Renovation Contractor To Recommend


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hi everyone ,
i think i have send out to everyone that the change of my recommend Contractor Handphone no,
if still you did not get it let me know i will resend to you again...
i think some of you has gie them a call .. happy dealing with them.. dun worry they are very patient people and try to work within your budget...


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hi smalllady,
i have email to you ardai .. pls take a look.

Derrick ,
i have oso send to you my quotation too


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hi pals,
i am gettinh my new flat soon, can you pls send your quotation for me for refers.. actually i am in the middle of looking for contractors


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hi kitt and Pefsfur,
i have send the both of you my quotation , take a look at it ..
sorry for the delay.


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hi sur8, yrsincere, and askbride,
i have send you an email regarding on my hse quotation. take a look at it. Hope it will a help to you.


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Hi Moon,

I am in search of a renovation contractor. Can you email your contractor contact to me as I would like to know more about the contractor? My email address is [email protected]


Hi moon and Yan Yan,
Will be renovation my new unit soon.
Can you kindly email me the contact and
your quote.
U must have done this many times. Hope
you don't mind.

Happy New Year btw!

[email protected]


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Hi Yan yan

If u don't mind, can u please e-mail to me your quotation for reference as well as your contractor's details? I bought a premium apartment in Punggol and is looking for someone to do the kitchen cabinets. Thanks.

[email][email protected][/email]


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Hi Yan yan

If u don't mind, I would like to have a copy of your quotation for reference as well as your contractor's details. I bought a premium apartment in Seng Kang and is looking for someone to do the kitchen cabinets and wardrobe. Thanks!

My email addy is [email protected]


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hi emmie and musicgal ,

i had send to both of you my hse quotation, take a look , hope it will help you


Hi there, I'm also looking a contractor, any recommendation? Intend to do very simple reno. 4rm flat. Thanks


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Hi Lihua, you can try this designer at Chinatown Point, name Craftzone, design is good, service is not bad. The designer I deal with is Willie. You may try.


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hi Lihua,
my contractos not bad , my hse is almost completed and it will be ready by CNY. if you want i can email to you the deatils. One thing it good about them is there is no hidden cost in their quotation. Some contractor they give you a very good quotation but after you sign the contract , when you ask them to do this and that , they tell you"oh it not included in the contract, you have to pay extact"i frd who told me that they regret not letting my contractor to do his hse, cos my contractor actually quoted him slightly only 1K plus different from his present contract , so of course he choose the one cheaper, but in the end , he told hid contractor to ask his guys to come up to his hse to do the touch up of the paint and he want to relocation the light, the contractor tell him oh this have to charge , because of this small small thing , in the end he is paying more them what my contractor quoted him. So better ask clearly . They will tell you that they included , but in the end they didnot. My case , my painters actually came up to my hse more then two times , one for painting , one to change colour, one to touch up , and they are coming again this wedesdy , all these i did not have to pay a single cent.


Hi all,

i've somethg to say, just my personal view.

Yan Yan, wat I'm going to say, pls don't take it to heart.I swear I'm just being honest here.

Like many gals here, lots of us got yr quotation as reference cos u've been promoting it so much & so eagerly. I thank u for sharing yr quotation.

well, true their quotation price seems i arrange to see their projects at sengkang & punggol. Me & hubby were so disappted becos u complimented them so much, we were expecting gd workmanship & design.
ok, the 2 houses i've seen: workmanship is terrible (me & hubby are very particular in checking workmanship).
1) wall plastering not well done so u can still see the some lines on wall.
2) carpentry bad e.g false wall & partition boards are unevenly done(very obvious).
3) design of house is 'obiang' ,esp the kitchen part, in both houses
4) flooring, nothing great as compared to the other 5 contractor's projects which i've seen...just normal loh.
5) both patrick(sales) & the designer Yoh sound inexperienced when we ask them questions(some technical stuff abt reno & design). this company is newly set up by them & u can check with them, their years in the mkt is very few.
5)no doubt they offer lifetime guarantee on tiles,etc 'as long as their company survived', they really don't give people the kind of confidence.

just my personal view. & i swear i'm not any competitor. for those who don't believe me, can go ask them to bring u see their very few projects. the cons i've mentioned above, u dnt need to inspect in detail cos u can see it quite easily.

in the end i shortlist impress 21(can chk out this thread) & another contractor.

yanyan, no offence but just my view to share with evry1 in this forum cos i think u over promote them.


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Thank you for telling me these, i think i know about the sengkang hse and the ponggol 21 house before , yes i agree the pongool 21 hse in i think if i did not remeber wrongly is blk 171 , the carpenty work are very very bad, and we did demand them to change another one, and they agree. I think someone intro to them a new carpentary and they only just finish my hse carpentary . I am quite happy with the carpentary work. The carpentary boss is very very expenience person, he did went to the ponggol 21 there to see the caprentary and he did even commented about the previous carpentary workmanship. Dun worry about it , i am onli just recommented to you ladies and gentleman about this contractors , if you are not very appy with them , can dun use them . But for our case, my frd and me , both done by him so far so good . Yes there are some problem there and here , but the willingly to change to the one we are agreeable to . so we are happy with them. Yes i true that they are quite new to this market, i think i did explain that before, if i did not remember worongly. The sengkang hse, which one it is???
Dun worry , i am happy happy that you tell me about this , i can reflect to them , i f i see them these few day , cos they are going to hand over my hse soon.
Diiferent people have different opinions and thinking, so it alright to voice up.

Glad you have found a contractor. Hope everything is fine for you.

doubtful & friends

Hi Yan Yan

No hard feelings for U I hope...Me and some friemds would just wish to voice out something.

In almost all and every single thread of people asking for recommendations of contracters/designers U seemed to be offering your contracter, sending your quotations to them etc. Makes me and a few of my friends that frequent SB think if U are one of them... or something along that line. Plus U seemed to know a lot abt the operations in that particular contracter company. We hope U do not take offence, just our personal views. Cos U seemed to be "over promoting" them when their workmanship is TERRIBLE as stated by CG (We do not know CG)

Just some sincere feedback to U, hope that U do not take offence.


Hi Doubtful,

actually u just voice out what i feel but i dinwant to mention cos i oredy make so many negative remarks abt yan yan's contractor.

yan yan, i'm sure many gals here appreciate that u share yr quotation(incl. me) but u really over promote them (no one can match u in promoting their contractor). its gd to recommend but over promoting is a different matter.

wat surprised me is tat, yr contractor(empire design) said they get clients by solely word of mouth so y bring us to see a project with such bad workmanship even u yourself admitted.
just curious:
1) u know & seen all their projects cos u even know it's blk 171
2) they really have too few projects to show thus no choice show this blk 171

agn, no offence, i'm just curious y u did so much to promote this company.

for rest of SB forumers, can go call & chk out their projects. but maybe after i voice this out, they won't bring u to blk 171 liao. if so, i'm sure u all will agree they did do up projects badly b4(well, even yan yan admited)

just my 2 cents.


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hi CG, and douthful,
i am working in construction line and i am dealing with alot of suppilers and contractors more than i think any one of you. So techincally wise , i am able to help up. i am in this line for about 5 to six years. Maybe to you ladies , seldom ladies like to work in constructio line. If you are asking about admin and account , i am so sorry , i cannot help cos i know nut about it. but due with construction , like electrical , sanitary and plumbing , accessoires about switches and lighting, santiary wares, air con suppilers even contractors, i know some of them .like in of the thread , i think about the clispal switches , i know ABB direct suppiler personnal , i did admit , and i even give some of them the contact no. Btw , i did not earn a single thing from you ladies and gentleman, it because all of us are ladies and we are either go to get married or ardai marry ad we are getting a new hse , then i offer my services to help. If this wonder by all of you , i am so sorry about it. Furthermore, i only have this contractors doing my hse for me, and i find him good, so worth spending my money on them , i recommend to all of you. And there are pple asking me for ,y quotation so i send . i dun really advestise much, i only send out my quotation to pple, when they ask.I am ont one of them .
As for what CG saying , i think that you are wrong, they ahe a few project aroundnot finish yet. the feedback that pple gien too them is the Blk 171 is not bad. Maybe your standard is too high. ( no offence) I do not promote them much . Once again, i only send them quotation when they ask.
If you ardai feedback to me that the pongool hse is bad, and i feedback to them , why should they bring customer to that hse again. They are trying to improve themselves. I find them sincere in treating us as customer and willing to attend to our problems when we face, and there is no hidden cost , compare to other, when i heard frd my friends case. I did ask my friend to them , but the can reject them when they find they cannot meet theit budget. Btw, when i send quotation to you ladies, i did not force you to take them as your contractors. remember that . I only send quotation to you and wish all of your the best. Food and anyhow eat , but words dun anyhow say. Every company start from small projects, if they have the attitude to upgrade then it good for them. why have to discourage their motive. They themselve also know and they told me before, that they thank me for intro to you ladies about their company but wheither they can meet the bugdet or requirement or standards it up to them . That all.
I think i have ans to all your douthful question right


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hi all ,
about the carpentary work , that CG had say , if it is so bad , do you think i will still let them do my hse. after they change the carpentary company, the work is not so bad.And one more , if everything is really very horrible, i still dare to intro to you ladies. i do not afriad that you will go after me . Why you ladies never think of all this.


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Yan Yan,

How about asking CG, or someone else from here, to come and look at your place and give a comment on that?

If the work is good now, a testimony to that would give everybody a rest, don't you think?


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hi panda,
i do not really mind to ask CG or others to come up to take a look at my hse. But i have something to say first. The design and the colour of the hse must be approved by the owner of the house, if the design is not approved the contractor cannot start when CG say the design is Obiang, is she indirectly saying that the owners have no taste. It is your new hse , you have to choose something what you like to be in your hse , not something which the designer like to be in your hse. If that so , then the hse does not belong to the owner but the designer. It is worth it. Owner of the hse must know what he / she know wants, not what th deisgner wants. It seem that too helpful to the pple there is no use , end up will let pple suspicion that you have bad ideas.
What chinese say , hao xin mei hao bao.
doutful and friends and CG,
I think i only post once in this thread commenting about contractor, the rest of the posting is to inform those who wanted my quotation that i had send over to them, and hope it will be in use to them.It that a promotion. I do not think so.


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Hi CG,
i am a happy customer of Impress21.

My hse already hand over for abt 2 mths.

Hope u are happy with them also.


hi yan yan,

wah, i post 1 msg, u replied 3 nid to get so worked up & defensive

u really remind me of your previous case when many others( incl Chin Leng) suspect your identity.
if u read my msg carefully, i do appreciate yr effort in sharing yr quotation & that wat i said is not meant to offend u. just that a forum is for people to voice out their own personal opinion, nothing wrong with that..

i find that u r being very contradicting.

Qoute :"yes i agree the pongool 21 hse in i think if i did not remeber wrongly is blk 171 , the carpenty work are very very bad, and we did demand them to change another one, and they agree." Unquote

1st u agree blk 171 is v v bad, now u say people say it's gd & my expectation too high? then when u agree that it's bad,meaning your expectation v high also?

about the kitchen design, well, before they bring me to see the projects, they sketch the design they suggested for my house. it is not in the least what we wanted( we told them rough idea what we wanted) & after viewing many designs fr other ID firms,this is the worst! nvm, we still think maybe it's not their fault but they misinterpreted what we say,so we went to see their projects loh. sigh...realise the design of 2 houses is .....

ok, it's true u nvr force us to choose them but i'm just sharing my views & ask the other gals to go see their projects b4 deciding based solely on cost factor(as some gals who just got their house might not know what to look out for). & i merely suggesting u might be over promoting them, that's all...y get so uptight?:p

i rest my case. period.
(hope chin leng is reading this

1 general thing i want to let the other gals know is: there are so many other contractor/ID firms who don't have hidden costs. just read thru this wonderful forum abt the various don't worry so much as long as u don't sign during exhibitions & don't sign on the spot.

hi panda & the rest, would suggest u go yan yan's house & other projects to see, & then compare to the other projects done by some gd firms reccommended in this forum( of cos with the prices very competitive as well)

Hi pooh, thks , i'm still considering cos waiting for the other quotation to compare as both of them workmanship also quite gd


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Hi CG,

as for reno i think need really consider properly.
If not will get haedache during the reno. I can say i am the lucky one that my reno went smoothly.
Agree that u need to compare with others 1st. And also check with the material use.

Hi All,

As for workamnship it depends on wat u expect. I also suggest all gals to visit the hse the contractor or designer u currently considering to judge for urself for the workmanship.
And to take note: if u are visiting those hse already hand over try to talk to the owner they might be able to give u some feedback. But it best to visit those hse currently under reno cos u can judge better.

Just a suggestion..