Review: Bridefully Yours


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Sharing my personal experience with Bridefully Yours.

I was looking for gowns for pre-wedding shoot and actual day.
Went to their complimentary fitting and tried about 7 gowns, then the appointed coordinator, Lisa went through the rates for packages with me.
Considered and went ahead with gown rental package (3 gowns and 2 suits) for pre wedding and actual day. Made 50% deposit together with full overseas rental charges.

Before the final fitting for pre wedding shoot, I had a change of mind in one of the gown and was charged $200. But this gown was received with a tear on the tulle.

Went for my final fitting for pre wedding shoot, together with a round of suit fittings with my dad. He tried on the sizes and chose the matching accessories, specifically a bowtie and square pocket.

Soon, it was the night before photoshoot and I spent some time preparing the gowns and accessories.
To my horror, I realised the earrings were mismatched. I was literally panicking and in distress, wondering if I am able to find a suitable pair as it was late in the night and it might not be easily accessible to get one as we were overseas.
I WhatsApp the coordinator and they took awhile to check for me. They replied me that “the stylist found out that the backing for one side is loose on the actual day and so they chose an identical one for me to choose and try on. Very sorry that the backing is different and thank you for pointing this out”
The change of backing for earrings was not communicated to me during the final fitting and I was only informed of this when I asked them about the earrings that very night.

Gown received for pre-wedding shoot were not in great condition either. One with a tear on the tulle at the bottom and the other with a hole on the right side of the gown. I didn’t bother to sound this out since I was already overseas and there was nothing they could do anyway. The hole on the right side of the gown was visible in pictures too.

Came back and returned the gowns. Went back 4 days later to have my final fitting for actual day. And guess what, the said hole on right side of the dress was still there!. I had to inform the stylist and she asked the seamstress to mend it for me. Gown was very crumpled at the bottom too.
It didn’t felt that the gown was prepared with great care as to what the coordinator said.

Just two days before the actual day, I indicated that I wasn’t keen to continue to rent the gown from them as I found it pointless, considering the bad episode that I had experience. Who knows what I would be expecting again.
The coordinator, Lisa told me that “anyway the suit and gown has been packed for collection.”While the manager, Melissa, took time to reply me and also indicated that they will not charge me for the rental of the last gown as it is their genuine hope that this gesture will help to alleviate some of the frustration that I have experienced.

My fiancé went to collect the gown and suit on behalf of me on the one day before the actual day as I was out running last minute errands. The coordinator went through the checklist with him and he signed off to acknowledge what was packed according to the list. Before leaving, the coordinator informed him that there was an outstanding amount that needs to be cleared before he was able to collect the gown. He called me and told me the amount is $1540. I informed him that the amount that was reflected on invoice is $1140 and he checked with the coordinator and she said yes it is $1140. (I'm unsure why was there a discrepancy but no explanation given on that too)
Without further delay, I made the payment and my fiancé left after collecting the gowns and suits. I also requested for an updated invoice and the coordinator said it will be sent on Sunday or latest Monday.

And true enough, while packing the suit that night (just 2 hours before my actual day starts!) I realise that there was no accessories packed with the suit. I quickly messaged the coordinator, Lisa and the manager, Melissa. Called the hotline as well, it went through but no one picked it up and then it went on engaged mode.
I sent the checklist over and asked the manager about the suit accessories as it was indicated in the list.

Thereafter, the manager replied me that she can assist me to check but can only do so in office as they need to go through the records.
And I replied that bow tie was chosen during the fitting. What exactly is going on?
Then, she replied that she’s aware that they throughly went through the checklist with my fiancé before collection.
The manager replied me that my fiancé read out each item to me on the phone and solving the problem is the point now and that she cares about me having what I need for my special day. And letting me know that they open at 10am and confirmed if I still need the bow tie and pocket square that I’ve picked out. (I was speechless already because I really needed the accessories to match with the suit, right? :eek:)
But yes, they couriered the item to the location the next morning, before 10am.

Personally felt that yes solving the issue was the important point but still, I felt really disappointed with such service as this is considered the second bad episode during the rental period.
I felt the anxiety once again, just 2 hours before my actual day. :(
The issue was that the coordinator informed me that the suit and gowns were already packed on Friday, ready for collection. Yet, the accessories was not included for collection on Saturday.
Worst, the manager told me that it was already recorded in the system that I have indicated which accessories to be matched with the suit. :mad:
It’s a real nightmare to find out these just few hours before the actual day! I thank the manager for ruining my wedding planning, not just photoshoot but actual day too.

Went back to return the gown and suit on Monday and still have not receive the updated invoice hence I requested for the updated invoice. A lady assisted to print the old invoice and went through with me, stating that they waived off $375, which was the balance for deposit for the last gown. I clarified with her if the rental of gown meant the whole amount or just the deposit. She went to contact her manager and updated me that it will be for the whole gown and said that refunds will be made on Friday and invoice will be sent to me. (I’ve not received any updated invoice till date)

I left the store feeling extremely exhausted, combined with disappointment and frustration.

As a paying customer, I chose this bridal company because of design and initial service (during complimentary fitting).
In turn, it was an extremely disappointing choice and has caused numerous unnecessary distress.
Brides to be would know that wedding preparation is massive and on top of that I still had to deal with with a series of episodes, from mismatched earrings to torn gowns and then missing accessories. It’s a gown haunting experience, an extremely unpleasant experience for me.

It’s a once in a lifetime event where couples would enjoy the preparation process, and brides to be would be excited for gown hunting as this is a major part of wedding preparation but needless to say it wasn’t the case for me. :(