Selling new and used Wedding gowns and Kua


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Hi BTBs,

I'm hoping to sell the following gowns at a low price to make some space. Some are new and the used ones have been worn for less than 2hrs during my customary wedding which took place in Sep 2019.

For your reference, I'm a UK4/6, 157cm tall, 42kg & I was wearing a 10cm high heels

Feel free to contact me at 9187 7703 for more info. Happy to arrange for trying!

Red traditional gown - Used, $100

Wore this for less than an hr for tea ceremony. It comes with adjustable strap & zipper.

White wedding gown - $100

Bespoke gown made during my China trip. Worn for less than 2hrs. There's some dirt at the train of the gown, dry cleaning will work the magic!

White wedding gown - $50
Brand new, off shoulder. Comes with adjustable strap 19EA814E-3AE3-40A3-A9C9-7F28D829FCEF.jpeg344EEAFD-7401-4C89-8B38-B66EDBCE672C.jpeg

Turquoise evening gown - $50
Brand new, tried once

Traditional kua - $50