Selling actual day package


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Hi All,

I bought the actual day package from The Moment Bridal .However, due to change of plan, we decided to scale down the wedding thus letting go of the Actual Day Photography at $3000 inclusive of:

Actual Day
*All gowns are off the rack

  • Actual Day Gown rental:
    • 1 Tea dress (Kua)
    • 1 Wedding gown
    • 2 Groom suits
    • 1 Full Bridal Make Up + 2 Hairdos and Accessories
    • car decoration

  • Actual Day photographer service:
    • Photography 9 hours
    • Videography 9 hours
    • Wedding day highlight MV
    • return all copies

We bought this package at discounted price in July 2020.

This package is valid until July 2024.We have paid full amount so you don’t have to make any payment to the boutique, negotiable if you are interested).

** need to pay transportation to makeup artist

Please PM if interested.