Selling: TWC Wedding Package


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Hi All,

Due to changes of plans, I’m selling my wedding package from Thomson Wedding Collection (valid till Feb 2024)

For Her
- 1x Bridal Gown Rental (inclusive of all international brand gowns)

- 1x Actual Day Bridal Hand Bouquet
- 2x Corsages For Him
- 4x Corsages For Her and His Parents

Bridal Car Decor
- 1x for Bridal Car
- 2x for following car ribbons

Actual Day Photography
- 8 hours of actual day photography

Make up
- 2x actual day make up and hair do
- 1x make up trial

Fathers’ Jacket
-2x fathers’ jackets

TOTAL: $3,888 + 7%GST

I’ve already paid a deposit of $2080. Selling this package for 3,788 + 7%GST (I’m selling at a loss )

Please leave a note on this thread or email me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks!