...


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my wedding is also 2nd week september, and i had rsvp printed for aug 15 before i realise i cant make it before 7th month. FH & myself are not pan-tang, but still tried to "damage control".

my invites were only ready on the nite before 7th month! i quick quick delivered them to my grandma's and his mother's house before midnight. what they'll do, is to spread the word, but only give out the invites after the month. i will prob. call them to rsvp soon.

for my frens, im sending theirs today.

at the end of the day, if u really pan-tang, then the invite is just a courtesy, coz u definitely hv to get hold of them in this month to rsvp.

just curious

why cant we send card during 7th month? what kind of "bad" thing will happens?


Well, jus superitious, but pple say if u send on 7th month, u also invite the "good brothers" to ur wedding! Dun noe if this is correct reasoning or not...

Anyway, i think like some say, maybe try after 15th.... if not call ur friends first....


Hi female,

Me wedding in mid sep oso, sending out the invitation cards on lunar 8th mth on the 1st or 2nd day.

When's ur actual day?


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Hi All,

My wedding is on 2nd week of September. Here is what I have did before the cards were printed.

Before cards printed :
a) Checked with friends and colleagues on whether are they able to make it to the wedding thru' phone. From there you will estimated how much you needs to order for the cards.

When cards are being printed :
a) Spend some time in writing their names neatly on the cards, in this case, I spent almost two weeks.
b) Select a day to distribute the cards together to all colleagues and close friends. Except for relatives just listen to the parents. Relatives distribute after seventh month. In my case, I have passed the cards to most of my friends and colleagues personally. I have invited some out for tea, into passing them the cards. I don't believe in sending the cards by mails, unless it is overseas friends. On the other hand, a mail were sent also to the friends/colleagues into asking them to RSVP before certain date. So far, I have received reply from some confirming their attendance after they have received the cards.

It's always better for us to talk to them personally.
What is your date in September? mine in 17 Sep.


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my wedding was the 2nd week of sep last year.

for my in-laws' relatives, we sent out our wedding invites in end july/early aug just before the hungry ghost festival.

for our firends, we sent it out just before or some during the 1st week of 7th mth. most of our friends are not superstitious.

for my parents' relatives, my mom called them up to tell them our wedding date to 'book' them and to let them know that the guo da li was 1 wk before the wedding. our relatives came to my mom's place for the guo da li and collected their invitation cards & their share of the cakes & stuff at the same time.


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hi sp,

mine's sept 13. seems like most of us did similar things: "chop" the relatives 1st, call for rsvp, then give the cards after the month. for frens, give during the month also can. but i more lazy, sent by mail to most. desperate, hope u solved ur dilema now.

SP, shall we revive the sept 03 brides thread? everyone's pretty busy these days preparing!

cards in progress.....


Just wana check.. there's no-no to sending out of invitation cards during 7th month... how about making/prepration/printing of invitation cards during 7th month if its only solemnization and send out after 7th month?

Please advise... Thanks!