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"u should only Upgrade when market is Low, and downgrade when market is high"

Thanks, a very sharp and true answer, got it!


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Guys, need help on your advice....

As I having my 3rd child soon, so end up there's gg to be Me, Hubby, my 2 kids of age 4 & 6, helper, FIL and MIL travelling out most of the time. We are driving Honda Civic FD 2 now. We have the idea to change our car to Honda Oddysey.

However, my baby only due next January. Is it adviseable to change the car now, or next yr? Base on the current market.

We are still considering 2nd hand. But price is still damn high...


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hi Chilli,

congrats on your baby.
If not in the hurry, better to wait. I don't see how COE can sustain at this price. Do u? Especially with the global climate. The GDP forecast adjusted and warned about developments in Europe and US.


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Hi Milo,

Thanks and also thanks for your advice. I also felt the same way as what you said, but then, hubby debated back differently. As you know, I'm a woman and I don't really follow the market of the car prices. Thus, I'm swayed by him.

I will definitely stand firm on waiting! Thanks!!!


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HK, China, Sgp, all have inflation rates raising at alarming rates. imho, it is not sustainable.


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It is very difficult to say whether sustainable or not. We are not in a "normal" economic cycle - not something recognizable. Shares are volatile to say the least. Gold prices have been rocketing.

We have high inflation but slow demand and economy not growing as fast. With the debt crisis in US and the problems in Europe - this will have impact on Singapore.

It is even puzzling about the high COE prices in recent few quarters - with the general outlook in the world economy. And since last year, everyone is waiting for property price to soften - it has not soften much.

Yes, logic tell us that all these are not sustainable - especially the high COE prices. It should ease a little in the coming months. But really if you need a car for convenience - it should not matter much. Of course if you can hold off the purchases then just hold. Else 2nd hand car is a good bet - but you have to shop around and negotiate.. Possible to get good deals.

For me, I am also waiting to change my car.. but no hurry and till I have more time to shop around


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if he wants to buy let him buy. most pple buy becos they want to, not becos they have to. and those who buy becos they want to... will buy regardless of market.

that's the way the world works... it is the same reason why some pple will never save money, and some always end up losing out.


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Buying a car is easy. Maintaining it is the key. I've seen many buying still especially now and knowing them, I would not be surprised that the car would be towed away in time to come.

When coming to finance for the ride, don't only think about the monthly installments. Petrol, parking, road tax, insurance, servicing, tyres, breakdowns, all such charges should be factor in and you have to be comfortable in order to drive that ride home


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