Sea horse mattress


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yeahhh super hard until u feel like sleeping on the floor..... no different, if u have back problem then no choice


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i have been sleeping on sea horse mattress in my parent's place for many years already...yes it is those really hard kind (like sleeping on floor!) but is good for back lah...depends on your preference...

my hub doesnt like such hard mattress so we bought 'soft' mattress for our new place....


Now seahorse mattress is having a 50% sales at their Hecom. Just brought mine @ $ 159.90 and also, mattress pad @ $ 56


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if you do notm like the super hard type, they have medium hardness...after a while, its really comfy.

I used to sleep on the medium one (single) but now I upgraded to hardest (queen). You will feel better and refresh the next day. After a while, the mattress will get a little softer...(I am only 46kg, so if it works on me, it works on anyone)


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hi ah c
me using the diamond model. using the side wif massage. last time is the normal backcare (hard). me also using their space pillow.


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Sea horse after sales service is really bad. Had a really bad experience with them.

I have just ordered a new diamond mattress and within a week later included a bedframe which cost a total of over $1000. The sale staff told me that for $1000, the installation and delivery will be waived. However, due to the computer system that they are using, i need to give the installation charge first before they can waived it after checking with the management.

However, the replied is NO. Reason: Both the items are bought from two different dates, so no waiver for the installation charges. ITS COMPANY POLICY! I have personally called in to request as well, but the other receiver has an attitude as if she is the boss!

This is my first time buying from seahorse and it will definitely be my last ever!

Now i'm not even sure they will deliver on time or delay after i have expressed my displeased. (keeping my finger cross)

For those who are keen on seahorse matress and bedframe, there is NO WARRANTY AT ALL!! The sale staff told me the boss has FULL confident about their matress and bedframe.

Now after knowing their after sales services is such a total disappointment, if anything should happen to both the matress and bedframe, I don't even know whether they will provide me with a brand new ones.

No choice, pay $1000 bucks to buy a VALUABLE LESSON!


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Hi everyone,

I checked the website of seahorse, and had phoned them. They told me that the cheapest of the 6 inch thick single mattress is the "crystal" brand.

The price now, 14.6.09, on "offer" is SGD 72.
The delivery charge is SGD 29.50 per trip.

They told me they have no more stock for the 2.5 inch type "crystal" single mattress, and so no price is given to me.

But they have another one 2.5 inch thick mattress. It is the "healthy" brand, which is 2.5 inch thick, and is it is the hard type.

They said it is suited for people who prefer hard mattres for their tired back or back-ache back.

So they said it may be hard for the young and the youngsters if they are not used to it and cannot take it.

The price for this single mattress of this "healthy" brand is SGD 99.00.

One of the catches they said is that the single bed frame may not have "insert" depth - of less tha 2.5 inch depth on the bed frame. They said the single bed frame normally has a insert depth of more than 2.5 or even at 3 inch depth.

It is thus caused the mattress when inserted into the bed frame to level with the side frame of the bed. It will sink below the side frame of the bed when sat on a 2.5 inch thick mattress.

And, if the mattress is sat over a period of time, the mattress may sunk even more. This may hurt the buttock, if the 2.5 inch mattress is sunk in, and when the buttock is sat on the matress, the butttock may sat on the side bed frame instead.

And so it may hurt the buttock if sat on it the frame abrupty. So they said it may be more suitable to buy a 6 inch thick mattres instead.

The "crystal" brand is the cheapesr of the rest and is SGD 72 only. They aid this "crystal" brand mattress can generally last "several" years. But I am not sure of theri words on it. Can anyone advise of their experience of it on this?.

Please share your experience and findings of this "crystal" brand mattress. Thx


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Hi, today today went mattress hunting from HN warehouse sale to ikea to courts bukit timah and eventually the one i picked was the seahorse diamond model at tiong bahru plaza. Pretty good price for the support level and my back agrees the price was worth. Good service also. The sales also said 3 days can arrive already..

Tried Simmons, Dunlopillo, King Coil and etc models that were out of budget slightly...but the seahorse one though much cheaper gave best value imo. Tried their pillows but so so only.

any recommendation for neck support pillow and comforter? thought can get everything one brand but looks like going to be a diy project.
hi, is there any seahorse mattress user that use their healthy mattress both side high density hard foam? I am lookimg for feedback on their mattress. I need a mattress that doesn't sink so easy like my kingcoil pocketed spring for body weight close to 100kg :d


generally i think most of their mattres are so hard that the barely sink.

my parents and my ILs are using sea horse mattress. they like it.

i'm currently using seahorse mattress too but not the 100% hard type. there's a layer of softer cushionin on top to make it feel better though it's ultimately hard.
so far, so happy with it.