Sell> AGS 0.504 Cts Diamond Ring (Triple Excellence, F, VS2) @ $2,999


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Selling @ $2,999
Save $1,101 (27%)

Engagement Ring
Diamond AGS certified Triple Excellence.
0.504 Cts, F colour, VS2

With 18k White Gold Setting with side diamonds making up to 0.152 Cts.

Please note that the original AGS certificate has been misplaced. The certificate in the photo is a printout from AGS portal.

Bought in Year 2014 with official receipt @ S$4,100 (will provide receipt).
Seldom wear and was kept. Not for fussy buyer.

Recommend for serious buyer the following to ensure smooth transaction:

1) Viewing & verification at Caratell (the original shop where I bought it). They will be able to assist you to verify the AGS serial number that’s inscribed in the girdle of the diamond. Please note that they have relocated to Nomu (Handy Road)

2) If required, you can make another arrangement to verify at your preferred shop too.


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