Selling house yourself without agent?


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Has anyone here sell the house yourself without engaging an agent? If yes, I would appreciate that you share with me your experience, pros and cons. Would it be difficult? Thanks a million.


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not difficult at all.

all info on hdb web site. just read through. there is hdb hotline so anytime you have any enquiries, just call their hotline

valuation can submit on line through hdb web site. advertise on straits times Saturday

one thing to note: you need a witness around when you & your buyer sign on the OTP. usually agent act as witness but if you are not paying buyer's agent, then have your own witness ready so that buyer's agent cannot use that excuse to charge you commission

I sell & buy my house. zero commission to agents. My house sell above valuation. If your house in good location, sure can sell good price, nothing to do with 'good' agent


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hi hippo, did the buyer of your house also do it without an agent? I've heard of some buyer's agent forcing the seller to also use them as agents for the sell side as well. Some unscrupulous agents.


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yes, my buyer has an agent. I didn't pay him commission. He didn't insist, he just want to close the deal. still get his 1% from his buyer.

his buyer nearly bought another unit through another agent, so the agent is more eager to close the deal than you are

As a seller, you can be honestly upfront with any agents who called you (after seeing your advert) that you do not pay commission. they can choose whether to still bring their buyers.

When I bought my current house, seller also had an agent.

I felt that the seller's agent didn't represent me. unless he can help me to get a good price, then probably that justify his commission. But I'm already paying above valuation when i bought the house.

It's the seller who negotiate directly with us when we all sit down to talk. When both parties agreed on price, agent then take out OTP to fill up the form. I have OTP form too, easily available from any HDB office

I brought a witness along on that day so I didn't pay seller's agent commission either. He is also eager to close, won't reject your offer even if no commission


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Hi hippo2002;

Thanks. I just attended the HDB seminar and you are right, it does not look difficult. Will do it on our own with no agent. Thanks very much with the information and it is very helpful.

hippo2002 is right to say that you are not obligated to pay the other party’s agent commission. This is because you did not engage him/her and thus they don’t represent you. If the agent (the other party) insisted that it is the regulation, don’t be fool by them. This issue has been reported in the newspaper and confirmed by HDB.


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can i know, if one buy flat without any housing agent, do we need to fill up any form for submission or is it just the agent representing the seller, will fill up the otp and submit?

another questionl, if you sell without agent and buyer comes with agent, do u fill up the otp for them or agent does it?


OPT is done by the buyer's agent, but if this is a direct buyer then you got to do for them.

if you can do all the paperwork yourself then you do not need to pay the buyer's agent any commission.

hope this helps!


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I had my fair share of experience.

Would like to warn all young couples buying flats to look out for E** agent Don C*** 9880**** / 9273**** (deals with Bishan and other places) and P***N** agent K** Siew T** 9060**** / 9671**** (deals with Private property).

The E** agent would go through the deal then suddenly introduce his partner from P****N** without your approval.

If you face any difficulty, he’d verbally abuse you and threaten you constantly. Then he likes to side with whoever is nicer and even threatened to commit perjury. WTH!

I lodged a complaint to the directors of E** and P***N** but they simply refer you to their legal department and don’t give a D**M about you!

Such a disgrace to Singapore. 1st class SERVICE.


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How about private house? Does anyone has experiences or tips to share on selling/buying private property without agent?


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Hi i am looking for a resale hdb flats anyone know where to find to find information on anyone selling other than newspaper?
"hippo2002 is right to say that you are not obligated to pay the other other's agent commission. This is because you did not engage him/her and thus they don't represent you. If the agent (the other party) insisted that it is the regulation, don't be fool by them. This issue has been reported in the newspaper and confirmed by HDB."

I was shopping for a resale unit in Dec 2008. My hb shared with the seller's agent politely that he wanted to do the paperworks by himself. The seller's agent became angry and threatened us that it was HDB regulation that we seller must pay the buyer's agent even if we didn't engage his service. He die die stood by his claim though my hb said that there was no such rule. At that point of time, silly me still believed the agent was right until I went to research about it online haha.

So please be careful with agent's claims.

Guess the times are bad. Agents are desperate to earn more $$$.


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i've just agreed to buy a flat, but the seller's agent insists i have to pay him commission. is this the norm? why do i have to do pay him? should i mention this to the seller?