ROM Preparation with little time left


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Hi all,​
I am having a ROM solemnisation on 31 August 2013, Saturday, so I have probably very little time left. I was planning to have it done at home, with some close relatives and friends but suddenly changed my mind and want it to do at an outdoor venue instead.​
My main idea is to have a memorable outdoor setting for our solemnisation, lunch buffet setting for 50 guests to mingle around. If it can be done during 12pm, hopefully we can have a simple photoshoot at the outdoor location before 12pm.​
So I really need some help with the preparation.​
1) Solemniser - Done, he is okay with a venue change​
2) ROM website - Need to change the venue/ address thru e-filling, must do 5 days before the ROM date​
3) Venue / Catering - Want an outdoor theme, near to the beach or garden and have shortlisted a few locations with help from this forum, and it is still availableA. The British Club: very rustic and cool, though the lunch menu may not be suitable for my traditional Chinese relativesB. Beach Culture: beach side, good atmosphere, though very far to the eastC. BottleTree: fits my budget just nice, not sure on the food quality D. Hortpark: They are not open today, so probably have to call tmr, need to settle catering myself, possibly from Four SeasonsThe other locations like GardenAsia, Botanic Gardens Halia is nice.. but out of my budget​
4) Wedding Bands - Got a very nice pair from Goldheart at a really good price, almost half the price. Was really scratching our heads to choose between Goldheart and Lee Hwa.​
5) Attire - Not very sure on how to do this, as I have not really research it. Hopefully my bride could get a beautiful gown within this short time, so need some help here.​
6) Makeup - Again need some help here​
7) Car Rental - Possibly a simple car rental to drive to the location, dont think i need floral decorations. but could use some suggestions​
8) Photographer - Not sure who to hire for the ceremony and the rates range is so high so I dunno how to differentiate the quality. but possibly have a budget in mind of $500.​
Hmmm any other stuff that I miss out for this solemnisation ceremony? I think i will ask one of my friends to be the emcee to ensure the flow of the ceremony.​
Thanks all for your help!!!​


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Hey! Wow a lot of things to be done but your pretty much almost there. Ive got a few suggestions... I can pass you contacts for make up and transpo. Mind giving me ur email add or perhaps liase thru WhatsApp :)

-pamella jhane


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Hi Parmella!

Thanks for yr info!
Yeah you can email me or msg me, sorry my phone currently no whatsapp.
[email protected]
9741 2587
Yup i checked out Hotel fort canning, but yup its above my budget, so cant really do that setting...