Review of Jkartz Production photography & videography


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Review of Photography and Videography Package of Jkartz Productions

This review is not to put down the company, but to share our experience.

Overall Verdict: If the standard of your wedding photos, videos & experience matters a lot to you, I suggest, don’t choose this company.

My wife and I signed the package as mentioned above, including 2 gowns rental, make-up artist, 2 suits and pants etc. Everything seems fine from the start. First of all, company is based in JB, so in order to try on the gown and suit etc, we have to take a day leave from work. That’s fine, we thought since we chose it and we might as well take the opportunity to walk around in JB after trying gown/suit/make-up etc.

Prior to the trip there, we actually had face-to-face meet up in Singapore and a rough discussion of entire wedding. The owner met up with us personally with an agent whom recommend this company to us. The owner is a rather young man who started his business few years ago, I was sceptical but decided to trust him anyway. We signed a simple contract under-written by him that day.

Despite the hassle of communicating thru whatsapp and travelling arrangements, I tried to maintain a positive mindset of this company. Upon reaching their base in JB, we started going into choosing the gowns for my wife. That’s where problems started one by one. With a glance of the hangers on the wall, “that is all you have?” is the first question that comes into my mind. And it really is. Worst to come, suits & pants for guys, choices are less than the fingers on any of your hand. The best is yet to come… I am considered a relatively small guy with waist of about 30 inches, yet I struggle to wear the only size pants available for men !! “That’s all we have” is the answer I got when I asked for one or two size bigger.

Next, I’ll jump straight into the actual day. Morning session: picking up the bride. Bride’s hair was poorly done, as commented by quite a few of our family members. Photography and videography crews were inexperienced and required us, our family members to accommodate to what they were doing, instead of them taking us as how it should be. One example is the Chinese tradition of serving tea to our parents, they stuck themselves to a single spot and required my family members not to block the camera’s view, when every of my family members can clearly see that they could have moved to the other side and probably get a clearer view of what’s happening.

Afternoon session: wedding lunch. I believe everybody’s wedding venue is picked meticulously and most of time, with high expenses. Therefore, I think it is reasonable to expect that the venue gets at least a few exquisite shots for memories sake. There were none. My wife’s make-up is horrendous. Trust me, we’re no experts in make-up/photography/videography but the work is really amateur. Next, they used our complimentary suite as it’s their own. I don’t get the ‘romantic’ feeling I guess I’m supposed to have with the arrangements inside the rooms i.e. rose petals, swans-shaped-folded-towels etc. Thirdly, they care more about their lunch then the work. I understand that they are humans and need to eat. I’ve included their share and wouldn’t starve them. However, what we observed is not acceptable. The crews sat down in a group and eat happily, chatting away. Whenever our family members or relatives requested to take a photo, they declined them or told them to wait. A lot of our guests got pissed. I felt they should have taken turns to have their meal.

Last but not least, handing over their work. At the end of the actual day, they promised to hand over the products in about a month. We find it a little too long but accepted it anyway. One month and two weeks past, there’s no news from them and we’ve to check with them ourselves. What they said was “Sorry, we’re too busy this period as we have other weddings to do”. After 2-3 months of waiting, I got pissed off and told them off. It was then I knew that our products were actually done but not delivered to us because they wanted to gather a few client’s products and make their trip worthwhile. I felt this is unfair to us as we’ve been waiting way past our agreement. It was only then they delivered. After watching the videos and photos, I felt that our money has gone to sub-standard work. Some of our family members even commented: “Their work can be achieved with our handphone’s camera”.