ROM Dress at $40


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Ivory short dress letting go at $40.
Wore once during pre-wedding and once for ROM.
Bought it at Chinatown for $80. DIY added organza at the bottom to make the dress looks more 'A' in shape.
Very good material with bra padding and strap to hold the dress to the body.. Top of the dress looks like a heart shape with nice folds.
I am a size s-m.
Interested parties can email me at [email protected]




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more images of the dress & it's detail... It's really good quality dress.. It's comes with the firm bra pad in the front of the dress...
It comes with the rubber bands that hold the dress to ur body like what wedding dresses have..
photo 3.JPG
I also took a photo of the portion which my mother DIY for me the additional ken ken portion to make the dress for A
photo 4.JPG

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG