Sealy or dunlopillo mattress?

Discussion in 'Home And Deco' started by dreamdream, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member


    i'm now in a dilemma of which mattress to buy. can't decide between the 2 brands. the dunlopillo model i'm eyeing is royal jubilee. the promo price for kind size one is $1999, comes with free bedframe & a topper. the bedframe is ugly but the topper & the mattress are very comfy. duno the name of the sealy model. it's priced at $2099, also comfy and comes with a free bedframe (which is nicer than the dunlopillo one).

    can anyone offer any advise??


  2. simon_cyc

    simon_cyc New Member

    buy ur head!!!!!!!!!

    sleep cheap cheap mattress ...........

    $100+ better
  3. mrsjoe

    mrsjoe New Member

    hi dreamdream,

    i bought my queen size bed at V.hive at S$200

  4. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    i think sealy is better... try to check out the price at areo furnishing centre, heard that they are the authorised dealer for sealy and should be cheaper (i think)... $1300?? (dun qoute me, i really can't remember)

    my current super single bed is 4star n its no good!! it turn soft very fast and got spring noise! really regret giving my bro my single king koil bed! king koil quite good also..

    Simon & jean,
    why u all go and buy such cheap mattress? comfy meh?
  5. fallen

    fallen New Member

    hi sharon, ur four star single is pocketed spring or clipped spring matress? i also hunting for mattress for my parents and brother. Novena has offer for 4 star queen pocketed spring mattress with divan at $900/- but no bed head. And the bed head options they offered veri ugly.
  6. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member

    hi sharon

    thanks for sharing your experience. my quote for the sealy mattress above is actually from aero at furniture mall. i think sealy is a more well-known brand. but dunlopillo also has have many years of experience in mattresses. and that royal jubilee is really very comfy, esp with the free topper. but tat will also mean that i'll hv to search and pay for bedsheets tat can cover that 12' mattress plus that 1.5' topper! sealy is also abt 12' thick.

    besides, ive actually paid a $200 deposit for royal jubilee, thou tat salesperson said i can change it for other items. but sometimes i dun quite believe these salesple. when they r trying to get u to confirm a sales, they can say anything. but eventually when u wan to change, they will come up with other 'reasons' (i.e. excuses!) to deny u. heard too many of these stories...

    simon / jean, i agree with sharon. mattress is a very impt investment. a gd nite's sleep gives u a gd start for the day. shd really invest in a gd one that's within ur means.
  7. amy03

    amy03 Member

    hi dreamdream, me chose sealy. it's so comfy, no regrets investing in a good bed since you will spend at least 8 hours per day on it! go for it! [​IMG]
  8. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    hi dreamdream,

    I am currently using dunlopillo king sized mattress with the latex topper. it's very comfy and i have no regrets on the purchase. Got a very good price through a dealer who is my husband friend. If you are interested, i can recommend his service to you. Very friendly and good after sales.
  9. jas_thm

    jas_thm New Member

    Hi Dreamdream,
    i am also going to purchase the same mattress as you. I tried it and it is very very comfy. Soft yet firm. My hubby has a sealy emerald at the moment. the royal jubilee is a lot more comfy then the sealy emerald. So we have decided to purchase the royal jubilee
  10. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member

    hi shinebride & jasmine

    thanks for sharing ur experience. i think i'll most likely stick to my dunlopillo. must agree that it's really very comfy, esp with the topper. one question thou, where do you gals get ur bedsheets to fit the 12" mattress PLUS the 1.5" topper (total 13.5")? i know there r some brands out there that can fit, but they cost a couple of hundreds! Any cheaper alternatives that r not more than $200 for a full set with matching quilt cover as well?

    shinebride, yes, i'm interested. can u pls pass the contact to me? if not convenient to pass on the forum, u can PM me or email to thanks!
  11. loveluis

    loveluis New Member

    I choose Sealy mattress...its defintely more comfy than King Koil or any other brand
  12. sunflower_gal75

    sunflower_gal75 New Member

    Hi all
    I also chose Sealy. Found it very comfy too. Was torn between Sealy and Simmons when we went mattress hunting. However mattress not yet delivered so haven't slept on it yet.
  13. simon_cyc

    simon_cyc New Member

    but both Sealy n Simmons cost ard 3k at least.

  14. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    both my 4star & king koil are pocket spring but king koil is more comfy and lasting...

    i am also interested. can pm me the contacts? thanks!
  15. shinebride

    shinebride New Member


    You have got mail! i usually get my sheets from Aussino. Else, I will just buy their quilts and get plain cheaper king-sized sheets to match the design. :)
  16. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member

    Thanks, Shinebride. I'll get in touch with that person. Thanks again!
  17. fallen

    fallen New Member

    Hi dream dream, I just saw the Dunlopillo Royal Jubilee offer today at Mega Mattress(@ Balestier Rd) going for $1599 only(with 2" topper + bedframe)!
  18. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member

    Fallen, that's the price for the Queen sized bed. My King sized one costs $400 more. [​IMG]
  19. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Hi Dream Dream,

    I contacted the dealer to make sure that he gives you a good deal but was told that you have yet to contact him? Did you manage to get any much better deal?
  20. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    my budget is 1k. any idea which model is the best value for money i should get? i m looking for queen size. [​IMG]
  21. fallen

    fallen New Member

    dream_dream, oops...paiseh.
  22. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member

    shinebride, i just called him. yes his price is indeed very gd! but i must see if i can cancel the order tat i've aldy placed elsewhere. thanks again. [​IMG] by the way, do u know wat's his company name?

    fallen, it's ok. [​IMG]
  23. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    may i know which model have u bought?
  24. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Good to hear that, Dream Dream. Apologies,husband usually deals with him directly so dun have details but be rest assured his products are all from original dunlopillo itself. My friends and relatives have all benefited from the good deals.

    Sharon, with your budget of 1K, you can sure get lotsa of good deals with all mattresses. Dunlop has a wide range. Dream Dream has contacted Shawn and got a good deal. So you can try contacting him as well.

    All the best, gals!
  25. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    i just called shawn. will go dunlopillow showroom @ centerpoint this weekend to survey 1st. [​IMG] shawn very funny, he says he very puzzled y recently so many 'strangers' call him coz he mainly do export and selling directly to us consumer he actually dun earn much. [​IMG] his price is low coz he got low overheads & no GST...

    thanks for your recommendation, shinebride!
  26. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Hi Sharon,
    heehee...actually he only do close friends recommendation & referrals only that's why, he is so puzzled :) Have a look @ royal jubilee when you drop by Centrepoint, the one that Dream Dream intends to purchase, that's a good one! Happy Shopping! Always a pleasure , ladies. Just wan to share the good bargain that I have gotten.
  27. serrich

    serrich New Member

    Hi Sharon,

    My friend also targetting at the Royal Jubilee series. How much did u pay for the mattress? Does he give freebies like pillows/bolsters/mattress protector?
  28. serrich

    serrich New Member

    i think very difficult to find bedsheet sets as well. Mine also 13.5". Have bought from martex, kingkoil and another australian brand-can't remember the name..

    so far, kingkoil is the cheapest but i find that the quality nt as good as martex and e australian brand..

    these bedsheet sets realli cost a bomb so i onli wait till Robinsons sale then buy. Usually cost abt $300-$600 for a complete set after discount.
  29. fallen

    fallen New Member

    hi shinebride, i also quite keen already upon reading abt dream_dream's comments. Can u PM his contact no too? Thanks.
  30. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Hi Fallen,

    You have got mail! Let me know how it goes.
  31. serrich

    serrich New Member

    Can you pm me his contact as well? Thanks!
  32. fallen

    fallen New Member

    Hi Shinebride, Thanks. Have received his no. Yep, will be calling him. But i must go and browse the models first. Me still blur non the mattress range in Dunlopillo.
  33. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Serrich, You have got mail! :)

    No worries, Fallen. When I first purchase my bed, I am too at a lost on the different range of models. So I just went to the showroom @ centrepoint and get my feel on the mattresses before getting my price from Shawn. :)
    Take your time and give him a call once you managed to get something you like.
  34. dtkh101

    dtkh101 New Member

    hi Shinebride,

    Am looking for bed olso.. still cant decide what to get..
    Would appreciate if you can PM shawn's contact as well. thanks
  35. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Hi dtkh101,

    You have got mail! Go to Harvey Norman @ Millenium Walk , I realised they have a much wider range than Centrepoint. I was there yesterday shopping for some household products yesterday. :)
  36. dtkh101

    dtkh101 New Member

    Hi Shinebride
    Got ur mail !! thanks
    will go check out at harvey.

  37. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    went to check out the model i want n i checked with shawn.. disappointted that its actually the same price as centrepoint & taka leh... moreover if i buy fr centrepoint & taka i can pay by creditcard... shawn also dun have some model, told me that they r exclusively sold @ centrepoint & takashimaya..

    may i know which model u bought and how much he quoted u?
  38. shinebride

    shinebride New Member


    Have checked with Shawn. He told me that he has definitely quote you a price lower that what you have got from the stores in addition to all the benefits as well. He is confident as they have been provided with guidelines from the company on the amount that each stores can give to their consumer.

    As for the range, he told me that you only check 4 ranges with him out of which only 1 range is exclusive to the departmental store. This happens to most dealers as this is the way the company control their price range and prevent price war among their dealers. Else how will the company profit from us consumers if we can purchase all the ranges from their dealer at a much lower price? :) They need to save some share for themselves mah....

    Paiseh, I am not aware of my model except that it is 100% latex... :) What I did was, go to the showroom, check out the mattresses and told hubby that this is the one and he settles it all with Shawn .... hahaha :)

    Have you made your purchase or shortlisted any models?

    Dream Dream/Fallen, what about your gals?

    In any case, my advise to all you gals is most importantly be comfortable with your purchase as well as the salesperson and their service. Make sure that they provide good after sales in case we need to make any changes or whatever arrangements after our purchase, we can still look them up. That is why I made my purchase with Shawn. Cos he will be aware of what is the issue when i bring it up with him mah...heheheeh :)coz I very fussy one lah!!

    Lastly, Ladies, if you managed to get a better deal elsewhere, please go ahead. Absolutely no issue, most importantly you must be confortable with it.

    Oh dear, this is so far the longest mail that I have written. That's enough! Have a good day, everyone! :)
  39. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    we shortlisted Royal Jubilee with free latex pad. Shawn quoted me $50 cheaper than Taka. We r still considering coz if we buy fr taka, we can use credit card...

    haha, my case is totally opp with u! my fh go down choose liao then i m suppose to settle everything! hehee... he is the boss & i m the project manager, i schedule him to go lighting shops, tiles shops, electrical shop, he choose liao & i quickly copy down model number & i present him with 3 lowest quote. after he agree i will go & buy.. hehee
  40. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    may i know which model u bought? mayb the ones i want is new model thats y the price can't go lower... sorri to trouble u...
  41. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Heehee....we r totally opposite species! No wonder you are so detailed and I am so blur..hahaha. Give Shawn a call and let him know your considerations lor, maybe he can do something about it. I just spoke to him and told him to try his best lor. Also I found out from him that I am using Royal Sovereign...the full latex range. Hubby in US for business so cannot call him yet due to time difference! :)
    Let me know how it goes lah. :)
  42. babyangel

    babyangel New Member

    i recommend the dunlopillow millenium mattress. its a pure latex mattress and its very comfy! go to the centrepoint dunlopillow showroom to try it.
  43. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    hi Shinebride,
    spoken to shawn again & he gave me a better price. Have confirmed buying fr him but delivery date leave it open 1st coz my contractor only handover on 6 Nov. [​IMG]

    hey, not bad ur hubby always travelling still can find time for sourcing! i m doing all the sourcing coz fh always travelling too. pass few mths i only see him on sat & half sun. sun evening he fly again.. [​IMG]

    babyangel & shinebride,
    u all so rich buy full latex mattress! me dun have that budget! hehee
  44. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    i forgot to thank you again for your recommendation. i have forwarded shawn's contacts to my 2 friends whos getting married soon too. [​IMG]
  45. dreamdream

    dreamdream New Member

    sharon, just saw ur msg. my model is royal jubilee.
  46. sharon__joseph

    sharon__joseph New Member

    thanks! so did u managed to cancel your previous order?
  47. fallen

    fallen New Member

    Hi Shinebride, I called Shawn for the Royal Jubilee quote too. But when I showed my dad(cos i buying for my parents lah), he wasn't too interested. So now still looking at other dunlopillo range.
  48. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Hi Sharon,

    Always a pleasure! Glad to know that you have got a good deal from Shawn and decided to purchase from him and referred your friends to him as well. So nice of you! :)

    Actually, my hubby don't travel often. It so happen that he has to attend some business meetings in his HQ so will be there for 2 weeks!
    No lah, my hubby likes to sleep in comfort and he says that a bed is very important so he is willing to spent more :)


    you can actually give Shawn your budget and he can recommend you the range within your budget, this saves you the time to search around as a matter of fact, he knows more than we do on the mattresses! :)
  49. lynn_c09

    lynn_c09 Active Member

    Hi Shinebride,

    Do u tink u can recommend ur dealer to me too??
    Getting a mattress for my new hse.
    Pls email me @ lynn_c09@hotmail

  50. lindaseah

    lindaseah New Member

    Something to share.

    Types of mattress.

    Foam (2'-4')- what we usually see at pasar malam or furniture shops. ( like the bb mattress at kiddy palace) Light in weight, dun trap heat easily, hardness depends on thickness, but gets thin/flat easily as its light in density.

    Hi-density foam (2'-4') - ditto as above but harder den foam (denser) but dun last long as well. (Reccomend for toddler use, cheap so can throw when dirtied)

    Latex (3'-12') - Made of rubber, its heavier than foam. Traps heat so sleeper will feel hot, hardness increases w thickness, can last longer(thick versions). Generally good for long term use as material hard to deform. (thick version)My brother who weighs >80kg uses a s.single latex mattress for > 5yrs.

    Spring (4'-12') - Spring sandwiched between latex/foam/padding etc. The more the spring, the firmer the mattress, the thicker the layers on top and below, the better protection the spring is given. Cheap spring mattress are usually of lesser spring and thinner coverings, thus will give way in shorter time. Choose models with more spring and thicker padding.

    Pocketed spring (6'-12') - Ditto as above, but spring are individually 'wrapped'. The additional 'encasement' gives the entire mattress more support. (Less chance of bed 'caving' in). Some brands manufacture these with high quality padding/latex, thus bed are firmer and yet still have the 'springy' feeling when laid down. Reccomended to be 'flipped' couple times a year to prolong usage. My parents slept on 1 for over 20yrs. :p

    Sealy is a US brand, and american's as we know weighs heavier than petite asian. Therefore, their beds are more 'heavy-duty'. But, closer study will show u that there are other brands that use the similar 'system' which means the quality equals to Sealy but price may be lower.

    Brands is actually not the most important, the kind of mattress selected is. U may b buying a branded spring mattress but it may not outlast a lest known brand pocket mattress.

    So, shop around and u may find better bargain with the 'cheaper' brands. ^_^

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