Sembawang Green BTO sep 06


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I got that guy namecard..probably I'll do a check with the registry of companies and c if the company is legitimate or not..haha..


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so its an external water purifier? is it like those diamond brand that type?
Then i think you guys can prob find other brands


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hi anyone happen to have jimmy starhub guy num?the guy who went round our few blks last year.i need to renew my contract with him but lost his contact thks


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I was on leave at home & saw many small flying insects scattering near my kitchen window and many crawling out of the living window sill when i sprayed insecticide.

I called the town council & they sent pest control to my house. Don't know where on earth these insects come from, the pest control guys also nvr see these insects b4. What they can do is to spray some insecticide and ask us to observe.

Really need to be more alert when u see these creatures, if not they'll build nest & settle under the same roof as us. Really feel helpless when i see these insects flying around...they jus come in w/o you realising it.


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Anybody encounter foul smell coming from ur sink pipe, with slow drainage which looks like choke? I tried taking out the sink pipe and spray with water, oso run with hot water to try clearing the smell an choke, but till now still having the same problem.

Any advice?