[Seeking Advice]: Ex keeps disrupting my life


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Hi all

Posting here to seek advice.

I am going through a separation with my ex after I found out that she is having an affair. Initially, I suggested that both of us to go through marriage counselling but she wanted a separation instead.

After we have signed the separation in mid-2021, we have not been in contact after signing the DoS and she moved out. Fast forward to 2022, I met my girlfriend and things are going well for us. Recently, my ex wanted to meet me at our BTO. She suddenly gave me a few options, out of the DoS, such as early divorce and a larger share of the HDB proceeds despite being the one unfaithful to the marriage. She also said that she do not allow my girlfriend to enter the unit on the basis that she is still owner of the flat.

I would like to ask if it is ok to ignore her? If not, are there any legal ways to stop this as it is very disruptive. TIA!


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Well, separation is not divorce.
Hence during separation, you both are still consider as 'husband and wife' in the name of law.
Yes. She have rights to prohibit your gf to enter the flat since like mentioned, you both are still 'husband & law'.
In fact, if she 'bite' back at you, she can say you are having adultery instead. And if she have the 'evidence' (yours won't be valid anymore since I believe it's more than 6 months), she can even file divorce and claim you for the lawyer fee etc....


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Why cant people just wait till the dust have settle before starting another relationship.
is that so difficult. Having a relationship during separation is just asking for trouble IMO.
This will only trigger more resentment, jealousy and hatred which will in turns make
divorce more messy then it is already.