Sell HDB Flat First? Divorce Filing First?

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    Hello, my first post here and unfortunately its got to do with my parents ongoing divorce case, and me being stuck in the middle of it.

    Long story short - they have agreed to file, after 31 years of marriage. Divorce will be an uncontested, amicable one.

    The only matrimonial asset is our current HDB flat, which they have co-owned and lived in for 11 years. They have agreed to sell the flat, and divide the cash position fairly between them (their own decision, not court ruling yet).

    Yesterday, my father had his first consultation with a lawyer. During which he was advised to "sell the flat first, and start the divorce process after".


    1. Sell HDB (2-3 months)
    1a. Buyer Moves In (1-2 months)
    2. Uncontested Divorce (4-5 months)
    3. Mother (and Father) Each Buy Flat (2-3 months)

    Based on the above assumptions, after we agree to sell the flat, between the time the Buyer moves in and the late-start divorce process completes, theres a period of several months in between where none of my parents (or myself) would have a place to live..?

    would it not make more sense to start both processes together, and try to wrap everything up as fast as possible?

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