Review: Blisshouse Restaurant- The Central @Clarke Quay


Saw this on FB:
Wedding Venue- Blisshouse Restaurant @the Central ClarkQuay.
Super bad review on this one, other than the fact that this place is a total dream wedding filled with flowery decorations and settings, the management and coordinator gave us a total nightmare filled with anger and disappointments.
First up, both Mr Lim & I set our eyes on this place before we even decided and discuss about it. He found it through fb and i got to know it from a friend. We were wow-ed away by the place the minute we set foot on it.
21 November 2015.
Met up with the then-coordinator James. He bought us around, gave us a very good deal and we both were seriously keen with hooking up the deal with him.
22 Nov - 25 Nov.
Upon confirmation, Mr James is nowhere to be found. Hp couldnt be reached, whatsapp didnt reply even after msges were seen (2blue ticks)
Called Blisshouse and different people whom we spoke over the phone with told us different things.
-Mr James is on emergency leave.
-Mr James is sick, not at work.
-Mr James's mother hospitalised, he hv to look after her.
Alright, understood. We waited.
28 Nov
James is still on "Emergency leave". Still couldnt be reached. Called the restuarant and spoke to a new person in charge, Ariel.
She told us over the phone that James left and wont be returning back to work.
What pissed me off is This Ariel had been taking over James all along and didnt bother to pickup my calls or reply my msges.
29 Nov
Hubby & my inlaws met up with new coordinator Ariel. Paid deposit and settled everything without me knowing until things are done. The next moment when i spoke to Ariel regarding the black & white alot of deals which Mr James given us were not stated in the new email.
She said she couldnt match what James had given us bcus its the past. Now she belongs to new management and she said loud and clear to me "James is James, im taking over now so you must do things my way so please forget about this person called James so we can move on."
At this point onward, i gave up trusting this new coordinator.
20 Jan 2016
Called Ariel for confirmation on food menu, table settings etc. Only to realised change of coordinator again.
Come i clap for you, this newbie named Tom.
Not that i want to stereotype Tom, but he is totally not professional and not work drivened. With big earloop piercings and styled like a hipster ahbeng, the way he handle things and spoke to us totally pissed us off.
Called and told me porkribs on my menu not available even though i already settled it with Ariel. He asked if able to change beef, lambchop but sadly i declined because our family dun take these two poultry. I asked if there is seafood/fish, he said need to topup if we change. Hello? This is not changes we are asking for, you are the one telling me you dont hv wad we settled on previously. Now you are trying to overcharge us? Sorry, no, im not going to pay for it and i told him so.
And the porkrib miraculously back on my menu.
29 feb 2016
We had a black & white stated that the restaurant allow us to do our wedding deco on this day at 8pm-9pm. We went over the venue to put some wedding deco in the afternoon. Saw the manager Daniel, told him that we are coming back at night to do deco at 8pm, he acknowledged.
Went back at 8.30pm and realised we couldnt do any deco yet, because a wedding was going on. There are drunkards and rowdy people everywhere, how could we so our deco?
Mr Tom apologised and said this wedding was a last minute one and he wasnt informed about it. We only managed to set up out deco at 10.30pm after everyone left.
While doing all the movings of decorations and table arrangements, Mr Tom had the cheek to drink beers while doing the arrangements.
My superman hubby have to help him with the moving of the stuffs so as to make things move faster so we can leave asap.
Before leaving, i told Mr Tom to confirm with me that nxt day which is my wedding day, he would be in the venue by 10am so my makeup artist could reach and prepare. Guess what, he said not his problem bcus he start work at 12pm nxt day. I insisted he called Daniel the manager bcus Daniel told me Tom would take care for me but Mr Tom said otherwised.
Imagine my panic when he couldnt reach Daniel.
I missed my haircombing ceremony and my mom waited for me to get home because it was her lunar birthday and we supposed to louhei and i bloody missed it because we only managed to leave at 12am. The hubby sent me home and only to get back to his own place at almost 2am.
5am in the morning, Daniel finally replied to my whatsapp. "Ok, i will be there before 10am"
Wad the hell would happen next day?
1 march (Wedding Day)
I couldnt be bothered on that day.
Until i got back home, then to realised alot of unhappiness with Mr Tom & Mr Daniel.
Tom and crew were seen picking on our food for the guests before serving. He just laughed it off after being told by my mom-in-law.
Relatives were denied after they tried to ask for chairs to sit during our solemnization. They were rudely denied by Daniel saying that we only booked for so much person n they wont give us extra chairs. [Meaning = we booked for 80pax so they only will give us 80chairs, wont give us more]
Hubby's granny was the one denied of the chair, which we find Daniel very hostile and disrespectful. Even if is so, how hard could it be to get a chair for a grandma?
We had a guestlist of 81pax including all family, friends, relatives and ourselves.
8 of which were vegetarians, some guests didnt even came for food. Not all guests had the variety of drinks we paid for, and when the bill came, they insisted The Hubby to pay 85pax. They said they had a clicker to check how many people came and it states 85.
Where is the clicker may i asked?
They couldnt come up with it.
Me & The Hubby didnt even get to eat the food. From the start, the first coordinator told us if we order buffet and hv 80pax, we dun need to order food of 80pax. As some of the guest were vegetarian and we have to cater from outside, he said order for 60pax would be enough and 70pax for freeflow drinks.
In the end, the bloody Tom had the cheek to insisted he headcounted 85pax and want The Hubby to pay for it. They argued and eventually was put over the phone with Mr Daniel the manager.
The next day after i got home and tried to call Daniel, he didnt pickup my call or respond to my whatsapp. If this is the way they handle things, i would not recommend people booking their venue for any functions. What was in our black and white was totally not given and the management and service totally sucks to the max.
This is very distasteful and dishonest business ethics, i would not return again.


I read about it too. Pretty shocked because their reviews on fb is pretty good. Seems like its some management issues, will tell my friends to avoid
Went for a wedding over there once. Wasn't impressed at all. There seems to be just too many partitions and pillars. Because of where I was seated, I had no direct view of the bride and groom most of the time. Food wasn't good. It's just like those housewarming buffet style. Nothing classy or different. Came slightly late and almost everything was finished. Waiters did not take any initiative to top up my Coke.
Went to grab my own lunch instead after the wedding lunch.
Wondered how much the couple paid per pax, then again any amount would seem too much for such service.