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Hi All,

I went to take pictures today. Indeed, they have started painting. Quite a lot of things are not done yet though. For example, if you observe from the pictures below, the windows for the higher storeys have not been fitted. They have not started on the piping for the higher floors of Blks 455 and 456 too.


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Overview 2

Blk 455 (Facing LRT track)

Blk 455 (Units 103 & 105, taken from Zhenghua CC side)

Blk 456 (Facing LRT track)

Blk 457 (Facing LRT track)

Blk 457 (Facing KJE)

Blk 457 (Units 129 & 131, facing KJE)

Blk 458 (Units 145 & 147, facing KJE)

Blk 458 (Units 149 & 151, facing KJE)

Blk 458 (Facing MSCP, taken from Zhenghua CC side)



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Hi HoneyKitty, most of us here have bought Segar Meadows... that was way back in 2008... we are still waiting for the flats to be completed. For the interior tiles, a few of us did went down to HDB to look at it and took photos. If HDB have not change their tile supplier since 2008, then you can find photos of the interior tiles in this forum thread, but you might have to backdate till 2009 la.

But one thing to note, ours is a premium flat, from what I know, Senja Gateway are standard flats, the tile offered are different. So another way you for you to try another forum thread... maybe the Senja Green one... they are very active in the forum too, and might also have posted up pics of tiles. Senja Green is also standard flats, therefore Gateway and Green should be using the same kind of tiles......


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Premium flat comes with flooring and toilet done... our only option was whether we want to get the doors only.

Standard flat only get clmented floor. They have the option of doors and flooring...

BUT, premium flat flooring is tiles for living room, kitchen and 2 toilets (all different colour... living room is lighter... toilet one is gray...), and bedrooms is timber strips (i might have gotten the name wrong... it is wooden la). Coz ours is premium flats, flooring is already given, so the design is more fancy...

Now for standard flat, owners will have an option of whether they want the HDB tiles (then can use CPF pay la) or they want to get their own design (then pay by cold hard cash)... the tiles used are all the same... in living room or bedrooms... just tiles, not timber strips... the toilet tile probably won't be the same as the living room one but I am not sure... what I am very sure is that standard flat flooring is an option, and even if you choose this option, you don't get the same 'fancy' design as the premium flats...

BUT standard flats is suppose to be cheaper (cost of flooring not included ma), and for couples that really wants to get their own favourite flooring, standard flat is a better option. If you want your own designer floor, but got a premium flat, you will end up having to pay your contractor more money to hack up your brand new HDB floor before you can lay your designer floor… waste of money la.


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I think there are other differences between premium and standard la... but I cannot remember other than the floor...


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From HDB website

Standard & Premium Flats

Standard Flats

Standard flats are perfect for those who prefer to install their own choice of finishes and fittings in the home.

Maximum Freedom of Expression, Creativity and Individuality

Here, freedom of expression, creativity and individuality is maximised as the flats come with only minimal fittings in the kitchen and bathrooms. For example, matching wall/floor tiles and quality sanitary ware.

For the rest of the areas, the home owner can exercise his choice while selecting floor tiles etc. for his private sanctuary.

Premium Flats

Home buyers who wish to save time and effort in renovating their home would appreciate Premium flats.

Pre-fitted with Quality Finishes

These flats provide buyers with great value for money. This is because they are fitted with quality floor finishes such as:

* Glazed porcelain ceramic floor tiles for the living and dining area,
* Timber strip flooring to the bedrooms, and
* Quality sanitary ware

With some furnishings and built-ins, owners of premium flats can move into their dream home in quicker time.


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Hi all! blk 458 is fixing wiodws at level 14 and 15 and that painting is completed at certain sections of the flat. Think the rest fo the flats are moving fast now too..Went down today (Sunday) and workers are still at work. at this speed, really hope to get our flats soon. We balloted in Dec 2007, choose flat in or about march 2008. So if they keep casting on the news that BTO flat can complete in 3 years time, then we should be having it soon. Not counting our balloting date, we have already waited about 2 yrs 5mths already!Our super marathon for our flat is ending soon!


hi hillgal....thx for your info..
Garfield> for me its still cheaper than punggol BTO lor...we are trying our luck coz previous 2 application also failed lor..


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honeykitty>> hopefully u get the flat this time..

Waaahh.. u all actualli ballot in Dec? I didnt know tat... I actuali happened to pass-by segar rd with my fiance back in Dec 2008, saw Segar Meadow BTO board near the LRT and told my fiance i will get this flat for her but disappointed to know application closed long time ago. So i surf2 HDB website on Feb 2009 mid-yr sale, i saw Segar Meadow got at least 20 units balance flat. I applied and thank God, during the choosing of flat, Segar Meadow had 2 balance flat available. So i booked liao.

So now every weekend after my fav dinner at Banquet Greenridge, i will always pass-by segar meadow. I also, like all of you, anxiously waiting to get the keys and DIY-renovate my entire house. Hahahaha...
Acai frasier > Whahahahaha .... u are indeed lucky. Care to share the price u bought at?
Ohh, Greenridge banquet, the prawn noodles u liked?

♥©eline 猫猫♥ > Yes, Punggol pricing is crazy high


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hi all new to the forum and me too getting a house at segar meadows blk 457 second floor... cant wait to get my keys too..


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wa! Acai you really lucky le... and I remember the balance flats the units some quite good... which floor you got?

and as usual, seeing that there is a number of newcomers, please come facebook and look for our Segar Meadows group. We update photos of the site there sometimes... chit chat a little... put a face to the name...
do join us!


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me too.. But i feel that their progress is extremely slow.. They are taking such a long time just to paint that little bit..


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Garfield > if I'm nt mistaken, the price is 216k.
Almost all the food there I like especially the chicken rice and the laksa.... Hahahakzz..

Hillgal > I managed to get 2nd storey @ blk 458 as other units been taken up earlier.


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so far i like the stall selling yong tau foo and the one selling hokkien prawn mee and char kueh tiao.. i stay in wdlds but my in law stays in bp so wen ever go visit them in bp i will ask my hb to bring me.. anybody staying blk 457 second floor??


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Summer> The food there is good and cheap. I remembered got this malay stall at BP CC. The Mee Soto, Mee rebus and chicken rice were fantastics! Used to eat there every saturday during my school days. I dun noe where they have move to now. Aiayar...

tutsy> the yong tau foo nice especialy the tom yum one..

Btw anyone know where to get the best Laksa?
tutsy > Welcome on board!
Yes! The Yong Tau Foo is good ...

Acai frasier > $216k is very cheap but a pity it's on the 2nd floor. Ya ya, most food there not bad but eat till sian already.
Talking abt the BP CC, actually there are 2 CC. One is at Pending and the other one is at Segar. Must try the Mee Rebus, making me hungry now.

summer > I also stay at BP for so long, maybe we have seen each other before?


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i m just wondering why is it bad to choose a 2nd floor... hehehe coz i also took second floor as i scared of heights...
tutsy > Personally felt that #02 tends to be noisier as people will walk around at the first level. As my bro also stay at the #02, he occassionally have flies, cockroaches and mosquito in the house.

On top of that, once in a while there will be "special occassion" held at the first level.


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Garfield > i now stay 1st floor no cockroaches, flies or rat.. but my neighbour on the upper floor said they caught a few rats recently.

I wonder how the rats gone up there? I think as long dont stay near the CRC it's ok.


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I went to HDB website and saw that HDb said
"The Probable Completion Date of your new flat is 2nd Quarter 2011. HDB will invite you to take possession of the flat when the construction of the flat is completed."
1 Quarter ealier!!!


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Hello everybody!

Thanks for the update about our completion date, Annabel! Yes, it's exciting but also very siong for me!!! coz I can see all $$$ bills flying towards me!!


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usually the actual comletion date will come 3-6 mths (or more) before the HDB stated completion date.. so I am wondering probably we might be able to collect our keys march next yr.. wow..

me also very xiong.. now planning for my wedding too.. with wedding + new flat = $$$$$$$$$$$


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but if we all use the same contractor... and usually one contractor have limited workers... won't we have to wait around for the contractor to complete our units one by one??

just a thought la...coz my cousin is a contractor and I wanted him to do my unit, but he warned me that my mother and my aunite are both also considering to do revo on their flats maybe around the same time... and he will not be able to do all our units on top of his usual workload?? Can still take the job, but if he cannot have the time to look after each job properly, then the job wun be well done ma...


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yo hilda,
Actually i tought abt it but decided to try this coz i thought it will be worth giving a try.
A few factors to think of

1. Will HDB be giving us the keys all at the same day/week. More likely within the same month. Even if we get the keys at the same time, we will not have a same date of moving in. We also have 1 week to check the flat for defacts before starting any renovation.

2. I tried shopping for a few reno myself earlier and i realise that majority of them are pretty small scale. If our numbers are big, they probably wont be able to handle.

3. if we are just 5-10 units, i think it should not pose a problem because most reno could have been able to handle a couple of business at a go.

With all the dates/time and factor taken into consideration, we might be able to have a workaround.

personally, i dont mind being the last person to move in if its translated into a good deal :p

Anyway, this is open to everyone who are still keen, its probably good that a potential problem is being discussed


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Hello Sherry!!
Welcome. You may want to get us on facebook as well? I'm from 457 thou!/group.php?gid=111288501890


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I dun mind to go for the last renovation unit as I might be most likely to be back in sin nov 2011..

cost saving seems more tempting for my case as I will not be occupying e unit that soon..


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Haha.. My hubby is studying in brisbane..only completing his studies in nov 11..

we will be back end nov to end jan..wondering can collect e key..or else I might be e last to collect e key..Haha..


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