Sealy or dunlopillo mattress?


I understand from the salesman that Dunlopillo is the leader in this area. So i bought together with the storage bed (4 hydraulic). Just go to major shopping ctr like taka to test the bed.

How much is L origin series? seems like a new brand.


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Hi all,
I just went to Tangs and my SO and I are considering between Sealy and Simmons.
Sealy: King Unicased Daffodil ($3,129)
Sealy: King Padella ($2,949)
Simmons: King Beatycare 4-negative ions ($4,070)
Anybody got comments? All without bedframes. Are bedframes easy to buy and izzit cheap? Sealy' bedframes start from $900+ and Simmons bedframse are $2,000+
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i think its very hard to get feedback for mattresses as preference is very subjective. what i feel is comfortable might not be comfortable for you.

the best way to know if a mattress is good for you is to go down to the shop and try it out yourself.

u can go to TradeHub to get a better deal on mattresses. For a wide selection and good service, u can try the mattress hub at toa payoh. Its at the Storhub building.

U can also try looking at dunlopillow. they have been in the mattress business for very long and their mattresses are very good indeed. my friend got a dunlopillow around 2.5k king size with pocketed spring. its elizabeth model i think.


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Recently, I just bought the Dunlopillo Latex World mattress. Initially I was quite hesitant to try Dunlopillo as they don't really advertise. Sealy advertise is like every where. But because Dunlop is famous for their latex mattress. So far, it seems good. At least I don't feel so aching now. Best of all? Dunlop mattress is much cooler than my old mattress. I used to perspire in the middle of night. You can check out their new website: Hope this helps.