ROM before church wedding?


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Hi guys! me and my fiance wish to get married at a church as we are both christians. at first we plan to ROM and do the church wedding on the same day, but due to our BTO completing soon, we are unable to hold the church wedding yet due to fund contraints. was wondering if is it possible to ROM first then have like a church wedding 2-3 years later? or must the ROM be done at the church wedding? thank you in advance! :)


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Hi @goblinn, I have a similar dilemma now and I was wondering if you were able to hold your ROM before your church wedding?

Current covid restrictions seem to say that we cannot have more than one solemnization. It also says that wedding reception can be held separately from solemnization however wedding reception cannot be held at a place of worship. So I'm wondering if there is really a need to reschedule my ROM date appointment at the ROM building to external venue at the church.