Selling Jann Paul diamond ring with trade in value from House of Hung

Discussion in 'Others' started by calyx, Oct 12, 2019 at 3:56 PM.

  1. calyx

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    I’m selling my JannPaul diamond ring of slightly over 1 carat which purchased price was about S$15k (round brilliant, Color E, vs2, excellent cut). As Jann Paul’s diamond has life-time trade in value (with some deductions) you can get from me at cheaper price and trade In my ring to get a new diamond of your choice. New value has to be of higher value than $15k. I can give you guaranteed savings of at least $1,500 on your new ring purchased at JannPaul. Willing to bring my receipt personally for verification and trade in at the shop. For More info, pls pm me. Thks.

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