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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by ahdi, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. ahdi

    ahdi New Member

    I just got married on 5th Feb this yr.
    A frnd of mine is into wedding photographer coordinating business, thus got him to get a photographer and videographer for me.

    Now the fact is after about 3 wks, i am still unable to receive the photos from him. Neither is the video ready. He kept finding excuses on the photos is never ready and wadever.

    Now he refuses to picks up my call for about 3 days.

    As agreed on the agreement, they would have to take the photos for the whole wedding day. As for the video, the morning part has to be edited and ready by evening.

    The screwed up part was they were unable to get the video ready by dinner, and they were late for my ROM session held at 630pm, which means there are no ROM pictures taken.

    Now i would want to ask how can i seek help or legal actions, to make him give me my photos without delay,

    or if he had lost my photos, how can i seek compensation from him for losing my once in a lifetime memories.

    i doubt he has a registered company, and also we do not have any black and white writted agreement on the photos shots and video that has to be done. i have also paid $500 deposit for his services.

  2. chendol

    chendol New Member

    oh dear. Since this was recommended by your friend, perhaps he should help you contact them and be part of the process?

    After all, it's partly your friend's fault that he recommended someone so unreliable.
  3. tris1982

    tris1982 New Member


    if your friend is the coordinator, the job of getting the videos and photos is your friend's, not yours. Esp so if you are paying your friend to do the coordination. However, if your friend is just doing you a favour by recommending someone, the PG and VG should be blamed.
  4. fionaallen

    fionaallen New Member

    Geez.. i am sorry to hear that ... what's his name and details? Better let the rest know so that history doesnt repeat itself.
  5. snowiee

    snowiee New Member

    hi chua,

    I am currenly facing an issue with my PS PG also...

    My hubby and I are contemplating bringing our matter up to CASE or seeking some legal advise if my PS PG refuse to settle the matter amicably...

    May i know how did you resolve your matter eventually?
  6. kenteo

    kenteo New Member

    It is very unfortunate that you don't have an agreement drawn up in black and white and signed by both parties. It is very difficult to get an arbitration if that's to happen. May I strongly encourage couples to have a written agreement drawn up for the various aspects of wedding planning, especially important ones such as photography.

    Professional photographers should have this as part of their standard work process because it safeguards the interest of both parties, and definitely provides and assurance to the bride and groom.

    For this scenario, I propose sending an email to try to communicate with the photographer/videographer if phone calls is not helping. Ask for a realistic deadline about the delivery first. Negotiate for compensation upon delivery. My fear is that if this practioner is not very professional, you may not get your photos altogether.

    All the best in resolving the issue.

    Best wishes,
    Ken Teo
  7. jolenechan

    jolenechan New Member

    Hi Chua and Snowiee,

    Sad to hear about it.
    I think you should made known to everyone who are the irresponsible pg out there.

    Complain them till they do something about it,
    i think its so mad where you pay and end up this way.

    I think choose a good company for more assurance..

    hope you can resolve the issue soon. all the best!
  8. andrewchan

    andrewchan New Member

    Hi all the btb:

    I have always been hearing complain in this forums about this freelance pg that freelance pg.

    I think there is little point in making known to everyone who this irresponsible photographer is, since they are freelancer, it's hard to track them down, they may change name from time to time even phone number.

    My advice is to hire well established professional photographer rather than freelancer, wedding day is an once in a life time event. Something can be saved and something just should not be.

    What you pay is what you will get.
  9. kim_angelyn

    kim_angelyn New Member

    I guess everyone knows that "something can be saved and something just should not be"... but the vital point is that not everyone have the same budget. And if one can afford it, of course one would get the best. The purpose of making known those unprofessional freelance PG. (I'm only refering to some.) is to warn others, and to share information, which is the purpose of this forum. Maybe like what you said, they can change name, and even phone number! But certainly, they can't change their appearances right? Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. jessipper

    jessipper New Member

    I dont agree with segami image. Freelance can be professional as well. I do see complains aganist established photographers which you can find on the threads. The point is not about freelance or not freelance but abt how professional the person shooting your wedding is.
  11. danielleg

    danielleg New Member


    Perhaps you may like to look for professionals who have been around and also provide a contract so as protect yourself and the service providers. At least in any case if something bad happens, you could take the contract and go to CASE.
  12. laziworms

    laziworms New Member

    A black and white is always good. My cousin engaged a freelance PG who does wedding shoot as passion, so that PG does have not a registered coy. however he made the effort to draft up a contact and signed by both parties with NRIC and address incidated, which give some assurance to my cousin.
  13. vennice

    vennice Member

    Yes I strongly agree, black and white records are the best. Whatever it is, if the PG did not return or provide what it is stated, you have the rights to say and pursue what you deserve fior the monry you have paid for! Get some live experience from friends or people around you too!
  14. szeping

    szeping Member

    Yes, strongly agree with Lady Q... Couples, please treat the contract as a protection to you as well.

    And a note, you might want to state the delivery time inside as well. Personally I find it a bit strange to get back the photos few months after the wedding, when the feelings are not that intense anymore.

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  15. anne_mae84

    anne_mae84 New Member

    Sad to hear such things happening still...
  16. serchan

    serchan New Member

    Hi all,

    I have also another case where my PG &amp; VG company lost part of our photo (table to table), 20-30% of the photos.

    The rest we got it back already.

    Did anyone successfully manage to sue or bring this case to Small Claim Tribunals?

    Can PM me if u have any of such case? their attitude is getting bad to worse.

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