Review for dream wedding boutique:)


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A very big thank you to Dream Wedding Boutique for making my Actual Day a real success!

I am a Singaporean living in Japan and i am a size 16. I was thinking of giving up holding a wedding ceremony in Singapore because i do not know where to get beautiful gown and do not know where should i start to plan the whole wedding. I googled and found dream wedding boutique and dropped them an email. Because i am not physically in Singapore, i needed someone who can reply to my email promptly and precisely without any mistakes. After telling Ivy about my situation, she was really patient with me and guided me along. This is really important as it builds up a lot of trust between us and this is why i chose dream wedding boutique and not other bridal store:)

First of all, the price of the bridal package is really reasonable and they could adjust to your needs accordingly. For plus size ladies like me, do not worry about not being able to find gowns that suit you! They have really large sizes and if it really really doesn’t suit you, you can request to have one tailor-made for you at additional charges but absolutely worth it. I had my second gown altered because i wanted a sleeves to coverup my flabby arms

Secondly, staff at Dream Wedding boutique are extremely professional and friendly! Really thank you so much to Ivy, Jasmine and Alice for making my gown fitting session so fun and happy They also give you lots of advise on how to wear the gown, what color to choose base on your skin color and how to walk and hold your gown on the actual day! I also chose the dresses for my bridesmaids! Have included the pics as well:)

Next, I would like to thank Eve, the makeup artist, as well as Wing, the cameraman:)
I actually had very very bad experience with my pre wedding shot in Japan (yes i thought japan will have better standards but no, dream wedding boutique is way better). I was really happy with the makeup and hairdo. I have never looked so beautiful before haha! I have included a few closeup pics of my face so all of you can see the eye makeup and eyeliner etc.

And wing, the cameraman, he is so so professional he knows that i am bigger in size so he taught me how to hold my chin in and lift my arms up a bit and turn to which angle so that i look slimmer in photos. I have yet to collect the photos but i am really looking forward to it:)

Lastly, they have two branches, one at woodlands and one at bukit batok! So for people living at different part of singapore i think it’s really accessible:) i live near bukit batok so i was really thankful that after the wedding i can just return the gown somewhere near home.

I really recommend all of you who are considering which bridal shop to choose to have dream wedding boutique as your choice. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, you really need a team that is professional and friendly to have all the planning going well. Most importantly, they have really beautiful gowns! That’s the most important part of the wedding isn’t it?:D

Thank you so much dream wedding boutique! I will definitely recommend all my friends!