Sale of an Outdoor Wedding Photography Package at discount


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Dear Members of the forum,

This is my first time posting in this forum. I was supposed to get married in May / June 2022 but things did not work out. We came to an amicable split.

I was the one who paid for almost everything including the heavy weight item i.e. the banquet cost. While I suffered a great financial loss, my life goes on. Well, there is nothing more hurtful than having a failed relationship.

Yes, I have moved on.

I am hopeful that as I rebuild my life again, I could salvage and recover my losses. I am selling this Outdoor Wedding Package which I had paid upfront.

The package is worth SGD $2,788. I will like to sell it at SGD $2,588. This is the profile of the company and their instagram website.

The details of the package is enclosed in the attached photo.

I am a very serious seller to bless any couple on a tight budget to their wedding journey. The company is agreeable for me to resell this company to a 3rd party and they will not impose any further admin. charges.

If you are interested, please whatsapp me at 9746 8892. Thereafter, we can initiate an email conversation where I can email you in black and white on the terms that the company honoured for the terms of the re-sale.

Cheers from AS1980


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