Selling Bridal Package (Pre Wed + ROM + Actual Day)


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I have negotiated a really good bridal package but due to some personal matters, i am selling the package away.
Interested party please PM me.
I have paid a deposit of $1000, the total package cost me $4168, this package is an open day package.

Actual Day
· Actual Day: 1 Wedding Gown, 1 Evening Gown, 1 Kua/Tea Dress
· Actual Day: Groom Suit x 2
· Actual Day: 7 Men Suit + 2 Mother Night Gown + 1 Sister Night Gown + Sister's Dress x 4 (Sister Dress Rental FOC but must dry wash yourself)
· Make-up x 4 times (Trial & Actual/Photoshoot)
· Accessories all in
· Wedding Bouquets, Corsage x 6 pieces
· Studio Bouquets (For Photoshoot)
· Bridal Car Mercs + Driver + Car Deco(Bear couple FOC)
· Indoor + Outdoor Photoshoot (Singapore)
· 5R 30 Poses + 5 Poses (Album)
· 20 x 24 Portrait OR 3 in one W/R
· 8R Table top + 3R x 3 poses (table top frame)
· 5R Mini x 2 selected poses + 4R 36pcs (6 poses)
· Soft copy of selected poses in CD
· Actual Day Photographer (Day + Night) for 10 hours: Softcopy of picture all in CD

Taipei Package Included
· 3D2N Taiwan Photoshoot (Includes Hotel, Transportation to Photoshoot Location) Exclude Air Ticket
· 1-1 Service by Photographer & Make-up artist
· Photoshoot: 3 Different Outfit for Bride and 3 Different Outfit for Groom (Outfit can be different from actual day)



Can you pm me the full details and price? Is the Pre-wed to be taken in Taiwan or SG? The negotiated package is fixed? I do not need so many men' suit..:p