ROM at hotel rooms / suites

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by snoopy16, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. snoopy16

    snoopy16 New Member

    hi , i am looking for a ROM place.. but couldnt get one like that cater to very small group.. say maybe around less than 20 adults.

    also am thinking of doing it in a hotel room / suite.

    anyone done it before ? please advise,
    or does anyone knows which hotels allows it ?

  2. yippee916

    yippee916 New Member

    you can try park hotel, they have solemnisation package for small group
  3. Mery Tanu

    Mery Tanu New Member

    You should check out Singapore Flyer. I saw on their website that they have wedding solemnization package in their capsule for up to 20 plus people.

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