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Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by J_J_J, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. J_J_J

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    Hi all.

    I'm in a 2.5 years relationship and has ended things one month ago. Now i have regretted my decision.. :( it's true that I've been thinking of breaking up lately and he's aware of it. I needed more time to think and told him that we will discuss this after our exams. We are busy individuals who has to cope between work and school too. Gradually, our communication gets lesser and lesser. Same for our meet ups too. Break up was initiated by me over the phone and he agreed.. (he still has one last paper to go and mine starting in 1 weeks time) i regretted after as break up was never my true intention. I'm pretty sure that my negative emotions fucked me up so damn badly and now he's gone to a point of no return.

    During this 2.5 years, break up was mentioned countless times. He confessed that he would have wanted to end things after 1 year but because of love, he decided to try and work things out. Anyway after break up, I texted him non-stop asking for chance, to meet and etc. Recently, I went crazy and overdid it by spamming messages and calls. So guess what? He blocked me on Whatsapp and normal calls. He will only unblock me when he thinks the time is right. The last time i met him, he said he has no more feelings for me and would want me to move on. In addition, he said we are not meant for one another. No matter what i do, we won't be getting back together.

    People, i still love this guy. What should i do....

  2. J_J_J

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    kind souls, please reply?
  3. Sillywomen

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    He might have someone else in his life.
    So maybe u also move on
  4. J_J_J

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    errr why do you said so? i don't think that is the reason though. if he really has, he wouldn't suggested to meet me right after his paper and that was before the break up, SIGH.
  5. Sillywomen

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    'The last time i met him, he said he has no more feelings for me and would want me to move on. In addition, he said we are not meant for one another. No matter what i do, we won't be getting back together. "

    Look closely here. These are hints in what he say
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    I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years. The second day we broke up officially (after like so many times of attempted break up) i immediately felt regret and wanted to get back with him (very similar to what you’re dealing with now). But i realised that those feelings were not love but fear, because suddenly my life is without him and it felt strange and unfamiliar. Suddenly i had no one to say good morning or share the happy moments with.

    What i did was write down all the things that made us incompatible and resulted in the breakup. Once you clear that up, you will be able to see why logically you shouldnt get back with this guy. Don’t make decisions when you’re clouded with emotions!

    It’s been 3 years now. And im much happier today. I do think about the times we had but i’m very clear that missing the romantic moments is not love at all. Take heart!
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    I agree with Sillywomen that he might have someone else already. What you had described is similar to my ex bf. after we broke up, he still suggest to meet me before my exam papers. He even offered to help me download stuff back then.

    Back then, it gave me hopes and I started engaging him more often which he gradually avoided. Some time later through social media, I realised he already had someone in his life and all he wants was to maintain a simple friendship.
  8. arsenal_84

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    sometimes not all rs can go back to being friends so i would suggest to take a clean cut so that one can move on with his/her life asap cause no point dwelling on someone who is not meant to be.

    is not going to be easy and could take quite a while but once the hurt slowly fades, you will feel better.
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