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Anyone have comments on Sealy Grand Excellenc-(Taka), Queensbury-(sleep boutique) and St Lucia-(Harvey Norman-Millenia)??


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poseidon_gal, different shops got different names so very confusing.. where did you try yours at?

i just got an aquamarine king from the courts warehouse sale, heard it's a discontinued model. usual price was $6000+, after their usual discounts $4299. we only paid $2483 at the warehouse sale =D (listed price was $2699, we managed to get additional 8% discount). our initial budget was about $3-3.3k, were eyeing the premium at robinsons & jade at the sealy boutique at furniture mall, all above $3k after all their discounts so glad we stumbled upon this courts offer =)

after trying so many mattresses, they all feel the same to us :p my hubby prefers a more firm mattress coz of his back problems and i prefer softer. the pillow topper was a compromise coz it made it alot more plush.

if he didnt have back problems, i would have much preferred the luxembourg at robinsons, alot more plush and softer and luxurious :p

we also tried simmons but the comfort level cannot compare.. but with sealy, if your partner tosses and turns, you will definitely feel it.


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We just pay deposit for a Sealy Mattress at
IMM, anyone purchase the same as us?
Model: St moritz
King size: $3806



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Dear All,
I just went to the Singapore Expo to try out the beds. We tried a few brands and the best was the Sealy Posturepedic Palatial Crest, using DSS coils ( improved version of coils). It costs $5800 and w/o frame! Do you think this price is true or I should be getting the same bed at a lower price elsewhere? The saleman said that this is being used only in a 7 star hotel in Sentosa. (sentosa where got 7 star hotel??) org price is 9k..

Pls advise me. Thank you.


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Hi hi, there's Robinson sale now and coming Takashimaya sale next week. check it out...Gd luck!


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really! got 7-star hotel... it's called "Capella"...
it's designed by renowned British architect Norman Foster. ^_^

I bought my Sealy's Knightsbridge king at the expo fair... =) can't wait to jump into it...
anyone bought the same model at the fair?


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Hi Ryan & Melissa (ryanmel),

I am also interested in St. Moritz but even after the GSS price, Carol (the saleslady @ IMM) is quoting us $4070. How did u manage to get $3806?

Is the bed good so far? I actually like majesty but it is > 7.5k...the closest bed feeling i can get is St. Moritz.

Please let me know how u managed to get $3806. Thanks.


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any feedback on Sealy Aberdeen?

quite interested in getting this, reasonably priced and heard from salesman that this model just came out abt 3mths ago, true?



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comparing the Sealy Unicased Companion (from Robinsons) with the Simmons NxG 250 (from Simmons Sleep Gallery)... any comments??


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im looking at either luxembourg or san marino i think. what are the best prices you guys seen around for the king size ?



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Hi all,
I just went to Tangs and my SO and I are considering between Sealy and Simmons.
Sealy: King Unicased Daffodil ($3,129)
Sealy: King Padella ($2,949)
Simmons: King Beatycare 4-negative ions ($4,070)
Anybody got comments? All without bedframes. Are bedframes easy to buy and izzit cheap? Sealy' bedframes start from $900+ and Simmons bedframse are $2,000+
Tangs is giving 12% rebate for Citibank members on 16th Nov 2010.
Hi all, me and HTB just bought a Sealy king sized Vintage Pillowtop Memory Foam bed, feels plush and comfy.

It was quite a good deal as we bought it during the New Year Sale at Courts. It came with a bed frame, 4 pillows and 2 mattress protectors. Total = $2500.

Not sure if anyone bought the same model?


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hi louise lau, are you interested buying brand new laissez queen mattress?
i won a contest, win this bed. but i dont need it.
original prize is $6875, market promotion rate is $4375, i want to let it go at $2800. contact me at [email protected]


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Hi anyone here tried sealy Shiraz mattress? Any review? I ordered a Shiraz mattress but right now I am contemplating if I should upgrade to a palatial crest opulence before I get them to deliver.

Anyone has any comparison on how much difference the two can be other than palatial crst is twice the price of Shiraz.