Selling Princess Style A-Line White Wedding Gown (Comes with Can-Can and Veil) At $90


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Hi everyone, I'm selling a white princess-style wedding gown that I wore for only 1hour during my recent pre-wedding shoot. This is an A line dress so it's suitable for all body types. I'm letting it go at a low price of $90, together with a can-can and veil that I haven't used at all. It hasn't been dry cleaned after the shoot but it is still in excellent condition. The gown has simple flowers and sequins stitched on and the bottom is tulle with very subtle sparkles. The dress still looks quite new (definitely newer than most of the rental you can find at bridal studios).



As this is a corset tie-back, it can suit various sizes, depending on how tightly you tie the back. Measurements are as follows:

Chest: 30 to 32.5 inches
Waist: 26 to 29 inches
Hips: 32 to 39 inches
Length (from bustier to bottom): 55 inches/140cm [suitable for brides between 1.58m to 1.72m. As a reference I'm 1.65m tall and was wearing flats in the photos]

So, it's $90 for a slightly used white princess style wedding gown with subtle sparkles, a can-can and veil! This gown has no train which is why I am not wearing it for my AD. Do pm me if you are interested in this. Thanks!